To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


9. What It Means To Be Shinobi

"Urgh! What's taking Sensei so long!" Obito exclaimed impatiently as he fell back on the ground.

Rin was setting on the ground with her arm on her leg while Kakashi stayed perched on one of the trees away from everyone.

Naruto stood with his arms crossed. He glanced ever so often at the three students but most of his attention was on Obito. This kid, who would soon come to wreck havoc in his time, was so innocent and carefree. Without a care in the world. His heart had not yet been tainted with lies and hatred. His eyes were not blinded by evil but, could he really call the Obito from his time evil?

Looking back, when he fought Kakashi's old teammate, he did not see evil. He saw a man hidden behind an invisible mask that held so much sorrow and confusion that he thought what he was doing was the answer. He could see it in his eyes just how deep that pain went and the confusion he felt when Naruto talked to him. To Obito, such things as dreams and love were words without emotion. They did not exist. Just empty words without meaning but, Naruto would not give up on him. That is why that at the end he told Obito that he saw inside his heart. Even if Obito claimed that there is nothing more but a hole of darkness in place where his heart used to be, it was still there. If it was not then the images he saw inside Obito's would have not playing inside Naruto's own mind.

The first thing he saw was the dream that matched his own. To be hokage and and surpass all the others. To protect his village, his loved ones.

The second was...

Naruto looked at Rin.

The second was the love he had for Rin. The girl that held his heart but never got to say it and even though years passed and his heart started to turn black she was still the one to show he still cared, if just a little. He could see that as clear as day. So long as someone has a heart there will always be a chance to re-find the person you used to be because that part of you never dies. Only covered up.

He had to stop it somehow. Kakashi looked out over the trees trying to come up a new strategy on how to beat Minato Sensei. He was so close he almost had him.

He looked down at his fellow teammates. They were just getting in the way. He could easily get those bells by himself. He did not need help. Not from anyone.

Naruto was eyeing Kakashi. He felt a mixture of emotions. This Kakashi was very different from the one he knows so well. Just by watching the match he could see Kakashi was not planning on using teamwork. It reminded him of Sasuke. They both thought that by using skill alone that they could accomplish the task without any help. Then again, Naruto use to think the same and because of that they could not get a single bell. Only this time it was Kakashi. Obito and Rin easily used teamwork but without the third it was not enough. He was not sure it would have been even then.

Minato was powerful. His skill as a shinobi was remarkable and Naruto was more than honored to fight alongside with him during the fight with Obito. Reincarnation or not. It was still his father.

Naruto sighed.

Its hard to believe he was there with the two people he never got to know and the younger version of his sensei. Hard to believe but, true all the same.

"Hey. Naruto! Do you have any awesome jutsu's?" Rin suddenly asked.

Obito, interested in the answer, set up on his elbows and looked at the newest member of the team. "Yeah! Do you? Maybe you can show us and we might have a chance at beating Minato Sensei."

Not a chance, runt. Naruto thought.

"Well." He scratched at the the bottom of his chin. "You can say that."

"Would you show us?!" Rin asked happily.

Even Kakashi was listening.

"I don't know. I mean, its a little advanced for your level." He answered honest.

Obito pushed out his bottom lip. "Hey, were just as good as you. If not better and what do you mean our level!"

Sweat dropped. "Ahh.." Maybe because you don't have a nine tailed beast inside you and have its power and not just anyone can be in sage mode.

There was silence. All eyes were on him.

Darn it all, what am I suppose to say.

He did not get to think of an answer when somewhere far off sounded an explosion and the ground shook causing him to lose his balance and fall. The trees around them cracked as they leaned sideways by the force of whatever cause such an explosion. Smoke was quickly raising into the sky a little ways ahead of them.

Rin and Obito stared with their eyes opened wide in the direction and Kakashi's face grew serious as he held on to the branch to keep from falling out of the tree.

"What. Was. That." Rin asked slowly.

Obito shook his head. "I don't know but that was really weird."

Naruto stood and ran up one of the trees and to the top. He gazed out, the wind blowing the lone strands of his head band and hair. What he was seeing was not good.

Out to the distance was smoke, no dirt, and if he looked close enough there was a huge crater in the center. The whole area looked as if a bomb went off. Yet, he could not see a single body that might have caused it. He would have to get a closer look.

"Obito, Rin. Kakashi. Stay here. I'll be back." He instructed.

Kakashi looked at him uncertainly. Surely he's not stupid enough to check it out? An explosion that big had to have alot of power.

"But Naruto. I don't think its a good idea." Rin tried to convince him to stay. "Besides, you don't know what it could be. Could be dangerous."

He smiled widely at her. "Danger is nothing new to me. Don't worry, i'll be back. Stay here and wait for Sensei." With that he headed off into the direction of the action.

"Darn it. Its no good. We can't just let him go alone. He could get hurt." Obito clenched his fist.

"Its his choice. We stay here. End of discussion." Kakashi stated simply.

Gritting his teeth, Obito turned to him. "Kakashi, I know when it comes to relying on others that its not your place but, isn't helping your fellow shinobi what it mean to be a ninja? To protect what is precious to you. Even if it meant sacrificing your own life to save them?"

Rin stood shocked at Obito's outburst. "O-Obito."

"That and looking out for your teammates. The reason we can not get the bells? Is because we are not using teamwork. I think that's what Sensei is trying to show us. Without teamwork you will fail. Go out alone and all you succeed in is getting yourself killed!" He continued getting angrier with each word.

Kakashi looked away. Teamwork? How could that possibly be it. Then he looked back at Obito and saw something in his eyes he had not seen before. There was anger but there was also determination. A look of pure righteousness in his words that stood out clearly.

Maybe he looked about getting the bells all wrong. Either way, Obito was right about one thing. Being a ninja meant more than getting a head band and wearing the village symbol. It is worn to show what it stands for. A shinobi who wears the hidden leaf village head band is a shinobi born to protect it.

He sighed. "You're right, Obito."

Obito blinked. "Huh?" He was obviously caught off guard, after all, Kakashi never agreed with him on anything.

"I said you're right. We should go after him." He stood then jumped down.

"What about Sensei?" Rin asked knowing someone had to stay to tell Minato.

"Rin. Stay here. It will be safer. Me and Obito will go." Kakashi ordered. "Obito, lets go."

He smirked and nodded. "You got it."

As Naruto got closer, the dirt started to clear out. He stopped just above the huge hole in the ground. He frowned. Whatever caused the break in the ground had to have used quite a bit of power but as he looked around there was nothing there. "What? I don't get it. It just happened. What-"

His sentence was cut off when a sudden blow to his back sent him crashing forward and straight into the ground. His head bounced off the dirt. The impact was hard enough to knock his breath out leaving him sprawled out on the ground.

"What...the...heck." He managed to get out between harsh breaths.

There was movement, a rush of blurred speed before someone was standing above him at the edge of the crater. It was a man. One he did not recognize but just by looking at him he knew he was no ordinary man.

"Who are you."

The mans eyes narrowed. "I did not know there were shinobi in the area. By the head band you must be a leaf ninja. Though I have never seen you before."

Naruto slowly set up. Wait a minute, he's got the same symbol on his band. "You're a ninja of the hidden leaf village."

"Do not put me in the same category as that village." He said with a certain venom in the statement.

"But, you're wearing-"

"I used to be a shinobi for the leaf. That was awhile ago. The leaf and I have nothing in common. As for you, I despise all who wear the name of hidden leaf." The look in his eyes were feral.

So. A guy with a grudge against the village. "So. What are you gonna do about it?"

The man once again narrowed his eyes. "Eliminate."

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