Young Blood

Just read to find out. . .


2. 2.

" But you have to! If you don't, he'll keep annoying the heck out of me!" Shouted Em.

I sighed and dropped my phone on my bed as I walked by.

"Fine. But if something happens, it's your fault." I informed the green-haired girl that was frantically hopping up and down.

"Okay!" She does a little happy dance, because she's just that weird, and ploped down on my bed, causing my phone to bounce a little.

She wanted me tell this guy, Bryant, to back off because he keeps bothering her and she's too scared to do it herself. I think it's because the last person that told him to stop got punched in the face. I shook my head as I sort through my clothes, trying to find something that's not black, purple, blue, or silver. Of course, I find none.


"Try pink!" Em shouted. I winced.

" I don't have pink. I hate pink." I said, shuddering at the very thought of owning anything pinkFinally, I found a green crop top, which I matched with some white skinny jeans, and some green moccasins with white and brown beads. I tossed the clothes onto the bed, and placed my hand on my hips, waiting. Em picked up the clothes and studied.

"Well, miss fashionista? Good enough for the part-ay?" I asked after a few moments. She shruged.

"Do you have any green feather earrings?" I thought for a moment. " No. But I have some brown ones." I walked over to my jewelry chest. It took me a minute, but I came up with the feather earrings, and a brown braided necklace with a big emerald gem. Em clapped her hands and jumps a little. 


"Perfect!" She exclaimed. Then the doorbell rings. "Oh! I have to go. That's my mom."

I gave her a small wave as she skipped out of my room and waited for the sound of the front door slamming before throwing myself onto my bed. I placed my hand on my stomach while looking up at the ceiling. My room was black, white, and light blue. We didn't actually buy the stuff; it came with the house. We don't have a whole lot of money. You see, my dad lost his job about seven years ago when I was nine. We lost the house, and my mom and dad divorced. Sometimes, if I concentrated hard enough, I could imagine their screaming and fighting through the thin walls of the apartment we moved to after we lost the house.


Now, I live with my mom, Shari, in a small two story house. I don't see her much though, since she's usually working. My dad lived in an apartment about twenty-five minutes away with a friend. I get to see him sometimes since he takes me to Starbucks every few weekends. I'm supposed to see him tomorrow a couple hours before the party, since he won't be able to see me again for another four weeks, thanks to his job. The party's going to be at my friend Jack's house, thanks to the fact that his parents are on a business trip.


Suddenly, my phone buzzes next to my ear. Then, "I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire. Cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!" I sighed and picked up my phone. Dad. I hold the phone up to my ear.

"Hi dad." I said.

"Hey champ! So, you ready for tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yeah." I nodded, even though I know he can't see me. Dad was planning to take me shopping tomorrow after Starbucks. I think he's still upset about the divorce since he doesn't have a girlfriend yet, and he keeps trying to do nice things for me, which is sweet since he doesn't have much money to live by.

"That's good. I'm going to be a couple minutes late picking you up, okay?" He ask'ed.

"Okay." I answer.


Silence. Then my dad clears his throat. "So, how you feeling? Anything new happening?" He asked, and I knew he was trying to start up a conversation. We don't talk much, and when we do, we never quite know what to say.

"No, not really." I say.

"Any boyfriends?" He says jokingly, chuckling. I giggled.

"Nope!" I say, popping the 'P'. " Good " He said. We say our goodbyes and hung up. Sigh. Life is great, isn't it? For me, not really. No one would guess what would happen the next day, something that would change my life forever. Oh wow, that sounded a bit drastic and evil, didn't it? ( =








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