A Criminal's Past

A young troubled meets the main of her dreams but she has a dark past that is beginning to catch up to her.
Can he save her from what is coming.................


1. Prolog.

I climbed off of my motorbike, removing my helmet and placed it on top of my bike, before I carefully removed my concert ticket from my back pocket. I gazed down at the piece of ticket between my fingers; the print on it's front that said Black Veil Bride VIP. It was my first concert so I was a a combination of nervios and excited; not to mention full of energy after skulling a couple of cans of monster before I came. 

I quickly checked my clothes making sure I looked perfect; I was wearing my usual ripped black skinny jeans with a lose BVB muscle-T with my favourite leather jacket over the top. I had my long dyed red hair down (it trailed down my back past my waist in lovely bight red ringlets). I quickly pulled out my lucky Batman cap from a bag on my bike.   

I looped the landyard around my neck and headed ,doing my best strut in my black Converses, for the gates flashing my ticket to security before heading toward the side of the stage where I will be viewing the band from stage right. I was waiting, eagerly, for the arrival of BVB being impatient. when all of a sudden the music started and the concert was in full swing.

Once it was over I whipped out my phone opening up the Facebook and wrote a post about being here. I clicked the camera and  I puffed up my cheeks, widening my eyes, before snapping a pic and posting my status. When I looked up from my phone he was there watching me from a couple of meters away; his pale blue eyes burning in to my skin. He quickly noticed my watching him as well and gave me a wink before turning to talk to someone. 

The only thing in my head at that moment was "OH MY GODY GOD ANDY BIERSACK WINKED AT ME" i was screaming on the inside. I quickly messaged my bestie, Sky, about the event. I had just sent the text when someone with a deep voice of liquid gold spoke; "Hey Cutie, whats your name". I looked up to see the same blue eyes that was watching me minutes ago. 

With a huge toothy grin I replied in my british accent, "Lexi, and your pretty cute your self I must say". My cockyness payed off as he let out a little laugh. "So what brings you over here to the loner conner" I said causing him to frown a little. 

With a cheeky and perfect grin grin he said, "It's not a loner conner any more and i wanted to invite you to our after party" he said as he gesture for the group of people he was with previously . 

"Fucking awesome..." I said as they came closer. "I love to party" this again caused him to laugh a little. 

"You will be MY guest of honour" he said as he slung his arm around my shoulders. "Guys this is Lexi; Lexi this is everyone. OK LETS GO PARTY AT MY PLACE" he finished will a shout as we turned to walk out the front gate to the car park. When we made it to his car he opened the side door "I'll give you a lift". 

"Sorry but I'm not going to leave my pride and joy behind". There was a bit of hurt that flashed across his face. "If it makes you feel better you already walked me there".  When he turned around his jaw dropped as he took in the sight of me picking up my helmet and twisting my hair into a knotted bun. I sat back and watched him take in the sight of my black and crome Harley. "Thats right little boy" I said with a laugh and grin. 

"I think I would be older than you little girl" was the last thing he said before he climbed in to his car....

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