The Girl with the Bow and Arrow

Aiva is just like katniss Everdeen the survivor of the 75th hunger games, good with a bow an arrow and will volunteer to take her sisters place if she is called. Aiva has been training for a long time just in case her or her sisters name was called.


2. Attilla's Story

"It was a stormy night and my mother and I were talking, she told me she wanted me to be like her... A hybrid. My mother was born with the Heart and blood of a hybrid. She was born in a cave along a beach, when her mother gave birth to her she described the water around the cave went red like blood, and once my mother was born thousands of bats flew out of the cave. My mother was born with bright orange eye. She was unbelievably strong for a baby, everyone in the town knew that she was different, but I could not tell what it was that made her so different. My mother and I keep our true colours hidden. No one can know what we are."

My name is Attila and I was born with the blood of a hybrid running through my vein, but I was not born where my mother was born, that is why I went there one evening. My mother and I walked through City streets, went to the beach where the same cave sat slowly crumbling and collapsing. We were about five minutes away before I turned to mum and said "Mother I'm afraid, what will my life be like after I have turned completely." My mother looked in to my piercing blue eyes and told me it would be about the same as it is now and that we would just have to live with a secret for the rest of pour lives. As we got closer to the cave my mother  was happy to see her birth place, she could feel the spirit of her mother surrounding us as she died during the birth of my mother. My mother lead me to the entrance of the cave and told me that I would have to go in alone. As I took a deep breath I began to enter the cave, as I got deeper in to the cave all u could see was darkness, I could not even see the pale skin on my hands.. As I continued walking I saw a light shining through the top of the cave from where it had fallen through  over the years. I stood where the light shone and thousands of bats flew around me. The water turned red like gran had described it. i looked to my right and saw my self standing motionless in a pale blue dress and she began speaking to me.
"Are you sure you are prepared to live with a secret for the rest of your life. Are you ready to live as an immortal where your heart no longer beats and you no longer breath. I looked my self in her piercing blue eyes and told her "Yes i am ready". And with in a matter of seconds i remember seeing total darkness...

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