Young Blood

Just read to find out. . .


3. 3.

The second my dad pulled into the driveway, the front door was swung open and Em came running out. " Come on! We can't be late! We still have to get ready!" She shouts in my ear. I wince. " I know, girl. Seriously, calm down." I say, lugging my shopping bags out of the car that suddenly seem to way a ton. My dad comes out to give me a hug, but I know he won't go in the house cause he feels weird around mom. He has a confused look on his face as he comes around the side a the car. " Where are you two going?" He ask's. " No where." I say, shooting Em a look. She winks at me. She knows that my parents would never let me go if they knew where we where going.


My dad just nodded and jumped into his car, speeding out of the drive way. I let out a sigh of relief. Good thing my dad doesn't ask many questions. I followed Em into the house and dropped my begs in the kitchen doorway, where the smell of cookies was wafting around the room. I took in a big breath, walking over to the counter where my mom had placed a note. Hi honey! I'm at work, and your step dad is out with some friends. I'll be home tomorrow. Enjoy the cookies! Love, mom. The note said. Well, it should be easier to sneak out now, so long as my step dad stay's out.


No such luck. As soon as I put the note down, my step dad, Max, comes into the kitchen. He kind of surprised me, since I didn't hear the front door open. " Hey kiddo." He say's, walking over to the fridge. He pops open the cap of the milk and drinks strait fro the carton. Both me and Em gag. " Remind me never to have cereal at your house again." She comments, staring at Max. He gives us a confused look, then looks at the carton in his hand. He smiles and shrugs." Oh. Sorry. I'll go to the store and buy a new one later." He say's, putting the half- empty carton back in the fridge and shutting the door. 


I roll my eye's and shudder with disgust, and me and Em head up the stairs. " Hey! Where are you two going?"  Max calls up the stairs, and me and Em freeze. I slowly turn around. " We're going to a friends house. Just for a little while." I say, then an idea comes to mind. What if me and Em get drunk and. . . " We might end up staying the night if it get's too late. I know you and mom have work tomorrow and I don't want to risk walking home in the dark." I say, knowing Max would agree with that. He nods, and we head back up the stairs.


A few minutes later, we're ready. I glance at Em and hold my forehead in hands, shaking my head. " Whaaaaat?!" She whines in a really high pitched voice, jumping a little in place like a bunny. She's completely covered in pink, and her dress is too short, and I don't want her getting hurt at the party. I honestly don't care what happens to me, put I'm furiously loyal, and if someone so much as lays a finger on one of my friends, I'll literally bash their head in. Seriously. I reach over and grab a denim covered jacket from the hook behind my door and help her into it. Well, it's not much, but at least it covers her shoulders. 


" Okay, let's go." I say, trying to stop the nervous jumping feeling in my stomach. I'm not really good for party's, though Em is a natural. Em squeals as we walk out the door. Or at least, I'm walking, Em is doing some kind of skip hop. Honestly, that girl has too much energy for her own good. Our friend, Jason, is waiting in front of the house with his new car, which he refuses to go more than thirty miles an hour with, but he was the only ride we had. On the way, Jason and Em kept glancing at each other as they talked. I just listened to Bash Boyz, an awesome boy band that is way better than  your regular boy band like One Direction or 5Sos ( sorry to you people out their that love those guys) on the radio.


Soon, we pulled up in front of Jack's house, and I could already spot a couple of teenagers in the front yard even though we're early. Em throws open her car door, and jumps out, and I follow a little more slowly. Jason lets out a little chuckle as Em throws her head back and shouts over the music," Yeah! Lets get this party on!"




Beatrice's outfit:



Em's outfit:





It's a little after midnight, and the party's still going, though I have to admit at least half the people are passed out drunk. Drink in hand, I try my best not to bump in the people that are grinding on each other as I make my way over to the other side of the room where Em is. I think I gagged once or twice as the sound of moaning and loud music sounded in my ears. " Hey, Em?" I say as I near her, placing a hand on her shoulder. " Yeah?" She turns to me, her face flushed. I hope it's from dancing. " I'm going home. I don't mind walking. See you tomorrow, okay?" I say, and she nods. I make my way out the door and into the fresh night air. Breathing deeply, I hope my clothes don't smell like sex, because if they do. . . Oh, hell will my parents be mad.


I walk slowly, taking in the scenery as I pass by the houses with their big, green lawns. Most of them have tree's in the front that I wish I could stop and climb, but I guess that will have to wait till I get home to the tree next to my window. I'm just thinking this when I feel a hand covering my mouth. I try to scream, but my voice gets caught in the still air. I struggle and thrash as I'm dragged over to a large white van with no windows on the sides ( Yeah, I know. Everyone say's that.), and thrown into the back. 


quickly sit up with aching joints to be faced with two boys, both with black hair and dark expressions. Their smirks are the last thing I see before I black out. . .






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