Who chose me for this life?

This is a story about a fifteen year old girl and her step brother who was one year older than her. His family moved out, and she had to say goodbye. Will she be able to be without her other family?


2. Chapter 2

You thought of the first summer with them. Throughout the whole summer it had been awkward between you and Eli, but you had gotten along with Anna. She was young at the time so she was easy to like. Almost the whole summer you and him hadn’t talked about anything. You still hadn’t really trusted the family yet, so why would you talk to him?

    You finally started to talk a couple days before you had to go back to your mom’s house. It started when Max, your brother, wanted you to both play Guitar Hero with him. In the end Max didn’t play at all, he just watched you and Eli play. You were ten at the time, Eli eleven, and Max was eight. You sang and he played the guitar. He always told you that you were a good singer, but you never believed it. He would always compliment you and you always denied it.

    One time when you were eleven, about a year later, he had finally had enough of you thinking you weren’t a good singer. He sighed and looked at you. “Why don’t you believe you are a good singer?” he asked, sadly.

“Because I am not a good singer.” You replied back while looking at the ground. He walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders. You had become good friends by now, but it was different than what normally went between you two. You looked up at him confusedly.

“You are the most wonderful singer I have ever heard.” he said while looking you in the eyes.

“Don’t lie… I am not a good singer at all. Besides that you have heard many other good voices.” you looked back down again “Everyone tells me that I am no good anyways…”

“Who tells you that?” He asked a little bit concerned.

“All the boys, almost all the girls also. The only people who don’t are my best friends. Everybody hates me at school anyways.”

“Why do they hate you?” he asked tilting his head a bit.

“Because I am different. I like different music than them and I dress differently.” You said while looking down at your outfit. It consisted of black skinny jeans, a My Chemical Romance shirt, rubber bracelets with band's names on them going all the way up your arm.

“Those are stupid reasons. I could never imagine you being different. I like this version of my sister.” he said smiling at you. You smiled back and got up and hugged him. It was a little awkward at first, but it was okay after a few seconds.

“Thank you. Nobody has ever said that before.” You said into his shoulder.

“You’re welcome.” He said, happy that you were happy. Then, dad called the two of you upstairs and you went up to eat.

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