The Girl with the Bow and Arrow

Aiva is just like katniss Everdeen the survivor of the 75th hunger games, good with a bow an arrow and will volunteer to take her sisters place if she is called. Aiva has been training for a long time just in case her or her sisters name was called.


3. Immortal Secrets

The next morning i woke up and my mother was by my side, she told me that we had to start packing and get out of this town. I tried asking for a reason but she wouldn't give me one so i got out of bed and walked in to the lounge room where i saw a headless man dressed in a suit tied to a chair on the floor. Blood had covered the walls and floor as i saw it the coppery smell of it hit me and i was instantly hungry. I turned to mum with my hands on my head. "What the hell have you done!" i raised my voice at her
"He knew our secret Attila, he was a vampire that has been trying to hunt me down for years, to kill me, Im sorry Attila but please start packing".
I did as my mother asked and began to pack my things, i didn't own much as i was used to moving around a lot. I packed a few spare clothes, my iPod and my black leather witch had my story in it.

"Where ever we find shelter, i wrote of what i could not speak the truth. I write all i know of it and throw the pages to the wind.. Maybe the birds can read it." I sat on the balcony of the apartment while my mother showered, packed her things, i was writing in my diary. Once i had finished my story i tore out the pages and tossed them to the wind, to then rewrite the story again and again, but this time a new story was beginging. An elderly man picked up a piece of my paper, i walked down stairs to get it from him and we began talking. He knew i was different, he thought i was an angel who helped peoples spirits to be free. He invited me in to his apartment to talk some more and to show me some photos of himself in the 1980's.
"I was him once." he said as he pointed to a picture of himself in his early thirty's. I pointed to a picture of a woman in a purple dress and asked "who's that woman?"
"Love confounded me for her, I loved her my whole life through." I looked in to his hazel eyes and asked "Your wife?"
He went on to explain how the woman was married to his brother Alex most happily and how she never new the way he felt. He went on to say

"There comes a time in life when secrets should be told. You have many secrets don't you.. Attila? There was a story told when i was a boy about the vampires. Neither were they dead or alive. The priests in the church would tell it to us to frighten us." The elderly man explained to me. Then to my surprise he said knowing who and what i was. "Attila I'm ready." 
I could feel that my fangs had popped through my gums. A set of four sharp points, sharp enough to breach through a humans skin to reach their veins with close to no pain.

"Are you sure you are ready?" I asked the elderly man.
"I have spent quite enough time here believe me, I feel at great peace." the elderly man closed his eyes and i continued to free his soul to now rewrite the story of my mother and I's adventure.

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