Broken Mates

Hey Luke,
Why? That's all I want to know. You betrayed me and Ash. For fucks sakes he's my cousin, of course he hates you now. I may have broken your friendship and that makes me wish I never won that contest. That bet. That devil put into words that's getting me back for something you should hear in person. Heads up, I'm staying here in *******. Forever and I'm not letting you see me.

"Why did you leave me. Leave me for a girl who's half your age."

"Babe, it's better for both of us. The fans didn't want me to date a girl slightly older so hey, why not get one that's smaller than Kila"

"Okay, but just so you know, the reason life is a sad story is because your mind is full of the wrong ego. And don't call me babe. You lost that privilege long ago."

And with that Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford never saw Genesis Mielka other till now.


3. 0.1

September 23, 2013

Club Mariana.

Beautiful club. First I've ever been to. I'm currently 16. This isn't illegal right? I didn't need any id to get in.

I look around to see if I can find my friends. I heard my name being called.

"GENESIS!!! GENESISSS!!" They called to me.

Shit, they're already drunk. I haven't even had one drink. I walk over seeing that Alaine is all over another dude.

I need to stop, I think. I hate going here every weekend. Man. I go into the circle of my drunk ass friends and sit.

"What are we going to do now?" I ask. Raymen, the popular one of all of us thinks. He then eventually says," Dare Or Dare, or as I like to change it to as Bet On Bets. We all make bets on each other, and they could be as bad as we want. Who ever stays with the bet the longest get money. Okay?!"

Everyone cheered. Oh no.

"We'll spin the bottle and whoever lands on it first has to accept a bet."

The bottle spins.

Please don't land on me. Please don't land on me.

Shit. It landed on me.

All 6 of them have an evil smirk on their faces. They go to a corner to decide. I wait.

It takes them around 10 minutes to make a good one. I'm in trouble. The longer they take to decide the worse it's going to be. They finally finish around the 25 minute mark.

Alaine and Raymen went back to me. "Okay, Genesis, you have to date that boy over there until he says he loves you and slips your seals card away." They smirk once again.

What have I gotten into.


Hello! I know I don't really update that often but I really try to but I have a really busy schedule. Anywho, this chapter is kinda short, I know. But it was all I had time to write soooooooo yeah!

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