To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


5. New Team, Team Minato

Sarutobi lowered his head slightly as if to think about the answer he received. His eyes rested on the strangers face. Minato spoke the truth when he said the boy looked exactly like him. All except for his eyes and the three whisker like marks on ether side of his face.

This boy, there is something about him that puzzles me. On the other hand, I can tell he is a fine ninja indeed, the third thought to himself then smiled.

Naruto was not meeting the third hokage's eyes and gazed down at the floor. His thoughts also were running over time but not for the same reason as the hokage.

He did not think about it before but in order to change the past he would also be changing the future. Every decision he made could have consequences later on, maybe for the best or even for the worst. Either way he had to try and also be careful not to have more of an impact on the future than necessary. Then again he would not know where to start. One thing he did know for sure was that he would save his parents from their fate. His parents had to live.

Sarutobi frowned. Though the boys attention was anywhere but on him he could clearly see his eyes and what he saw was a change. Something like fire sparked into his blue orbs suddenly. That look in his eyes, reminded him of Kushina. It was the same change he has seen in her whenever she was angry or determined to do something.

Naruto Uzumaki. He has her last name.

"Naruto. I don't see you as a threat but I do not know you either yet you have the symbol of the hidden leaf. How do you explain that."

Naruto finally looked at him. Unsure of what to say, he remained silent.

"If I wanted to I could make you talk." The third said surely and with a hint of authority.

Naruto's eyes widened slightly. There was no doubt the third knew of a jutsu to enter his mind willingly. That would prove to be more affective but memories would not be the only thing he would see. Kurama is a part of him. Not only is he the nine tailed fox that was forced into the seal by Minato and was locked in his subconsious behind a cage but he is also the first thing he would see.

Kurama may be friendly towards him but having the third hokage appear before him would no doubt bring back an old grudge. Kurama hated Minato but he hated the hokage and the leaf village just as much.

'What should I do?'

'Trust him. Tell him the truth.'

'What? Do you think he'll believe it?' Naruto asked the fox with uncertainty in his voice.

'Whether he does or doesn't, if you hope to alter the timeline you will need help. I do not like the hidden leaf village but back when I attacked it I was not in control. Madara was, otherwise I would have never attacked. I hate them, the third and the fourth. Even the village itself but you need their help. You don't need to tell everyone but it would be wise to allow someone knowledge of who you are and why you are here.' Kurama explained.

Naruto could feel the hated coming off the fox but at the same time he knew Kurama was willing to put his trust into the ones that sealed him. He smiled fondly. 'Stupid fox. You never fail to impress me.'

'What is that suppose to mean?!'

'Haha. Nothing.'

"Hokage, sir, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I am a shinobi of the village hidden in the leaf but I am not of this time. I was in the middle of a war between hidden leaf and a former shinobi. A shinobi that was named dead when he was younger. Only he wasn't. He was saved and trained by none other than Madara Uchiha. I was fighting him when I ended up losing and before I could die I was offered a deal. Though he didn't tell me that he would be sending me into the past. You are future hope. That was his exact words. Change the past, ensure the safety of the future.' Naruto explained everything in a calm manner and stared at the Hokage.

Sarutobi was staring at him as if he grown two heads, mouth opened, but then he closed his eyes and sighed. "That would explain alot then."

Naruto almost fell over in disbelief. "Huh? You believe me?"

The smile the third gave was genuine. "Yes I do because it would not be the first time something like this happened. Besides that, you wear our symbol and there is no doubt you are somehow related to Minato."

The moment Naruto's breath hitched was when he knew he was right. "Ah. I am right. I am sure Minato has no other family that shared his last name. As for yours, Uzumaki, there is also only one surviving.. Her name is Kushina. Kushina Uzumaki. Are you their son?" He asked curiously.

Well, always said he was smart to catch on to these kind of things. "Yeah. I am their son."

"I can tell."

Naruto looked at him strangely, not understanding how he knew.

"I can see both your parents in you Naruto."

Pride swelled up inside him to know that he was the same as them. For as long as he can remember he always wondered what his parents were like and if maybe he was just like them in some ways. Then he met Minato, his father, as well as the fourth Hokage, for the first time.

It was when he was fighting Pain. He had watched as Pain stabbed Hinata right in front of him. He was completely still and he was sure his heart stopped beating. Then she turned to him with a smile on her face and admitting her feelings.

I love you, Naruto.

He went into a state of paralysis. He was no longer conscious of his own body. He moved unwillingly towards the cage that held one of the nine tailed beasts. Unaware that he was even doing so due to his emotional state of watching one of his friends die. Again.

Nine tails was guiding him to the seal that was firmly strapped to the bars. Coaching him to rip it off and set him free with false words of destroying Pain himself. A simply trick in order to gain his freedom.

He gripped the end of the seal and was about to release the beast when something stopped him and pulled him away from the cage and to the floor. Only then did he snap out of his own sorrow because as he set on the floor someone reached out a hand to help him stand and he took it without a second thought. It took him a moment to realize that it was the fourth Hokage and minutes to come to know that the man was also his dead father.

It was slightly different when he met his mother for the first time but it was the same feeling he got when meeting Minato. The same warmth as she wrapped her arms around him in an embrace. He realized two things in those moments. One, his parent loved him unconditionally and two, both lived up to their names. Minato, the yellow flash and true Hokage and Kushina the red hot-blooded Habanero. It was a fitting nickname if her solid red hair was not proof of that.

"I'm glad. Really."

"What do you say you tell me what is so important that you need to change something here." Sarutobi asked Naruto seriously.

Setting on the bed, Naruto sighed. "I will I promise, but I will do it when the time comes. What is the date?"

"Mid March. I will trust you on this then, I advise you to be wise on who you tell about the future. If you decide to tell anyone make sure it is someone you know you can trust. Remember, to much information on the future can be a bad thing. Until then, I will put you with a squad." The third had his hand folded behind his back as he answered Naruto.

That is seven months until he is born. Enough time to get more information on how to seal the nine tails without having to risk his parents lives.

"Really! I cant wait! So does that mean I can go on missions?" He asked excitingly standing up and putting his hand out in front of him, hand balled into a fist.

Sarutobi laughed. "Of course. That is why I already know who I am going to put you with."


"You will be placed with team Minato."

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