Another Vampire Story

A human girl falls for one of the dead. She loves him with all her heart. He gives her want she wants. She loves the things that he hates. But he still goes with her on her hunt for ghosts and others. Her friend that she has lost touch with comes back. But they both have changed. Will they like each other? Will they get back in touch with each other? They meet up and leave again.

This is just a draft and this might/ is going to change over time.
I started this when I was in 7th grade and am going through it very slowly. Please understand I have other things that I have to get done as well as this. Enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

          A small lift of my head showed the blinding full moon light shining on the ground of the city streets as I passed buildings walking. If living in Denver has taught me one thing it was to always carry a can or two of pepper spray. The wind shook the few trees I could see hard and flew past me chilling me. I pulled my coat tighter around me to help with the wind. I look over my shoulder out of habit and see nothing. Letting out a breath I turn back to in front of me and see a young man standing in front of me little ways away. Thinking nothing I walk towards him looking at my shoes that are filthy and covered with mud. 
          The moment that I get close enough to him his hand flies out and tugs me to him with a hand over my mouth. I try to scream but can't force anything to come out. I try t bite his hand but he doesn't react to it. He pulls me away from the light of the street and into the shadows looking around him as he does. 'This is what I get for wanting to take a walk to clear my head,' I thought to myself as I tried to force my way away from him to run home. When he stops I think that he might have given up and is just going to let me go, instead, he turns me around to face him and flips my hair away from my neck. I felt that moment turn black and everything switch off in my mind. I couldn't think, see, smell. It was like I fainted even thinking that I felt everything get fuzzier and fuzzier like waking up in a dream.

           What felt like a few hours later I woke up and turned away from the sun with my eyes closed. I wasn't ready to wake up yet. I kept my eyes closed until I felt a hand on my forehead and the memories of last night came back to me. I didn't remember getting away from the person, and I most defiantly don't remember going back home and getting into bed. I cracked my eyes open and saw a stranger looking at me with a gentle smile on his face. Staring at him for a moment he moved away looking worried that I might do something unusually. I opened my mouth to scream but all that came out was a small whimper before my eyes closed and darkness cloudy the sunlight.  
          I was afraid when I woke up again. I didn't know if I was going to end up where I had been or if it had all just been a dream and I was at home sleeping. I peeked my eyes opened and saw nothing. Thinking that I was safe I looked around a bit more in the room. It was a nice room. From what I could see the bed took up a lot of the room. There was a worn leather chair in a corner that looked very uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Sitting up slowly in the bed I saw that I was still wearing my clothing from the walk that I took. A brown fake leather jacket with my black shirt under it with my white yoga pants. I was on top of the sheets in the bed which was a good thing in my mind. Hearing a knock at the door I look over to see an elegantly carved door being pushed open by someone. Laying back down I thought that if I pretended to sleep they might think that I was and would go away. 
          I heard a laugh and shoes coming closer to where I was on the bed. I heard something being set down on a table somewhere before a hand came to my forehead and felt it. The hand traveled down to my cheek and stayed right there. Annoyed I opened my eyes and was shocked at how close the person was to my face. Gasping I turned away and tried to get away from him. He stopped me easily. I forced myself to look at him. I caught myself staring right into blue and gold eyes that made me stop myself before anything else could have. He looked very nice but old. Young and old at the same time. An old person stuck inside a younger man. He smiled again and walked away from me. 
          "Who-who are you?" I whispered not sure if he was going to hear me at all. I was surprised when he did turn around and look at me straight on. Crawling backward slightly on the bed he walked a little closer. 
          "You called me. Do you not remember? You called me and asked me to do something when you were very young," He said walking closer to me. I had no clue what he was talking about. He titled his head and looked at me straight on. All of a sudden he let out a laugh and stopped coming towards me. "You do not recall anything. I find it funny that you do not know what you asked. I do but I will wait until you remember it," He told me laughing. "Any questions for me?" He asked me the moment he stopped laughing. I stared at him trying to think of anything before I realized that I was thirsty and hungry. My stomach made it clear to him as well. "Look over and you will find that I made you a sandwich and a glass of lemonade," He told me and watched me look over to the food. I grabbed the sandwich and bit into it. Chewing and enjoying the food I looked over at him as he sat down in the leather chair. He just watched me finish the food and lemonade. 
          "Did- did you make the lemonade yourself?" I asked when it tasted different.  He nodded not taking his eyes off of me. I took another sip of it and smiled. It was a nice difference from the powder stuff that I was so used to tasting since I was a little girl. I let out a small smile and his smile widened. "Wh't is yo'r n'me?" I asked through a mouth full of food. He laughed and sat back in his seat.
           "My name is Andrew. I know your name, Sage," He said watching how I would react to what he just shared. I gapped wide eyed at him. It only seemed to make him laugh more. "And I am a... how would you say it... a vampire? Maybe?" He paused as I choked out some of the food I had just gotten into my mouth. "It is true you know. We are real. We just ... don't like the word to get out there into the real world and have everyone see us for what we are." He paused and watched how I would react to this. I slowly started to shake my head until it started to hurt as I moved it side to side violently. 
          "N-no they-they aren't real. They-they are only make-make believe," I whispered staring at him horrified. He nodded slowly and closed his eyes. The next moment he was in front of me staring at me with full golden eyes and sharp teeth coming out from his upper lip. "Ekkkkk!" I screamed and jumped away from him, or tried to as he grabbed my shoulder and made my stay where I was. "Don't-don't hurt-hurt me," I whispered in a small voice trying to shrink away from him. My thoughts told a different story. My mind was racing and trying to find out what was going on and fighting off feelings of fangs against my neck and piercing my skin. I was fighting back the thought of feeling his lips on my neck as his fangs pierced my flesh making my heartbeat faster. He laughed and pulled away from me eyeing me. 
          "Why did your heartbeat speed up?" He asked me as his fangs slide up into his jaws again. I blushed and looked away. I heard him chuckle and looked up to see his head turned down to the floor as well. His face might not have turned red but he did acknowledge what I had told him without saying a word. I let a grumble out as I reached to scratch at my neck. His eyes followed my hand and he watched as I scratched at it. It was really starting to get itchy. "If you keep doing that you're going to open it back up," He said and reached to take my hand away from my neck. 
          "Well, if SOMEONE hadn't bitten me I wouldn't be stuck with it now would I?" I said starkly back to him. He laughed and looked at it again. I felt something trickle down my neck and to my shirt. "Great I opened it. Well, now what I am going to do?" I asked to myself more than him but he answered it for me.
          "A few things. I-I could clean it for you. Or you could go into the bathroom right across the hall clean it up yourself," I looked up at him and saw that he was blushing slightly at me. Only when I got what he had said did I really understand why he was blushing. I started to blush as well and pulled away from him. Hiding the blood under my hand I walked to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Without thinking about it I made to grab for a dirty cloth to clean it up. I took the first thing my hand touched and pulled it to my neck putting some pressure on it to keep the blood in. I wasn't even looking in the mirror until I looked up and caught a glimpse of myself. I had blood on my shirt and my hair was everywhere. I sighed and started to look around to clean myself up a bit. Without any luck of finding a comb for my hair, I sighed and took the cloth away from my neck. It seemed that it was done bleeding and now all I had to do was wipe it up and that I had grabbed a pure white towel. Opening the door and feeling really guilty about it I walked into the room I had just left holding it out. Andrew looked at it for a moment before he took it out of my hands and made me look at him. "Don't be guilty. These are meant to get dirty. Come on let me show you aro- would you like me to... do you want me to... do you want to walk around with my mark on your neck or would you like me to get rid of it for you?" He asked.
          I nodded my head to his question while saying, "Yes, please," It seemed to be the wrong answer because he looked shocked by how fast I was to answer it. His eyes turned pure gold again and his fangs came out. He looked at me and took a bite out of his own wrist. Before I had time to react to the fast movement he shoved my mouth to his wrist and forced me to drink his blood. He was watching me and I was looking in his eyes as the blood made its way down my throat. The thought of drinking blood was disgusting but his blood tasted sweetish. Like a piece of candy coating in sugar, like his blood could give someone a sugar high in a second. He pulled his wrist away from my mouth and took my face in both of his hands. He wiped the blood off the corners of my mouth as I watched his wrist heal before my eyes. I tried to grab at his hand and watch it up close but Andrew would not let me touch his arm. 

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