Iris [Songfiction]

Jacob, a guardian angel in immense emotional and physical pain, is discovered in a darkened alleyway one evening by a human girl named Kiara.
Based on the song Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls.


3. Questions

And I don’t want the world to see me

‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand

When everything’s made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am


By the time the sun arises the next morning, all my wounds have been healed. I sit in the window chair, assessing my now clear and flawless skin of my leg and chest. When I hear Kiara start to stir softly, I quickly rewrap the bandage and sit back against the window, watching her carefully.

Kiara yawns as she sits up, stretching her arms above her head, just like in those cheesy movies. When she sees me watching, she smiles at me.

“You’re up rather early.”

“I’m an early riser,” I shrug.

“People like you are weird,” she says around and stifled yawn and I laugh.

She jumps out of bed and moves to the door, opening it and looking at me pointedly.

“I need to get dressed so I can go for a jog. It’s a part of my fitness resolution. If you’re up for it, you can come with.”

“Umm,” I say as I slowly rise to my feet. “Yeah okay that sounds good.”

“I’m not sure how you’ll go,” she bites her lip looking me up and down. “Although you look pretty good today. Either way, when I say jog, I mean a fast walk with the destination of coffee. I know this great coffee shop.”

“Sounds good,” I say as I move past her.

She closes the door behind her and I move down the stairs, trying to be quiet.

I’m not a big fan of noise.

When I move into the kitchen, I’m stopped short by, I’m guessing, Kiara’s grandmother.

She stands in the kitchen, back towards me, as she stirs a cup. When she’s finished, she brings it to her lips, taking a sip.

The toaster jumps to life and she whirls around, facing me now.

At first I’m worried she can see me, but as is normal circumstances, she passes right through me to get to her freshly made toast.

Holding my breath, I quickly make my way through the kitchen and down the hall.

If I stay inside, Kiara’s going to try and introduce me to her grandma and she’ll realise the truth.

Not that getting coffee is a smart idea either.

“Damn it, Jacob,” I hiss at myself as I stand in front of the door, trying to figure out what to do. “You should have left while you had the chance.”

“Grandma!” I hear Kiara sing from the top of the stairs and without thinking, I quickly flee outside.

Whether I agree or not, I know either way I’ve messed up. Even if there are no laws on human contact, it feels wrong. The immortal world isn’t meant to mix with the mortal, that’s what gives demons access to the innocent. The most anyone has ever had is what’s referred to as the angel’s touch. It occurs when the wings of an angel brush against a human. It’s extremely rare for an angel to have their wings open in a non-violent situation so it’s rarely mentioned.

Either way, I’ve gone too far with Kiara.

I’m pondering what I should do about the whole situation when the front door flies open and she steps outside.

“Hey,” I say as I stand up from the bottom step.

“You never said hello to my grandma?” she asks as she ties up her laces. “She never saw you leave.”

“I must have missed her,” I shrug.

“Well, when we get back I’d like her to meet you. She might know people that can help you out, not that I’m ditching you or anything.”

“Hey about that, I need to talk to you.”

She stands up and surveys me with pursed lips before shaking her head, making her neat and tidy ponytail whip back and forth.

“You’ll have to talk to me about it later. I need to go for this jog.”

I sigh as she bounds down pass me. Before she reaches the front gate though, she turns to appraise me.

“When we get back, I’ll change your bandages and check them. If you get tired, let me know.”

She tosses a water bottle at me and I manage to catch it.

“That won’t be needed,” I say in reference to the bandages. “I did that earlier.”

But she isn’t listening. She’s jogging down the footpath.

Taking a deep breath, I start running after her.




“Kiara, I need to talk to you.”

We’re in the middle of a park, supposedly catching our breath. I’m built for running – us angels never get tired, but I have to at least pretend.

Even though it’s early, people have started to mill around. It’s only a while before someone notices and I want to be gone before they do. Not for my safety, but for hers.

I may not be her guardian angel, but I’m still one. I’m designed to protect the innocent and I can only imagine what people, family and friends, will do to her if she rambles on about a person that never existed.

“What’s there to talk about?” She asks breathlessly as she pushes the damp strands of her hair out of her eyes.

A man walking by turns his head to look at her in confusion before shaking it. I bite my lip and clench my hands.

“I think I should look at moving on.”

“What?” she sits up straighter. “You only just got here.”

“That’s exactly the point,” I want to say, but instead I just shake my head.

“I’m not going to stay here anymore.”

“Jacob,” she stands to her feet, surveying me. I bite my lip at the people around us. No one’s noticed yet, but it’s only a matter of time. “You can’t leave now. You’re hurt.”

I grit my teeth. Why does she have to make this so difficult?

“Besides,” she continues, “I’d really like you to meet my grandma.”

I stand up now so we’re at equal height. If I want to, I can use the angel gift of persuasion to make her let me go, but a bigger part of me doesn’t want to do that to her. It’s not fare to take someone’s freewill, but if that’s what it costs to protect her, I’ll do it.

“I’m leaving,” I tell her sternly. “I am very thankful for your help and consideration, but I want to go.”

“No!” she yells at me and I flinch as multiple people turn to stare. “No, you’re not!”

I grab her arm, trying to make her calm as I stare around, trying to figure out an escape route, but she tugs against me, hitting my chest with her fists.

“You’re not leaving!”

Some people look away with sorrowful looks on their faces while others start whispering to each other. One man creeps towards us slowly and before I can do anything to stop it, he reaches out to Kiara and she whirls around.

“Can’t you say I’m a little busy?” She glares and the man raises both hands, fear written in his eyes.

“Miss, are you alright?” He manages to ask. “Do you.. Do you need me to call anyone for you?”

“No,” She shakes her head in confusion. “Why would I need to call someone?”

The man’s eyes flick backwards forwards and he stammers a little.

“Miss, there’s no one here. Who are you talking to?”

I grab onto Kiara put she pulls free and moves closer to the guy.

“This isn’t a funny joke and I don’t appreciate it. If you would please, leave us alone. We’re having an important conversation.” She looks over her should to stare at me and I beg with my eyes to make her step, but she turns back.

The man slowly moves backwards, eyes on the ground.

“Miss, there’s no us. It’s just you.”

Kiara goes red with anger and whirls around to face me. As she does so, I see her eyes fall on the growing circle of people that are moving in around us.

“Kiara,” I say quietly. “Don’t react. Just agree.”

“No!” She grinds her teeth. “I’m not going to agree with these idiots.”

Conversation stirs around us and I see doubt flicker behind her eyes. Slowly, her arms drop to her side and her eyes fix on mine.

“What’s happening, Jacob?”

I see a few people have pulled out their phones to film, others have theirs raised to their ears. I give her the best advice I can.

“We need to go. Run as fast as you can and try to hide. I’ll follow you, I promise.”

She looks like she’s about to argue so I raise a finger to my lips.

“Please, Kiara. Listen to me.”

For a second, she’s torn, but after a moments thought, she turns and runs away, breaking through the circle.

A few people protest and yell after her, but no one follows except me.

She’s a fast runner, but not faster than me.

I follow behind her, just in case someone is following. When she disappears down an alleyway similar to the one she found me in, I turn to watch a second, before following after her.


Just like I was, I find her huddled up in a ball, tears of frustration in her eyes. She glares up at me.

“They couldn’t see you. Why couldn’t they see you?”

I crouch down in front of her, having the strange urge to take her into my arms.

When I don’t respond, she gives a short snort.

“Was it a prank? I don’t understand.”

“No it wasn’t a prank,” I reassure her, trying to figure out what I should say.

“Then what was it then?”

My mind is in a battle, right and wrong scrambling to be dominant. I think she realises this because she takes a deep breath and reaches out to touch my shoulder.

“Please, Jacob. Tell me what’s going on.”

So I do. 

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