To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


7. Teamwork

Naruto's eyes were half slits as a wave of sadness casted over him. A feeling so familiar and used to, that, at that point the pain he always bared of being alone, was less but still there. He had grown up with the same emotion and feeling his whole life. It was nothing new. Though as he got older it did numb and he was able to ignore, even if not completely.

So as he set on the steps at the base of the mountain where three hokage heads were looking down over the village, he pushed that feeling away and just stared out as the sun loomed over the people down below. It's light bathed everything. Giving warmth and guidance to everything it touched. Its rays were harsh but comforting at the same time. A beautiful image that brought a smile to the eighteen year old shinobi's face.

The only thing different, missing, was the face of his father with the others.

Minato was not hokage yet, he realized. Then he wondered if he will see the moment the third offers him that title. To be able to see the pure shock and happiness in his fathers eyes. What a sight it would be. After all, he knows nothing of the man who sealed the nine tails in him, but he would like to. He wanted to know everything about him and Kushina. What they liked, hated, their hobbies and their dreams. He wanted to know it all.


Kushina was smiling as she greeted herself. "Hi Naruto, I am Kushina."

Naruto smiled lightly. I know who you are. "Nice to meet you."

She faced her bowl of Ramen and took another bite. Naruto did the same. After a few minutes of loud slurping and fast eating both finished at the same time and was ready for more.

"Another one!" Both of them said at the same time.

Naruto and Kushina stared at each other before laughing. Something welled up in him at the sound of her laugh and at the similarity between them. It felt like family. It felt like home.

Kushina had a finger under her eye, the other closed, to wipe away a tear caused by laughing so hard. "Oh yeah? Lets see you out-eat me. Give us both two more bowls of Ramen!" She smashed her hand down on the counter.

"Ha! You're on!"

(Flashback End)

Naruto snickered at the memory even though he was the one who ended up losing.

Is that what it felt like to have a family? He wondered.

He looked to the sky as if it would somehow answer his question. Of course it did not.

His thoughts, however, were interrupted.

"Are you Naruto?"

He nearly jumped at the unexpected voice and turned to find a shinobi he did not recognized standing up up above him. He had his arms crossed and a frown.

"Yeah. Whos asking." He answered in annoyance.

He went there to be alone but even at the highest peak of the village that was not possible. Usually being by himself was the worst but he needed to sort out his thoughts.

"I am an assistant of the third who instructed me to take you to your assigned team." The guy leaped down only to fall easily on his feet beside the blonde.

Naruto looked at him. He was not sure if he wanted to confront his father yet. After all in this time Minato did not have a son and would not even know who he is. Some questions he wished to ask him would not be even possible to answer. Others would just seem strange. He hated it. To be so close to the two people who no doubted understood him and could love him where they were unable to in his time. His father and mother who were alive, well and happy. He just wanted to be a part of their world.

When he did not answer the guy folded his arms once more. "Come. They should be training."

"Yeah, okay." Naruto finally answered.

It took awhile, but when they arrived at the forest where Minato and his team were, Naruto only saw Minato. He was standing facing forward with a seriousness in his expression as his eyes stayed in that one spot in front of him.

"It is best not to disturb him."

Naruto glanced at the man beside him. "Yeah." He looked at his father. His eyes widened at the cling of bells that were tied around Minatos waist. "No way."

Ha. So that's where Kakashi Sensei learned it from.

Minato was younger but in all he was same as before when Naruto came face to face with him for the first time. Except he did not carry the burdens of being hokage yet.

There was a sudden shake of the ground and the sudden change in Minatos stance and expression. Suddenly, a large ball of fire was sent spiraling his way at a good speed but not fast enough/ Minato jumped back and away from it's path.

"What? The ball of fire was replaced with several small ones?" Minato said while trying to dodge the flames by jumping from tree to tree.

Minato quickly dug in his pocket and grabbed several kunai and threw them in the direction the ball of fire had come from then leaped into the air and into the same direction.

Naruto and the shinobi followed him in time to see one of his students lose his balance and fallout of the tree. In front of him on a branch set Minato.

"You are finished. Obito."

Now that he got a closer look, the kid reminded him of sasuke. Even more so when he started to pout and said, "Darn it all!"

Everyone looked up as a trap was sprung. A cut tree tied at both ends was coming his way.

Obito smiled and threw what looked like smoke bombs. Immediately he was no longer in sight as the cloud of smoke surrounded the area all around him. Minato jumped into the air once more and dodged the tree but he wore a smile on his face. "Nice strategy. They are using teamwork."

Minato did a flip and landed perched on a close by tree.

The girl he saw before walked up to stand by Obito's side. "Look, Obito. There! Two o'clock."

"Yeah." Obito started to form hand signs. "Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!"

Naruto gasped. That jutsu was exactly like Sasuke's. Only the Uchiha clan had that jutsu. The it struck him. The kids name was Obito Uchiha. There was no doubt but something else was now evident. That kid was the Obito from his time. The same one who threatened to end the Shinobi life but he looked completely different. This kid did not look like the type to wish death upon everyone. Which means this Obito is the kind version.

Something must have happened sometime when he became a shinobi and one of his missions. Kakashi did not talk about it much. Only said that a dear friend of his died while on a mission and in turn he received the sharingan That person was Obito.

I have to make sure that doesn't happen!

The shinobi beside him noticed the look in Naruto's eyes as they suddenly showed determination, narrowing his eyes slightly. This kid, something about him seems off...

Minato held up a specific kind of Kunai. It was one Naruto knew all to well as he threw it straight into the Fire ball once again slung at him by Obito's jutsu.

There was an explosion and they could no longer see Minato but the smile that lit up Naruto's face stayed there. They were about to see why Minato earned the name yellow flash.

Both of them said, "Yes!" and looked at each other triumphantly before it was short lived when they ringing of the bells sounded near them.

Behind them, hands on his waist, and a hand around the kunai he threw lodged into the tree, he looked at them with a hint of pride. "Hmm. Almost got me there."

They stared at him in bewilderment. "But Sensei, how did you..." The girl tried to ask.

They sighed and Obito said, "Ah man. Blew it again."

Naruto laughed. This situation was so much like his own when trying to get the bells from Kakashi only back then not a single one of them used teamwork and was easily over powered by their Sensei. He would never forget Kakashi's words for the three of them. It was true, each of them tried to complete the exercise on their own because they believed they did not need the other. Except for Sakura who only fainted at a simple illusion of Sasuke being injured.

Watching Minato's team though, he saw that they were not like them. Obito and the girl were in sync as they tried to take down their Sensei together.

"Obito, Rin. Not to say I am not impressed. You both have grown." He told them with a grin and sincerity in his words. "Now, for the next step. Where are you?"

Obito and Rin were slightly moved by his words but then they realized the third member of their team was no where around. They could still have a shot at getting those bells.

Just on cue, A kunai was thrown at Minato who dodged it with his own with ease. "What timing. Kakashi."

Kakashi appeared in front of him and attempted to slash at him but Minato was faster and did a flip in mid air over him.

"Kakashi!" Obito and Rin exclaimed.

Both Minato and Kakashi clashed their weapons, his kunai and Kakashi's sword, hitting several times. Minato in an effort to dodge and Kakashi's effort to land a single blow.

"Sensei! On this day, will be the day I win!" He assured in determination.

Woah. Kakashi Sensei is so determined, Nartuo noticed.

"Was your strategy to hide?" He asked unsure.

Both Kunai and sword came locked together. "No. Watching over Obito and Rin, it would have been to hard to fight you."

A look passed between them and for a moment Naruto thought he saw disappointment in his eyes.

Back when he took the same test Kakashi always probed them about how important teamwork was. That they were not paired in a squad of three for just any reason. Teamwork was essential and without it you would fail. As he watched the battle, he knew Obito and Rin used teamwork but it seems Kakashi does not see it that way. It is a different scene than he was used to. This was not the same teacher who taught them the right way to be a team.

"You were waiting for me to defeat them. That's why."

Naruto saw Kakashi's eyes, both normal and unscathed. He did not obtain the sharringan yet.

A small explosion had Minato jump back only to come down and notice the paper bombs laid out on the ground where he would land.

"There!" Kakashi made a sign and the bombs exploded.

Of course Minato dodged them but was soon fighting off knives coming at him. He was oblivious to what was behind him and in an instant Kakashi appeared and delivered a kick that missed due to Minato's fast reflexes at putting his arms up. "What...!?"

Kakashi sent blow after blow, not slowing down,not stopping. Somehow, Kakashi managed to lightly brush his hands over one of the bells but did not succeed in getting it off his teacher.

"It's not bad but it is not enough to actually beat me." Minato stated watching his student cautiously.

"Ha. Don't single me out yet.I'm not through." He disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.

"So. It was a shadow clone."

Naruto gleamed at them. Team Kakashi was most impressive.

Something off to the side caught Minato's eye and he said once more and he too disappeared but Naruto saw where he appeared, right behind kakashi who had just formed a chidori, "Didn't I tell you? You cannot beat me. You lose, Kakashi."

Something dawned on the young Kakashi. "That's when you..."

Naruto had saw exactly what his father done. When Minato was able to dodge Kakashi's attack the first time he placed what you would call a marker on him. It was similar to the way he threw his kunai. In an instant he could draw himself to that marker. He never failed to amaze Naruto.

"Kakashi. I had already considered the three of you Jonin class. To be honest there is no tellinf how this could have turned out. If I had not set that, but you are not ready."

Kakashi was gripping the leaves of the tree. "No, but I was so close."

"So close. Huh..." Minato sighed and turned his head. The wind started to blow and his hair danced with it along with the sound of the two bells.

Obito and Rin leaped to both Sensei and Kakashi.

Naruto looked at the ninja beside him. "Can we let them know we are here now?" He asked impatiently.

"No need to."


He looked back and was met with Minato standing right in front of him. Caught off guard, he fell back on the ground.

Minato was eyeing him but he did not know what was going through his fathers mind but was glad when he turned to face the shinobi who brought him there.

"The third has requested that should you pass your team that he is to be a part of it. His name is Naruto. I don't know his last. The third did not tell me, but it is confirmed he is not a spy." He explained.

Minato blinked and looked back at the man on the ground. "Very well. As you have seen it wont be easy but, the third has always been wise and knew exactly what he was doing. Naruto, I look forward to seeing how good you are."

There was no suspicion in his voice or in the way he looked at him. His eyes which are as blue as the ocean water and a smile as wide as the ocean stretched, stared and smiled down at him and it felt like he was not looking at some ninja he caught a few hours ago and would have to test but as if he was his son. He only just did not know that was indeed the case.

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