The Girl with the Bow and Arrow

Aiva is just like katniss Everdeen the survivor of the 75th hunger games, good with a bow an arrow and will volunteer to take her sisters place if she is called. Aiva has been training for a long time just in case her or her sisters name was called.


1. Change of story introduction

Hello to the people who have been reading my story The Girl with the Bow and Arrow i would like to say that i appologise for the change in fanfiction if you were enjoying it and all but i could not continue to write the story as one i could not continue with it as it began to make no sence and I could not make up where I was going with it and also the out line that i had made for this story has been thrown away and i like to use organmization in my story writing as i am forgetfull after i have thought something up and dont write it down so again i do apologise and i have got a better story being currently created there are a few chapters allready as i have been working on it for most of the day. It is a fanfiction of a movie called Byzantium Click here to be taken to IMDb to learn about this movie and please enjoy the story :)

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