I Don't Believe in Fairy Tales

Hannah Hayland, know as H, is of course a geek. (Geeks are cool thank you very much) Her best friend Belle, who is obsessed with fairy tales lives with H because her parents moved to Peru. (Belle hates her parents) So of course, in every story, lives are to change. Right?


1. Thanks a lot.

Falling down the stairs is so fun. I just love it. The embarrassment is such a comfortable feeling.  Especially at school.  So of course you just smile and walk away. Sitting up from the fall, I did a check list. Any people? No. Any papers on the ground? No. Any broken bones? Just a gash on my right leg. Wait. What? I can't take blood. I really can't. The sight of it just makes me so- so- soo- I couldn't even sentence, repeat, and blackkk out.

I saw that creepy lady again. Back in dream world I guess. I don't know how. I not magical. Magic doesn't exist. I know this is a dream, so of course, I listen to aunt Liz. 

"Did you have a nice fall, dear?"

I climb out of the hammock I was resting in. "Yeah."

"I told you to stop coming here."

"It's not like I can help it!" I look around the room. It's been the same for 6 years. I was just 10 years old when I came here. A hut made half in a tree. I like to call it a tree house, but Liz says it's not polite. Just a bed, fire pit, and a floor. Well of course, the walls. And a ceiling. Liz died when I was 8. Now I see her in my dreams. Now I sound like a freak in that last sentence. The hut is in the top of a tree some place in Brazil? Africa? Some place with a lot of trees. I've asked countless times where I was, but she never tells me.

"I've tried so many times to block your path here, trying to direct you somewhere else, but you are to strong. I can't push you away."


"Don't get me wrong, I love you, but learn your own way, maybe wake up."

I look at the kettle over the fire place. "Can I have some?" Liz always makes tea.

"Go ahead." 

I find a clean mug and pour some in. It taste so good even thought it's not real. "You are going to wake up now."

"It's just a dream." I say. "I can wake up whenever I want." Every time  I try to wake up, I can't. Not without Liz's help.

"That tea you are drinking?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"I poisoned it."

Liz always makes tests like this. "The tea was at 212 Fahrenheit, 100 Celsius. And I drink it as soon as it came off the kettle, It's a dream, I can't get hurt. And also poison can hurt you in dreams.

"Good. I wanted you to tell my the temperature."

"Yeah, but why?"

"Because what if you were awake?"

"I dunno, you would die."

Liz always makes up stuff. Just like this. Uh, yeah I would kill my throat. But it always has to do with something later. She asked me if I've ever choked on an apple. The next day, I decided to not eat an apple, and the person who picked up the apple I would have eaten chocked on it. Coincidence? I think not. "Thanks, I'll remember burning throats and  poison."

'I fixed your cut."

"Thanks." I almost forgot about that gash. I wonder what will happen when I- suddenly I woke up and sat upright. I was in the nurses office. "What?" I gasped. My leg was hurting. Duh. I saw Belle looking over me. 

"H!" she said

"I'm fine. Really."

"Something sharped cut way deeper than we thought. Blood was everywhere! You needed stitches and Axel carried you to the office before-"

"Axel carried me to the office?"

"I wasn't there and A-Wing classes were already over, and Axel wet to get his guitar, and found you at the bottom of the steps."

"He couldn't just, called for help, or something?"

"I don't know, I was in gym!" She said. "He did you a huge favor."

In case you were wondering, Axel is my worst enemy of all time. Well, second to Rylee.

"The entire school saw you in his arms. Rumors are spreading like wild fire."

"What's the worst one?"

"You don't want to know"

"And not worse...."

"He knocked you out with his guitar."

"That's it?"


"Tell me one thing. What was the laugh monitor at?"


"Holy crap."


"Where's the nurse?"

"lunch break."

"Wanna break out of here and eat lunch in 4th period?"


Belle was so nervous about stuff. "Did the nurse say anything about making me stay here?"

"Well no...."

That's a shock. "Then come on scardy cat!"

"Aren't you afraid someone will laugh at you?"

"Nope." I grabbed the crutches  Belle had set out for me. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and I was about to say "Hold the door" but Axel just had to walk in the the only place he couldn't possibly be in at the moment, of course the nurses office. 






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