To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


11. Shinobi VS Shinobi- Subaki, Rogue Ninja- Part One

Minato leaped from tree to tree as he headed back to his students. His thoughts were like a whirlwind, clashing together, non-stop. He was not a believer of time travel. Infact he was sure he has never heard of it. That's another question to add on to the several he already had but, to say he did no believe at the moment would be a lie. Fact was, that he did believe it and not simply because the third hokage said it. No, its was something entirely different.

When he first saw Naruto he was shocked. They looked so much alike that for a moment the possibility that he may have family still alive came to mind. That maybe he was not the last of his bloodline after all but, there was that other part that told him he could also be a spy and the similarities between them could just be a coincidence. Still, it was a shock, not as much as getting told you're a father was though.

The first thing to run through his mind then was disbelief at first then realization after. Some signs are easily missed when the impossible become the possible. Just like time travel. Just like knowing he has a son in the future.

Even so, it raises several questions that need to be answered like how Naruto was able to cross time and who was the one to do it. Then there is the thought of how to send him back to his own time. Surely he could not remain in the past forever. There had to be a catch and Minato was going to find out what it was.

He casted his eyes down as he recalled the conversation between him and the third.


Sarutobi paced back and forth thinking. He stopped and turned to the window. The view was magnificent from that height. He could easily see everything. It was also the easiest way to spit danger.

Minato stayed quiet. He was processing everything the third had just said.

"Minato. You must not tell Naruto you know who he is. Let him tell you when he sees fit to." Sarutobi finally spoke.

Minato's head shot up. "What? But, I-"

"I am sure Naruto didn't want you to know quite yet." He sighed, cutting him off. "However, it does not mean you can not get to know him. I do believe he's alot like you." He paused. "This is a mess isn't it. We need to find out who sent him here. We already know why."

Minato frowned, blushing slightly at his words. "Could it be that its a chance to change future events."

Sarutobi laughed. "You are always quick on these things. You're a splendid shinobi. That is why when the time comes I have an announcement for you. Till then you'll just have to figure out what."

Minato stared at him. "Third?"

Sarutobi faced him. "You should get back to your team. No telling the trouble their getting in to. I'm aware Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hataka do not get along well."

Minato grinned. "It seems. They just don't understand what it means to be a team."

"I am sure you will teach them, Minato. There is no doubt."

[Flashback End]

Minato sighed deeply. He sees potential in the three of them. There is no doubt in his mind that they would not be amazing ninjas. Not when all they need is a little push in the right direction.

Minato came to an abrupt stop and looked back. Someone was coming his way but by the feel of the Chakra he knew exactly who it was before the familiar face appeared before him.

"Jiraiya Sensei."

Juriya stood in front of him looking more than troubled. His expression was serious. "Minato. Something's happening."

"What do you mean."

"Its strange. There is a disturbance in the land plus, I felt this immense chakra coming from far away. It wasn't like regular chakra. At least not of a shinobi." He explained.

Minato closed his eyes, that after a minute, twitched when he felt something. It was in fact chakra but it did not have the same flow or essence as it would normally. It was alarming enough. "You're right. I feel it."

His eyes snapped open when he realized what direction it was coming from. "We have to go. My students are in that same direction."

"There is another presence to but, this ones chakra is normal although it is also very powerful. I hope your students are not in the middle of it." Jiraiya hoped.

Minato nodded. "Yeah. I have complete belief in my students but I know they can not win a battle the way they go about it now. Without teamwork they will fail."

"That is one of the very first lessons the third hokage taught us as well. So, Naruto. He's something."

Minato wore a look of Confusion. "You met Naruto?"

Jiraiya scratched his head. "Er, well he interrupted important research but what was weird was that he talked to me almost like he knew me and im sure I have never seen him before. So I went to the hokage. Out of curiosity of course." He answered folding his arms. "He told me everything."

"Then I am sure you know he's not from this time." Minato turned away from him. "I did not believe in time travel until now. It was a shock."

"Yeah. Sarutobi said something about changing the future. Honestly its not very safe to change a whole lot of things." He stated seriously then added, "But if it means less violence and deaths that could be avoided its also the best chance as well."

"Lets hope. Now lets go. If something is happening and they are in the middle of it their going to need our help."

Jiraiya nodded. "Lets go then. There's something else I wanted to ask you. This kid, he looks like you. Any relation there." He ask with a lop-sided smile.

They started forward once more. Minato glanced back and smiled. "Yeah. He's my son."

Rin waited anxiously for the return of her Sensei. She was worried about Kakashi and Obito. They had been gone awhile and by the look and sound of that explosion whatever caused it was nothing but trouble. She just knew it.

She had one hand held on her chest as she stared off in the direction she knew they were in but, her gaze shifted when the rattle of leaves caught her attention and Minato appeared along with Jiraiya.

"Sensei! Thank goodness you're back. There was this loud explosion and Naruto went to see what it was then Obito and Kakashi followed! That was like thirty minutes ago!" She rushed out frantically.

Minato placed a hand on her shoulder. "Rin, calm down. Which way did they go?"

"That way but," Rin paused.

"What is it?" He urged her to continue.

"Uh, Minato. Look." Jiraiya motioned to what caught his attention.

Minato looked out towards the path that Rin pointed to only to see the trees turning a different color. The leaves were now a golden brown and the base of the tree was cracking and peeling. The grass which was always a beautiful green was also taking the shade of brown. What?

"I have seen this before. Its earth style. Its not known to many because this certain jutsu, if it is the right one I am thinking of, sucks out the life from the earth. It feeds of of the energy of everything around it." Jiraiya explained with a low voice.

"Feeds off the earths energy? That can't be good. We need to hurry!"

"Well what are we standing here for!" Jiraiya responded by darting forward and jumping up into the trees.

"Rin. Stay here. Don't worry. They will be just fine. Naruto to." He squeezed her shoulder. "I believe in them. All of you." He dropped his hand and followed Jiraiya into the trees. Disappearing from sight.

"I hope you're right sensei."

Naruto had that look in his eyes. The look of determination and strive as he faced his opponent.

Obito and Kakashi stared in amazement, taking in Naruto's sudden change of appearance. They stared at his eyes of bright yellow and orange and the chakra around him was different but in a good way. His strength was doubled. They saw that clearly without having to witness him actually fighting.

"Kakashi. What's going on?" Obitio asked his equally shocked team mate.

Kakashi could not take his gaze off Naruto. It was obvious what state, or should he say, mode he was in. It was impossible. Only a hand few could master that technique. Though he only knew of it, never really saw it in person before but, looking at it now, face to face, he was not sure how to describe it. The power, the control, it must be an amazing feeling. To know that you have that much strength at the tip of your fingers.

"It is known as Sage Mode. It is an empowered stage that is not easy to master but, once learned Sage Mode can be entered by the blending of natural energy of ones chakra. In turn, creating senjutsu chakra." He answered in explanation.

"Seriously? That's amazing!" Obito looks at Naruto in awe.

The man watched them carefully. "Amazing indeed. It allows you to tap into the natural force of the world. It allows opening to new techniques all the while allowing them to power up existing ones with the new senjutsu chakra." He explained farther.

Naruto narrowed his toad-like eyes. "You know about Sage Mode?" I guess it would be obvious. This guy was a shinobi at one point.

"You asked who I was. I am Subaki Minatomai. Rouge ninja of the village hidden in the leaves and soon to be its down fall." He answered Naruto's previous question and ignoring the new one.

Naruto watched as the guy closed his eyes and the spot where his unattached hands were suddenly shot out of the ground and towards Subaki, who held out his arms. The hands stopped near his arms and what look like wood-like thread started to stitch themselves back on until they were back together.

Subaki flexed his fingers to make sure they could move properly. "Naruto? Is it?"

"Yeah and don't forget it." He watched him cautiously.

The plants were still standing and moving as they stole the energy and life out of the earth.

"You are a fool, Naruto. You can not stop the seeds of destruction. They grow stronger each second." As if on cue, the plants started to grow.

"Naruto. Leave the plants to me and Obito. You just take care of the freak." Kakashi yelled out.

He glanced at the two younger versions of Obito and Kakashi. He almost forgot they were there. "Yeah. I'll take care of this joker. Just stop those plants." He agreed and put his arms down at his side.

Subaki smirked. "Very well. I'll be your opponent."

In a split second he vanished and re-appeared right behind Naruto, who did not move his head only his eyes, to look at him in a sideways glance. Subaki hesitated for a moment at the look he saw in his eyes. That look. I've seen it before. He used a shuriken and stabbed Naruto in the back. Only he turned into a log in a swirl of white smoke.

Cheap trick using a substitution jutsu.

He looked to his right in time to see not one but three Naruto's. One on each side of the real one. Each, gathering pure chakra in each of Naruto's hands. The clones then dis-appeared and Naruto charged at Subaki with increased speed. The chakra in his hands flowed with power.

"Rasengan Barrage!" Naruto pushed them into Subaki's chest.

They swirled around and the impact sent Subaki hurdling backwards hard. He slid across the ground only stopping when he collided with a nearby boulder. It broke in half at the pressure and pieces fell to the ground making more dust.

"I told you. Don't underestimate me." Naruto repeated his words form before.

He looked over to where Kakashi and Obito was trying to cut down the large plants. Only to find anything they threw at it was useless. The plants remained standing, deflecting any attack thrown at it.

"What's with these things? Everytime we hit it, it just bounces us back." Obito gritted his teeth.

"Obito! Look out!" Kakashi's fearful voice caused him to turn his attention to the side.

One of the vines was coming right at him. There was no way he could move in time.

Suddenly, something collided with him, pushing him out of the way, almost like a flash. He found himself on the ground by Kakashi who sighed in relief. "Nice timing. Sensei."

Minato stood in front of them. "Yeah."

Jiraiya also jumped out from the trees and landed by Minato. "Geez, not everyone is as fast as you. You couldn't wait up?"

Minato smiled. "If I had then it would have been to late."

Minato stared at the dust that formed from a destroyed boulder before allowing his sight to travel to the opposite side where Naruto stood with his eyes trained on them and Minato felt his breath hitch at the yellow and orange eyes. That's Sage Mode but, how.

Jiraiya looked impressed. "Well. So he's mastered Sage Mode. Very impressive."

Minato just stared at his son. Amazing. He's still so young yet by the looks of it he's mastered it perfectly. A smile again approached his face but this time it was in pride for the man Naruto will become.

Jiraiya also grinned at the expression on his friends face. "It looks like he doesn't need any help."

"Either way. Were here if he does need it." Minato replied surely.

Naruto saw a glint of something in his fathers eyes he had only seen once before. It was the look of pride. For what, he did not know but, he could tell it was directed at him.

The ground suddenly shook almost throwing him off balance. Something shot up towards the sky from the same place he sent Subaki flying in. He looked up to see Subaki literally floating in air. His chest was bear from taking the Rasengan to the chest. He gazed at Naruto with a blank expression.

"What power. Keep in mind that all power can be surpassed." He noted.

Minato's eyes widened. "It can't be."

Jiraiya, too, recognized the ninja. "I believe it is. Subaki Minatomai."

Kakashi saw the recognition in their eyes. "You know who this guy is."

Minato was the one to answer. "Afraid so. I knew him even before I became a shinobi. He was listed MIA."

"Missing in action? So he was on a mission?" Obito asked.

Minato looked at Subaki. He was the same as all those years ago, just older. There was something about him though that was different. The look in his eyes, almost like they were dull of any light, instead filled with darkness. What could have happened all those years ago and why show up now?

"Yes. He was on a mission. A team of four. It was a mission to deliver information to another village. The hokage had to send out recruits to look for them because they never arrived back. When the recruits did find them," he paused.

"What sensei?" Obito feared the answer.

"All of them were found dead in a forest. Slaughtered. All except one. Subaki Minatomai." He finished.

Kakashi tensed. "That scum killed his own team mates."

"That's what we were lead to believe but Subaki was no where to be found so he was listed MIA."

Obito and Kakashi went silent. Both wondering how anyone could kill in cold blood especially your comrades.

Naruto listened to every word. He balled his fists in anger. The thought that he would do something as slaughter his own team mates was repulsive. No one can call their selves a true shinobi when they are so low as to kill. "How could you?! Your own comrades!"

"That. Is know of your business."

Naruto's jaw set.

"I will show you true power. Prepare yourself." He answered in a dead tone.

Forming hand signs, he then said, "Earth Style: Spears of pain!"

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