To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


13. Oath Between Friends

Minato stared at the man he used to know. The same man that even through appearance had changed a great deal. He was not the same shinobi he was back then. Now, staring into white irises, he could see the depth in which Subaki has sunk. The pain and sorrow shined clearly through clouded eyes. The man he used to be swallowed up by the very being before them.

He wondered what really happened all those years ago. Why it is that his old friend had come to being the person he is now. It was a mystery. He remembered perfectly well what kind of child he was. A calm, spirited soul that like any other ninja had a dream he wanted to make reality. A dream he fought for each day.

Why. What happened.

Minato took a step forward. His emotions were seeping through and allowed the words to flow out, "Subaki. Do you remember your dream? Do you remember the promise we made as kids. You wanted to be Hokage someday."

Subaki narrowed his eyes. "Those are empty words of a desperate fool. An ambition of a kid." He replied coldly.

Naruto clenched his teeth. "Empty words, are only considered empty when that dream dies."

Minato glanced at his son then back at Subaki. Naruto spoke the truth. Words mean something up until they don't. Only when the ambition stops so does the dream in ones heart. Then those words become meaningless. Then so does ones drive.

"Subaki...try to remember that day. Before we took the exams. The first time we made a pact."

Jiraiya stared at them. He had almost forgotten himself what transpired between them that day. It was a certain promise between friends. A goal in which they shared. A goal, to reach that goal of making their dreams a reality. It was an oath between friends.

Kakashi and Obito remained silent. After all they had no idea what they were talking about. Though it made them curious to why the rogue ninja was different now from when they knew him then.

Naruto stepped forward, his hand going out in the shape of a fist. "You can't tell me that you forgot? You were friends! Once a promise is made between friends it becomes their legacy for the future."

Minato smiled. It was clear Naruto, too, made a similar pact with someone as well.

Subaki eyed them. His gaze stayed the same as it never shifted. Though something sparked in them. Just for a brief moment. Something flashed through his mind. An image of three kids. He recognized them and in a second he remembered it. It happened a long time ago.

A promise? That's right, we made a promise.


In the forest, a ways away from the village, stood three soon to be shinobi. They were facing each other.

"This is it. Were going to be shinobi!" A kid with white hair, Jiraiya, exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeah. The times here. We'll no longer be just kids." The kid with bright blonde hair, Minato, stated.

"Just think, real missions! Danger at every corner! Fighting for our lives!" Jeriya laughed.

The quiet black headed kid stayed quiet.

Minato grinned slightly at his friends shyness. "Subaki, what about you?"

Subaki looked at the sky. He had finally made it to being a shinobi, or at least, almost. Since he could remember all he ever wanted was to become a ninja, to become stronger and go on missions. He wanted to help people any way he could. Then he had this dream. He could help people by becoming the village Hokage. It was a determined desire and he would fight to be exactly that. Once he is Hokage he would have the power to make a difference and protect the hidden leaf.

"I want to be..."

Jiraiya and Minato eyed him curiously.

Subaki closed his eyes and smiled. "Hokage. So then I will be able to protect the village hidden in the leaf! So then I can finally be someone. Someone that others could see as a great leader!"

Minato walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Then its a dream worth fighting for. Though, you're not the only one aiming to be Hokage." He smirked confidently.

Subaki blinked then realization hit him. Minato also wanted to be Hokage. He felt a new kind of determination and a spark lit itself on fire. "I'll be the one to be Hokage. Just wait!"

Jiraiya stepped up to them. "Lets make an oath." He put out one hand. "We will become strong shinobi."

Minato put out his hand. "We will hold on to our dreams and fight to be better shinobi."

Subaki also held out his hand. "A promise, that, we will not quit until that goal is met. A promise between friends."

All three hands formed to make a fist. "Because we are shinobi of the village hidden in the leaf!" They all said at once.

(End flashback)

Subaki had his eyes closed as he re-played the scene. It was a silly illusion. One he did not care to remember yet something about it made his chest tighten painfully. What is this feeling?

Minato noticed the slight change in his expression. "Tell me you remember! I don't want to have to fight you Subaki!" He yelled desperately trying to reach him.

Naruto looked at his father in surprise. "Dad, you-"

Minato did not show that he heard him. He was to focused on Subaki. "Don't do this. Come back to the village!"

Subaki's eyes snapped open at the mention of the village. The look of hate was back in place as he he sent it towards the two. "I will never go back." His voice was cold. "Forget about that promise. It no longer exists. The problem with shinobi is their own obsession to be what they've always dreamed. Its pointless to have such illusions. Its pathetic."

Minato flinched. "How could you say that? After everything! You had that obsession as well. It was a part of you!" He needed to get through to him, make him see that it will never die, that dream.

"No. I have nothing." Subaki roared and once again had rocks raising up and flying towards them.

Minato and Naruto dodged them easily but, Subaki also moved and appeared beside Minato. It was like time froze as soon as he met those cold distant eyes. He had never seen such emptiness when looking into ones orbs. It had him completely stunned and he was unable to dodge a fierce punch that connected with his jaw and sent him flying back with high speed. He hit the side of a mountain, putting a huge crater in it. Minato pitched forward and landed on the ground.

"Bastard!" Naruto was furious and ran at Subaki, a look of pure rage on his face.

Naruto threw punch after punch and Subaki dodged each one. He sent one towards his face only to have his attempt stop when Subaki grabbed his fist. Naruto's teeth were clenched. Subaki stared into those murderous eyes. They reminded him of his own. Only Narutos held so much more damage than his own. He could see that by just looking into them.

"Naruto, was it." He asked.

"Yeah, don't forget it either." He answered simply.

Subaki put pressure on Naruto's arm and in a blink of an eye had him off the ground and sent forward just as his father was only his back hit a tree. The force of it Had the tree cracking before it gave and fell, Naruto laying on top of it. He slowly set up.

"Naruto, remember this. Our paths will cross again. Until then, I advise you to not be there when it does. Next time I will kill you and Minato. Don't get in my way." He looked at Naruto with an unreadable expression.

The vines that were around them shrunk back down into the now dead area. Every tree was dead, even the one he was on. The grass was no longer the vibrant green color but an awful flaky brown. Subaki was walking away.

"Wait! I thought you were their friend! You can't just turn your back like that!" He shouted angrily.

Subaki did not stop but he did respond, "I have no such ties." Then he was gone.

Naruto was staring with wide eyes in the direction he disappeared. It was to much like him and Sasuke. It just reminded him how easy a bond can be severed and how was a friendship could mean nothing. It was something that Naruto never wanted to happen and so he chased Sasuke until the very end. Wanting to get his old friend back no matter what. He was determined to bring Sasuke back to the village, back to him and Sakura. Yet, even though he promised he still had not done it. It did not mean he gave up though because if it was one thing he learned it was that you never turned your back on a comrade.

"Naruto! You alright!" Jiraiya asked as he approached him.

Naruto nodded. "Perfect." His voice was strained.

Jiraiya heard the crack in his voice but chose to ignore it. He then turned around to see Kakashi and Obito helping Minato up. As soon as he saw Minatos face he felt sympathy for the man. Subaki was closer to Minato than himself. He was his best friend and when he learned Subaki was MIA it hit him hard. To learn he was alive this whole time was no doubt a shock. It meant rouse for questions as well that would probably never be answered.


Jiraiya looked down at Naruto and frowned. "Would you quit calling me that."

His frowned deepened when he noticed something wet trailing down the boys whisker like cheeks and it was the warm liquid of blood but a stream of steadily flowing tears. "Naruto?"

"I know what its like to lose a comrade. It's something that I can relate to personally. I know how hard it is. Im sorry he turned his back on his friends." Naruto choked out.

This kid. He's an emotional wreck. "Its the life of a ninja kid. There's no doubt going to be betrayal and loss. Its how we choose to deal with it that defines us as shinobi." He assured with a fold of his arms over his chest. "Its rough, but, that's what we signed up for."

Naruto remained silent.

Minato and his two students walked over to them. Minato bent down to look at Naruto to see if he had any injuries and was relieved to see that he didn't. "Are you alright."

He did not meet his fathers eyes. "Yeah."

"Sorry, I let my guard down. I just can't see myself fighting him. Though when I saw his eyes I couldn't help but feel sorry for him so I froze." Minato placed a hand on Naruto's head and rubbed his hand through his thick hair.

Naruto appreciated his fathers comfort. He was not used to feeling the touch of a parent. It was nice and eased away a little of his worries. "I know. I know exactly."

"We should report this to the hokage. He would want to know that Subaki didn't die after all." Jiraiya stated.

"Yeah. Lets go back to the village." Minato agreed and stood up, extending his hand in front of Naruto who took a hold and allowed his father to help him to his feet.

"Naruto, you didn't use my power after all."

"Yeah. I don't want to show dad anymore than I have to. I think its best he didn't know I had the nine tails inside of me."

Kurama chuckled. "You may be right. Then we'll keep it hidden then."

When Naruto didn't say anything further, he asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. It's just..." He trailed off.


"It's to much like me and Sasuke and I know this won't end well." He knew it wouldn't.

"If it doesn't then that's how it has to be Naruto. You can't change everything."

"No but, I can't still try."

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