Who chose me for this life?

This is a story about a fifteen year old girl and her step brother who was one year older than her. His family moved out, and she had to say goodbye. Will she be able to be without her other family?


3. Chapter 3

When you got back and went into the house you went to your room. You closed the door and locked it. After that you sat on your bed and cried for a bit. If Eli was here he could make it better. You thought to yourself. When you were done crying you took out your phone and started to watch some anime. As you were watching you heard the cat scratch at the door and you let her in.

    “Strawberry.” you called quietly to her. After a couple of calls she finally came up on the bed with you. She came right over to you and layed on your lap. You smiled and stroked her and after a while you fell asleep.

You woke up about an hour later to someone knocking on your door. You got up and opened it. It was Max. “Time for dinner.” He said.

“Okay thanks.” You said in reply. You walked out of your room and out to the dining room. You looked on the table. Hamburgers… Anna’s favorite.

You sighed sadly and sat at the table. Dad also came and sat at the table. He said the prayer and you dished up afterwards. You weren't religious, but he was so he prayed every night and made everyone pray with him.  

After supper was done you went back into your room, but this time Dad followed you.

“What were you doing at their house earlier that took you so long?” he asked in a snotty way.

“I was just putting back the movies.” you replied quietly.

“Bull. tell me what you were doing.”

“No…” you replied strongly looking him in the eye. He walked over to you and grabbed your arm and squeezed hard. It brought tears to your eyes.

“Tell. Me. Right. Now.” he said looking you in you in the eyes.

“No!” you yelled at him. He slapped you hard and stepped out of the room.

“You will tell me eventually.” He said while slamming your door. Tears started to come out of your eyes, streaming down your face. You tried to hold your arm, but it hurt too much.

“I-I can’t take this anymore.” You whispered. You walked over to your closet and gathered a couple band t-shirts and skinny jeans. You also grabbed your backpack and threw everything out onto the bed and shoved in the clothes along with some Converse shoes. You grabbed a phone charger and your sketchbook and threw those in there. You pulled on your leather jacket and combat boots on and opened the window and climbed out onto the porch.

You ran off the porch. You heard a yell from the house, they noticed you climbed out the window. You started to run and didn’t look back. You heard footsteps chasing you and knew that they were Max’s. You ran faster and you took a sharp turn. You were still crying. After a bit more running you had lost Max. You still didn’t stop.

Finally you had gotten to the place you wanted; Wendy’s house. You were panting as you walked up to the door. You lightly knocked on the door, being too tired to do any more. Luckily Wendy heard you and got up and opened the door wondering who could be knocking the nine at night. When she opened the door she was happy to see you. When she looked over you quickly she noticed that your face was bruised, that your face was tear stained, and that you were panting. “Can I please come in?” you asked warily.

“Of course.” she said quickly. You walked in and she hugged you. You winced and backed away. She looked at you with worry. “What happened?” she asked quietly.

“H- He g-grabbed me, and h-hit m-me.” you said shakily. You saw Eli standing in the doorway looking extremely hurt that anyone would ever do that to you. Suddenly he seemed extremely angry but quickly hid it. He walked over and lightly set a hand on your shoulder. You had flinched when he moved his hand towards you. He pulled his hand back and put it at his side with a completely heartbroken face.

“He will never touch you again.” he said as he gently pulled you into a hug. You accepted the hug and felt safe. He pulled away after a while and looked at you. “Where did he grab you?” he asked protectively.

“The arm…” you said as you took off your jacket and showed him your arm. He and Wendy both gasped. The bruise was gigantic now, covering your whole upper arm. He reached out and lightly touched it to see how sensitive it was. You teared up and pulled your arm back quickly. Wendy went out to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack. She came back and handed it to you. You took it and pressed it against your arm. You flinched when it first came in contact with your skin, but you held it there.

After that you went over and sat on the couch. Eli followed you and sat next to you. He sat and turned to face you. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“N-no…” you said shakily. He frowned slightly and hugged you. You smiled slightly. He saw and smiled.

“I know something that could help you feel better…” he whispered.

“You do?” you asked confusedly as you looked up at him. He nodded and got up. You watched him as he walked away into a different room. He came back a moment later with your favorite movie. You smiled. “The Nightmare Before Christmas?” you asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” he said. He put the movie in and sat next to you again. He grabbed a blanket from the couch next to him and put the blanket over you. You thanked him and watched the movie intently. You curled up on the couch and rested your feet on Eli’s lap. As you watched the movie you closed your eyes and fell asleep. Eli noticed you were asleep, but let you sleep.

Alex walked in and looked at you. He was surprised you were here, you had left them that morning while he was at work. He looked at Eli quizzically. He held a finger to his lips motioning for him to be quiet. “What is she doing here?” he whispered to Eli.

“Her dad hurt her… so she ran here a couple hours ago.” he said in a whisper and motioned towards the bag on the floor near the door. Alex got a concerned look on his face.

“What do you mean ‘hurt her’?”

“Here come look…” Eli sighed and Alex walked over to you. Eli pulled away the blanket from your arm and showed Alex. He gasped and looked very angry.

“Her dad did this? They guy our mom was married to?” Alex asked angirly, putting emphasis on ‘our’.  Eli nodded his head sadly and looked at you. He suddenly walked right over to you and scooped him up in his arms.

“What are you doing?” Eli asked a little angrily.

“I’m going to bring her to my room.” the eldest said as he held you. You were really light, so it wasn’t hard to hold you.

“Why?” questioned Eli.

“Because she can sleep on a bed. Don’t worry, I’ll sleep down here.” He said back quietly to make sure you didn’t wake up. Eli nodded his head and sighed, allowing Alex to bring you his room. Eli has always been the protective one. He had felt like it was his job to keep you happy and safe, as he was the one who you trusted the most.

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