To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


14. Subaki

The wind was cold as it blew fiercely causing the limbs and leaves of trees to rustle with its force. The water, which is usually so peaceful and calm, formed small waves as if it had a steady current and flowed in the direction of the wind. It was a beautiful setting on a fine day and the sound that came with it was relaxing to Subaki.

He set on the bank of the river admiring the view in front of him. His hands were wrapped around his knees in like a protective barrier in a way to shy away from a world he felt incredibly small in.

His gaze focused on the clear water as if it truly fascinated him. In some ways it did. The leaves that broke off the trees found themselves falling on top of the water, floating along with it. Never sinking but blending in with nature in the most beautiful way.

Subaki held out his hand and touched one of those leaves. His mind was blank yet he felt a sensation wash over him. He was not used to feeling so calm and it was rare when he was just that. His mind was a troubled place. A problem child.

He pressed down on the leaf until it went fully under and released it. Immediately it broke the surface to rest back on top.

"Why wont it sink?" He wondered out loud.

"If it sinks, it'll be lost." A voice answered the question.

Subaki startled and fell back. He turned around to see one of his friends standing on a branch if a tree. Minato had his arms crossed and a smile on his face as he looked at him.

"Minato. You scared me. Don't do that!" He pouted.

"Sorry." He dropped down and landed beside him. "I thought you would be here."

Subaki allowed his eyes to drop, his lids closing halfway and he stood up. "I don't feel like going back right now."

Minato blinked. "I know. I didn't come here to force you to go back. I just thought maybe you could use the company."

Subaki sighed. His shoulders slumped forward and he kicked at the ground. Anger and sadness were all he felt. Maybe even a little resentment but, no matter how much he willed those emotions away they just seemed to grow more intense every time he thought about what happened. "Thanks. Im sorry you had to hear that."

Minato shook his head. He understood. Sure he did not exactly know the pain Subaki was going through, though anyone could see just how much hurt it caused. Thinking back when he first met him, he was a shy kid. He never talked to anyone and would always put distance between him and the other kids. He allowed loneliness to become his solitude. Even when someone would speak to him he never met their gaze or knowledge their presence. His eyes, were empty. He stared in complete silence, just watching without actually seeing. The aura that surrounded him was not evil but, a ball of darkness that allowed no light.

Minato would always glance at him, whether it was in class, or on the playground, he would always look at him and see the same image. He always wondered why it was that the kid never smiled. Instead it was always a frown. Then one day he decided to talk to him knowing he would not get an answer back. Only that he needed to try because no one should have to feel the way he did.

At first Minato would just say 'hi' and talk about random things. Each time he never got a reaction or even a sign that Subaki heard him, let alone was listening to him. It did not matter because somehow he just knew his words were being heard. He even brought an extra lunch so that Subaki would have something to eat. Of course it went untouched. It became an everyday routine. The other kids would always give him strange looks to why he would even try. It didn't bother him though.

Then one day, Minato said something that must have got through to his conscious. Those words that had him grabbing at Minatos sleeve as he stood up to go home. Those words:

"Subaki. That's your name right? I noticed you always set over here by yourself. You don't talk and your always watching the other kids. Even though I don't know you I can tell you must have had a hard life. Its in your eyes whenever I look into them. No matter how much you try to hide the pain inside it will always be seen through ones eyes. I can't say I know how far that pain goes but, it must weigh pretty deep considering you've closed yourself off. Am I right? Its easier not to feel or think thoughts because its only a reminder, a reason to remember. So you allow your mind to go blank and your heart to become cold. That's not the answer though Subaki."

Minato saw something then. Subaki's eyes were suddenly bright and water had formed only to roll down his face. In all the time he had spent with the unresponsive boy he had never even seen him blink. Now he was crying.

"You have to rely on others. Keeping it all in will only make it hurt more and your suffering will only continue."

When he got up to leave, he felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down to see that a small hand was gripping the fabric. He met with Subaki's green eyes. He was crying and sniffling full force.

He didn't say anything. Just cried.

After that he would talk every now and then. It got better as they became close friends and Subaki even learned to make other friends. He was no longer an empty shell. At least not completely.

"I heard. Subaki you shouldn't listen to them."

Subaki clenched his teeth. "I hate them. All of them." He tried hard not to show any tears but was failing to do so.

Minato put a hand on his shoulder to offer support. "They don't know what they are talking about. Come on, we should go. The exams are coming up and we need to train."

Wiping the water from his eyes, Subaki nodded and they turned around to leave. "Hey, Minato, what did you mean? About the leaves and being lost?"

He smiled, "Look at it like this, when a leaf falls, it gets carried with the wind only to rest on the water. Just like ones heart. Emotions can always change, sometimes for the best or others for the worst and allow our hearts to fall. Its balance. If we stay afloat there's always that chance of never losing sight of who we are but, shall we sink so does our qualities. The person we are is no longer the person we used to be." He explained.

Subaki blinked and looked down. He didn't understand how Minato came up using leaves as the subject. Though he did understand what Minato was saying. He closed his eyes and smiled.

"Thanks Minato."

"So Subaki is alive after all." The third repeated in both disbelief and wonder.

Minato and Naruto stood in front of the thirds desk having explained the situation to him and about what happened moments ago.

"Yes." Minato answered.

Sarutobi stood in front of his window with his hands folded behind his back. A grim expression on his face. "This is a problem. We were believed to think Subaki died too. Its clear now that Subaki was in fact the cause of all those deaths."

Minato agreed. "He got away from us. He's still out there."

Sarutobi knew what he was asking. "I will get a team together to scout the area you were in. Its alarming enough that he's suddenly appeared and we can't take the chance of a surprise attack."

Naruto looked between the third and his father, slightly confused. "So what? If you find him what do you plan to do?" He had a sinking feeling he knew the answer already.

"He is a rouge ninja that killed over twenty shinobi. He is a threat obviously. Naruto, you should know the crimes of a ninja who's headband means nothing." The third stated calmly taking a blow from his pipe.

Naruto's eyes widened a fraction. "No. You can't."

"Naruto." Minato noticed Naruto's building anger.

"You can't! He's still a ninja and maybe what he has done is bad but, shouldn't you get all the facts first? Maybe he had to do it. Maybe-"

"Naruto!" Minato said his name firmly, getting his son to look at him. "There is no justifying his actions. He killed his fellow shinobi without so much as a second thought. We have to what's necessary for the villages protection."

Naruto tensed. His shoulders were shaking in anger. "How could you say that! You're his friend aren't you!"

Minato froze. He did not know why Naruto was so angry. Then he recalled seeing the same rage before when Subaki talked about having no ties. He knew right away that Naruto had a similar past. Which meant he must have lost a friend as well. It was the only thing he could think of. He felt a pang of sadness for his unborn son.

"Some friendships dies, Naruto. No amount of pleading can make them whole again." Minato said in a low voice.

Sarutobi closed his eyes. "Its what has to be done."

Naruto turned away from the third and his father. "Whatever." He ran out of the room.

Minato ran a hand down his face as he watched his son flee the room. He knew what Naruto spoke was the truth but, he also knew that some bonds can never be fixed. He saw that when he saw the look in Subaki's eyes. He was far gone and there was no getting him back. It pained him to know that.

"He's like you." Sarutobi suddenly stated.

Minato looked at him. "Sir?"

"That boy, his heart is in the right place. I can see that he is a splendid Shinobi. He has compassion for others, friend or enemy. As much as that is admirable, it can also be ones downfall. He's like you because you are the same way. You both have that will of fire that makes you splendid ninja. To protect others, to make things right and to never give up. On anything whether its a fight or a friend." Sarutobi smiled as he re-called their similarities. "Keep an eye on him."

Minato nodded. "That's what i'm afraid of."

Naruto leaped from building to building in a haste to put as much distance between him and the third. When he thought about his own past he could not help but compare his situation with this one. Sasuke turned his back on the leaf village and fled. Naruto pursued him which lead to a fierce battle between two team mates. Their power clashed and their bonds put to the test. It was not a matter of win or lose. At least not in the technical sense. All that went through the blondes mind as their fists collided was that no matter what he was going to bring Sasuke back. He would not accept his choice to leave them all behind but, in the end that was not the case. Naruto was the one to fall and allow Sasuke to disappear. Thanks to him he retreated sinking lower and lower into the darkness.

He was not the same person that Naruto came to know and it was to much.

There were times when they put aside their differences and fought along side each other. Naruto never understood why though considering Sasuke, on more than one occasion, tried to kill him yet he was willing to fight at his side when a new threat was in sight. It almost felt like old times. Even though he knew once the enemy was defeated then the truths was done. Sasuke would go back to fighting against them.

Subaki was no different.

He did not know the man but, he saw in him what he saw in Sasuke and he never thought of his friend as evil. Sometimes ones past can set a destructive course for the future. It did not make ones heart completely bitter. Not when there was a chance it could be reached. That the person they were could once again be found. He knew Sasuke was still in there and it gave him that much more reason to fight for him. With little progress. He will not give up just because he failed at doing so yet.

He stopped on the roof of a building. He let his hands rest on his hair as he rubbed at his golden locks furiously. "This is all so messed up! Why does it have to be this way!" He was irritated.

"The life of a shinobi is not fair, Naruto."

Naruto didn't even flinch at the sudden familiar voice. His hands fell slowly back to his sides and he turned to face his father.

"I know but can't we catch a break." He sighed deeply. His head hurt from thinking so much.

Minato smiled warmly at him. "I'm afraid not. I understand though, how you feel."

Naruto remained silent and set down on the end of the roof, allowing his feet to dangle as he stared out towards the village. Nothing has changed. Except the mountain in which held the faces of the three hokage's. All but his father who has yet to be the fourth. He remembered Kakashi telling him that Minato was not Hokage for very long before the attack on the village. So his dad was able to live his dream only for a short period of time. To him that would be most unfair. Sometimes fate was cruel and to give man their deepest desires only to take them away just like that was harsh. In other words, a cruel fate fit for a harsh reality.

Minato silently walked over and took a seat beside him.

They set in an awkward silence until Naruto finally spoke, "I wonder what could have happened to Subaki. To make him, ya know."

Minato nodded. "Subaki had a rough past. When I first met him, he never talked and hardly moved. He would always set in the same spot under a tree. It was like he wasn't even alive, like part of him was dead."

Naruto side glanced at him, listening.

"Even when someone came up to him and offered a conversation he never even blinked. He was lost in his own thoughts and everything around him was nothing more but empty space."

Naruto's eyes twitched. He knew that kind of pain. It wasn't to the point where he was a motionless wreck but, he too would find himself just setting on the swings in front of the academy and just stare. He would be lost in his own mind and even then he could never shut out the words of the people around him that condemned him for what they thought he was. He was always alone and eventually he would always wonder if closing himself off completely would make the suffering go away. That maybe if he no longer felt anything that it would mean he wouldn't have to feel the pain of being an outcast. If it wasn't for meeting Sakara, Sasuke, Iruka and Kakashi he would have. Those bonds he made with him was what saved him from damnation.

"I would always talk to him even though I knew he would never answer me. I guess I wanted to make him feel like he was never truly alone. I never expected he would ever know I was there. He did though."

Naruto faced him fully, curious now. "How?"

"Its because I understood his pain. I acknowledged him when no one else tried. I became his first friend." Minato explained softly.

Naruto looked forward again, a ghost of a smile appearing and said, "Bonds."

"What?" Minato was eyeing him curiously.

"When you form bonds it becomes your ties. You were his first real friend right? There is no way he would forget that." He answered surely and stood up.

Minato tilted his head to the side. "Naruto, I was meaning to ask. Have you lost a someone."

Naruto didn't answer at first but, when he did he was smiling. "No because I'm going to get him back." He had no doubt.

Minato was also grinning. Something about seeing the young man before him made him feel proud. Even though he did not know the man his son will be personally he could tell that he was in fact a good man none the less. He had so many questions. Questions he knew he could not ask. So instead he just said, "I am proud of you Naruto. I am glad to have you as my son. Well soon to have anyway. You're a good man."

Naruto froze and looked at Minato. His father had only said he was proud of him once and when he heard those words he felt a kind of happiness he hasn't felt before. He never thought he would hear them again and hearing them now made his heart twist violently. His body shook and he raised his hand up in an attempt to hide his eyes that were now building up pressure.

Minato stood up when he noticed Naruto start to tremble. "Naruto? Are you alright?" He asked concerned.

All the reply he received was a sob.

He hesitantly reached out and grabbed his sons shoulders before pulling him against him in some kind of effort to comfort him. He could feel how his body shook with each sob. "Naruto." He tried again to get a response.

Naruto finally gave him one. "You...said that...once before." He got out between sobs. "I never...thought I...would hear...them again."

Why wouldn't he hear them again? Surely he would tell him as many times it would take. Then a thought struck him. Naruto wouldn't be able to hear them if he was...he didn't finish the thought. He tightened his hold on Naruto when he felt sadness over take his senses. Had he grown up without him? Lived a life without his father and what about his mother? Which he knew without a doubt was Kushina. She was the only women he loved and would ever love. What happened to make a few simple words make Naruto cry uncontrollably in his arms? A part of him did not want to know because it was obvious he did not have a place in his sons life in the future to come.

"I'll say them when you need to hear them, Naruto. I am proud of you." He repeated again.

Naruto gave a laugh and pulled out of his fathers embrace. His eyes were still shining with tears but, his expression was happy. "Thank you dad."

"You're welcome. How about I treat you out to ramen?" He insisted, ramen has always been one of his favorite places to eat and obviously it was his sons as well if the sudden change of expression wasn't proof of that.

"Yes! Ramen! I'm going to eat five bowls!" He exclaimed happily.

That reminded him of Kushina. She would always eat several bowls. She loved it that much.

"Okay its settled. Ramen it is."

Somewhere several miles away from leaf village:

"Its time we start phase one of my plan. I'm curious how this will turn out. Two nine tails instead of one." Said a man hidden within the shadows of a dark cave.

Another man stood in the center with his arms behind his back. "Yes. The boy is in fact not of this time. What should we do.

A moment of silence before a deep voice sounds again. "Get me Naruto Uzumaki!"

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