To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


6. Kushina

The leaf village looks exactly the same and nothing seemed different as he leaped across the houses with only one destination in mind. Ramen Ichiraku. The wind that hit his face as he leaped through the air was calming and felt nice. It seemed he found himself constantly fighting in the future that there was not a day he could actually relax and enjoy his life. Not like here. Here, he was kind of free and did not have to worry about looking back in hopes there was not an enemy behind him. Here, he was not on full alert because at any moment he knew he would die. It was just a matter of time and he was prepared. Either way, he could be the hero that rises up and saves the heart of hidden leaf or he will fall trying to protect the very village who condemned him since birth. Either choose, did not seem so bad. Not when he risked his life for the ones he cherished and for the things he believed in. It seemed like the perfect reason and always will.

He stopped on top of a familiar roof that was in front of the shop that, to his relief, was still there. The Ichiraku. It was not only his favorite place to eat but, it held important memories that would never fade.

He jumped down and was about to enter the shop when he heard giggling close by.

Out of curiosity, he gave the shop one more glance before walking away and towards the commotion. He ran until he saw an alley and turned only to see someone sitting behind some bushes. It was a man with his back facing towards him but, even though he could not see his face he recognized him immediately.

A small smile formed and he bit his lip, "Pervy Sage..."

The loss of Jiraiya Sensei was one of the most hardest struggles Naruto had ever faced. Like Iruka, Jiraiya was always there to fill the void of loneliness, to seal away the part of him that ached most. The part that felt alone and hated. Even though at first neither liked each other or even wanted around one another but as they trained and Naruto learned new techniques they grew closer as teacher and student and when he learned that Jiraiya was his grandfather he felt a surge of emotions flow through him. Anger, that after all that time the old man never showed up or took the role as a grandfather. Sadness, because all that time, maybe, just maybe, he would not have to have been alone but in the end he found a friend in Jiraiya.

Then he lost him, to.

That part that ached was set back in place and nothing seemed to numb it.

"Oh yes girls! Help me fulfill my idea's for the next chapter of love!"

"Huh? Why am I not surprised. Even in this time he is a pervert." Naruto mumbled in distaste and started walking over to his later on to be Sensei.

He wore a lop-sided grin as he approached the unaware peeping Tom. "Yo."

Jiraiya startled and fell face first over the bushes and into the dirt. The sound alerted the women in the bath and they quickly turned their way. Their expression went from shocked to horrified and they screamed and scattered.

"Still up to your old tricks pervy sensei." He stated with a fld of his arms behind his head.

The sage groaned and looked into the bath were all the women were no longer at and quickly stood to turn to Naruto with a scrowl on his face. "You little runt! Now see what you've done! All that research, now gone and who you calling a pervert!"

Scratching his head, he stared at him. "Research? You call looking in on naked women research? Those books are disgraceful."

It was as if hell froze over. Jiraiya was frozen at Naruto's words.

Naruto sweat dropped when he realized that it was a phrase he once used before and just how mad and stubborn the old man was. Though looking at him now he did not look as old. The wrinkles were gone but he still had the crazy white hair.

"Oh, I mean, its really good! I like it!" He said instead, knowing back then that it was what he said and Jiraiya looked pleased and decided to train him.

Like last time he seemed to unfreeze and looked at the blonde in front of him. It was the same look he saw in the others as they saw Minato in him.

"Huh? I would call you Minato, but i'm pretty sure hes taller but kid you could pass as his twin or something. Plus I am sure I haven't seen you before." Jiraiya stated rubbing his chin.

Naruto snickered. "I've heard. Sorry about messing up your, er, research. Hey I was wondering, care to eat Ramen with me?"

"No. Quit bothering me. I have some more studying to do on the ladies." With that said he turned away from Naruto and started walking off.

"Humph. He is relentless. Oh well! I can go by myself."

He started back towards the shop and once inside he took a seat and ordered three bowls of Ramen. One look at the noodles in the bowl had his mouth watering and he wasted no time stuffing his face. He caught a few eyes as he slurped loudly. Then there was laughter coming from beside him that had him turn his eyes to his right.

There, beside him with long beautiful red hair, was his mother Kushina. She was eyeing him with amusement and she placed her hand over her mouth to quiet her laugh.

"I'm sorry I laughed." She apologized after she found her voice.

Naruto's hand was still raised as he looked at his mother. He had only saw her once and that was a while ago. Looking at her now, in person, and alive it was like seeing her for the first time and could not help but to stare. She was so beautiful. He remembered making that same remark that time to.

He shook his head. "No. It's fine. I guess I don't have much manners when it comes to eating."

Kushina closed her eyes and smiled."It is quite alright. You remind me of myself. Ramen is the best and one can't help but to dig in."

Naruto opened his mouth as if to say something but he could not help the emotions that ran wild within him at seeing his mother and he found himself remembering that time.


Naruto set with his hands together in order to concentrate. All the memories that he was seeing was not his own but that of his dead parents. It was like seeing through their eyes. He saw his own birth, the nine tails and Minato and Kushinas death right before his eyes.

He found his concentration starting to break in frustration he said out loud, "No, get out of my head. Disappear!"

Naruto. Why don't you stay right here. It's alright."

A female voice reached his hearing and slowly he opened his eyes, that were two different images, one his normal blue and the other was red with black surrounding the orb. Only when he opened them the scene was slightly different. The red chakra that he had been channeling vanished in standing in front of him was a women he had never seen before.

"Hello, Naruto." She greeted him with a smile and a hand held over her chest.

He only stared at her with confusion. "How did you get here. Who are you and how do you know my name?"

She seemed to realize something and a look od sadness crossed her expression. "I forgot. That's right. You wouldn't know. If that is the case, Naruto, can you guess who I am?"

He blinked. "Huh."

"Do you know?"

He suddenly took a step back and pointed his finger at her. "You, you're the real form of the nine tails!"

A moment of silence, she looked at him in bewilderment before she started laughing, one hand going to hold her stomach.

His finger turned into a fist. "Why are you laughing! Its crude! You can't fool me, nine tails! How disgraceful taking the image of a women!"

Calm was replaced with anger and she hit him over the head. "Idiot! You're wrong, ya know!"

"Ouch,ouch, ouch!"

She laughed nervously, "Sorry about that. I could't restrain myself from hitting you. Since I was born I have been impatient. I talk fast and usually with some weird phrases. It just slips out. I can't really control it. Naruto, what about you? You haven't got any of my bad habits right?"

Naruto'e eyes went wide and she saw the moment he put it together. "Yes, I am-"

Her sentence was cut off when she found herself being embraced by him.

"I have always wanted to meet you for so Ya know?"

She smiled happily. "Ah, you said ya know, huh? Looks like you really do have a little of your mother in you."

Neither talked for awhile.

"Naruto. I am so sorry for making you the host of the nine tails." She said sincerely but still had a smile but then she wiped away a few tears that started to fall from her eyes.

"For a mother to put such a burden on her own son, for leaving you all alone without knowing what it means to be loved by your parents."

"When I was little, it was rough. The villagers did not see me as a child but as the nine tails. A Jinchuriki but never once did I feel hate or hold that against you or dad."

She looked up at him with sorrowful, wide eyes.

"I never knew the comfort of having someone love me. I didn't know what parental love was. After all, you or dad weren't around. I know that you and dad both sacrificed your lives for me. I realize that even more than the nine tails, that will always know my vessel is filled with my parents love. You and dad. I am truly happy. I am glad to be called your son."

Kushina had tears running down her face and she grabbed Naruto into her arms. "Naruto! Thank you for allowing me to be your mom as well as Minato your dad. Thank you for being our son. Thank you."

Her voice faded. As did she but the words she spoke and affection she showed was all he needed to know that even in his darkest time that he was never really alone because he had both of his parents right there at his side.

(End Flashback)

He realized he was still staring and quickly turned away.

"What is your name?"

He twirled the noodles around in the bowl. "Naruto."

"Hello Naruto. I am Kushina."

Sneak Peak- What To Look Forward Two In This Story

"I thought I knew pain. The sorrow of being truly alone. Where no one else touched. A place in my heart that was darker than everyone else's. It was just that deep. I thought, I could not feel as much pain as I did then but I was wrong. Loneliness, sorrow, these are things that everyone feels at some point. I was okay with that. It just meant I was destined to be alone. Then he came. The man who had sealed my fate. Or maybe I sealed my own by trusting him. Simply because I wished for peace. I wished for the pain to stop but like rain that fills a river until it floods, no matter how much you wish it to go away, to numb, its a part of life and will continue to flow down a path it was meant to go. As long as you live in a world filled with love, there is hate. As long as their is tears, there is pain. Naruto. Tell me. How can you change what will always remain? So what if you manage to change one course, a different obstacle will be put in the way."

Naruto stared down at the ground in front of his feet. The words he spoke sinking in. It was similar to the words Pain spoke. Words that were said out of pain and sorrow for a life he thought was not worth saving. A world so tainted by hate and blood that there was no hope for peace when there will always be a shinboi to carry the burdens of war. Where his kunai will always be stained in red and his hands the cause of death.

He closed his eyes and raised his head as a gush of wind swept by him. The air was warm as it moved his hair in the direction it traveled. The sun was so bright that he could see light from the inside of his lids, in which he opened slowly to peer up at the clear blue sky.

He smiled a smile that faltered and did not reach his ears. "I was asked that. Once before. I don't think I know the answer even now but, I know its worth the fight. Peace is something that can be achieved to a certain level. You're right. Where there is love there is hate. Then again, as long as you have one person that cherishes you than that is enough reason to fight for what you believe in. As for tears." Naruto looked at the man before him.

"As long as there is tears?"

"As long as there is tears, even if you bare the pain, it goes to show just how human you are. Ones who are not afraid to cry..." He tilted his head to the side where he knew Obito and Rin were and gazed sadly at them. "Those who are not afraid to show tears of compassion, are the strongest of them all. Pain shows us the truth in life but the outcome is how we choose it. Whether we let it consume us or allow it to strengthen our hearts. As for changing fate? I wont just stand here and watch the ones I care about die."

"Naruto." Minato stared at the man his son will soon become with pride. I never thought that one day I would have a son this brave, this strong, and make me thankfully that I am glad you were born my son.

"I will protect them with my life."

Kakashi stood from his crouched position. He looked at Rin's face, who's eyes were closed, and laid limb in Obito's arms. "I didn't know having friends would make me strong. I use to think I didn't need anyone but you and Rin showed me just how wrong I was."

Obito's tear stricken face stared up at Kakashi. "Kakashi..."

Even though he could not see behind Kakashi's mask he knew he was smiling.

"So im going to fight and keep fighting." He said with such determination that it got Minato looking his way.

That's my students. Its about time they learn what it really means to have friends.

Minato stood with a grimace. The pain in his side was unbearable and he found himself swaying. A wave of dizziness swept over him but the ground did not come up to meet him for at that instant arms wrapped around him to keep him from falling. He turned to see Naruto supporting him. He was smiling though Minato could see the pain in his eyes. It was something a father should never have to see. That much suffering should not be in the eyes of ones child. Definitely not his.

"Dad. Rest. Leave it to me." He told him and let go once he knew Minato could stand without tipping over.

Minato nodded. "Okay son. I believe in you. You know that right."

(Its because I believe in you that I sealed the nine tails in you. Because you are my son.)

Smiling, Naruto replied, "Yeah. I know. Thank you for believing in me, dad. Now I have some unfinished business to attend to."

He turned back to face his opponent. He heard footsteps approaching from behind and coming to stand beside him was Kakashi. Naruto spared a sideways glance at him.

"Don't worry. I got your back." He said with a thumbs up.

"Thanks, Kakashi."

Naruto shut his eyes.

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