To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


4. I Am Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto stared wide-eyed at the man. His whole body was frozen and tense because he was sure the fourth Hokage was dead. Sad as it may be. So why is he standing there with a wide grin on his face as he lightly scolded the three, that Naruto realized must be his students, and very much alive.

"Come on you two. Can't you get along for one day." The fourth asked scratching his head.

He tore his gaze from his father and his eyes once again landed on the shinobi that was now standing in front of obito instead of on the ground. The look he wore was deadly.

"Its Obitos fault. He knew I was trying to relax."

Wait a minute. That's right! The mask, its so obvious, it finally dawned on him.

"Kakashi sensei..." He mumbled.

Obito gritted his teeth and got into Kakashi's personal space. "Maybe if you wasn't so lazy and would actually train!" He shot back.

The girl shook her head, clearly annoyed. "Of all the people I got stuck with it had to be you two. Honestly."

Minato eyed his group with a raised brow. "Come on. You got some training to do."

Kakashi leaned away from Obito and threw his arms behind his head. "Whatever."

Naruto grinned. They reminded him of his own team but his grin turned into a frown when he remembered how messed up things were now. Team seven was no longer a team and haven't been since Sasuke turned rogue. He still could not believe how easily Sasuke was able to turn his back on his team and leave the village. Every attempt to get his friend back failed but no matter how many times the two found themselves in combat neither of then finished the off. Almost as if they were destined to be rivals and continuously fight until one of them finally died.

It was a thought Naruto did not want to think about. He promised Sakura that Sasuke would return to them. That he would get him back and he did not go back on his word, though, that promise showed little results because Sasuke did not want to return. His rage for the village and the people were consuming him. Hate became his strength and he lust for battle and blood.

Whenever he looked into Sasuke's eyes all he saw was loathing. There was not an ounce of remorse for the pain he inflicted on his fellow shinobi. To him the lives he took were of little value. They were worthless.

Even so, no matter how much Sasuke preached about how satisfying the kill was Naruto could not bring himself to hate his old team mate. If anything it made him that much more desperate to save him.

Naruto looked at the team sadly but his gaze rested on Minato. There is no other explanation. This has to be the past, he thought.

Naruto flinched back when he found himself looking into blue eyes that matched his own as they suddenly shifted towards him.

Talk about alert.

He inched back slowly, hoping that his father did not see him but as he drew back he stopped at the sound of because he heard a loud whoosh that sounded behind him. He gulped and slowly turned his head around and behind him stood Minato with a look of anger but there was something else to. Confusion and slight bewilderment.

How did he get behind me so fast?

Then he remembered, Minato Namikaze was not called the yellow flash for nothing.

Before he had time to move he felt a sudden pain in the back of his neck. Eyes wide in surprise he found himself falling forward and before he lost consciousness he felt arms grab him to stop him from falling out of the tree.


Minato watched his students bicker in amusement. It amazes him that they are all best friends yet when they are together you would think they hated each other.

Shaking his head he said, "Come on. You got some training to do."

He watched as Kakashi pulled back and sighed. "Whatever."

Minato shook his head but the grin he wore turned into a frown. Something was not right. He could sense something or someone watching them but it was also something else. He could not place exactly what it was.

He turned to look at the trees. There was nothing he could see that was out of place but he had a gut feeling And with speed quicker than the eyes could see disappeared only to appear on one of the branches of the trees and right behind the spy.

He observed the young man try to inch his way back before coming to a complete stop before slowly turning his head towards him.

Minato tensed and narrowed his eyes.

The boy looked every bit of seventeen or eighteen and wore orange and black clothing with a hidden leaf headband. His appearance, however, had him stare at the boy shocked. He looked exactly like himself. Same blonde hair that matched his own all except it pointed up while his laud down. Then he looked into his eyes, eyes that were as blue and deep as his own. To say it was like looking into a reflection would be the proper thought.

In a quick motion he hit the intruder on his neck to render him unconscious. As he fell forward Minato jumped and landed in front of him so that he fell into his arms.

"Sensei?" Kakashi called as Minato appeared before them. "What the heck was that? You disappeared-"

"Um, sensie? Why do you have a kid?" Obito interrupted his friend who clearly didn't notice the form in Minato's arms.

"Stupid. He's not exactly a kid." Rin assured noticing how big he was. "Huh? Wait he looks exactly like..."

Minato's face was completely serious. "I'm sorry but training will have to wait. He might be a spy and if that's the case I have to take him to the hokage."

Kakashi looked at the limp body Minato carried and also saw the similarities in the two. "That is just weird."

"Yeah." Mumbles Obito.

"I want you to practice your jutsu's until I get back." Minato ordered and in a flash was gone.

Once Minato returned to the leaf village he dropped the young man off in the infirmary for a look over before going to see the Hokage.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, Leaf villages third hokage, set in a chair behind his desk writing when a knock brought his attention to the door.

"Come in."

The door opened to reveal Minato. "Thanks sir. "

Sarutobi smiled. "Minato. I thought you were out training your squad." He asked.

"I was but I had a feeling someone was watching us. I found a shinobi hidden in the trees so I brought him here. I think he may be a spy from one of the other villages." Minato explained.

The third Hokage frowned. "A spy? Who would want to spy on the leaf village now?" He wondered.

"I don't know. I brought him to the infirmary but there is something else."

Seeing the sudden uneasiness in Minato's posture, Sarutobi stood from where he was setting and walked over to him. "What is it?"

"He looks just like me. Its completely haunting."

Sarutobi blinked. "I will go see him. We must find out who he is and what his plans are. For now you should return to your squad. You know you can't leave Kakashi and Obito alone for very long. Could be unwise." He advised jokingly.

Minato nodded. "Yes sir." He turned but halted when Sarutobi added,

"Don't worry. We will find out who he is and why his appearance is so much like your own."

He knew Minato had no other family and if this kid did have similar looks than its no wonder it bothered him. Should there be even a chance this boy could be even remotely related to the k name they needed to find out.

Minato offered a smile in gratitude and walked out.

Sarutobi proceeded in going to the infirmary.

'You are hopeless. I take a nap for not even an hour and already you get into trouble. Sad.'

'Shut up.' Naruto's eyes were closed as he laid on his back a few feet from Kurama's sealed cage. His legs were slightly spread apart and his arms were thrown out at his side.

The fox laughed. 'You can be pathetic sometimes Naruto. I suppose its just who you are.' Kurama taunted, trying to gauge a response out of his host.

Naruto gritted his teeth and shot up. 'What do you know! I ain't the one stuck behind bars! Now who's pathetic!'

Still, Kurama laughed but it was out of pure entertainment at Naruto's reply. 'You are to easy to rile up. This is why in battle my chakra responds to you. Emotions. Once heightened can be quite effective. Though, allowing your enemy to pray upon such responses can also make for his advantage.'

Naruto stared at the beast before averting his eyes else where. 'I can't help it. It just happens.'

'I'm impressed. You did not allow those emotions to appear when you fought Madara. Still, you were defeated.' Kurama's voice was calm but harsh.

A look passed over his features at the thought of Madara and how he managed to allow him to defeat him. 'Yeah. I guess you're right.'

Kurama narrowed his eyes. 'Naruto. If you die, I also die. As you have seen our spirit is one that can not live without the other. You can not allow it to happen again. You have to get stronger. Besides I...'

Naruto looked at the fox curiously. 'Yeah?'

'I've gotten used to you. Even if you are annoying.' He answered truthfully.

It was silent for a long pause before Naruto started to laugh, instantly gaining a glare from the nine tails.

'The mighty Nine Tails actually has a soft spot? Who knew! Haha!'

'Shut it, you brat! Forget I even said it!' He growled out angrily.

'Sorry! Sorry! You know Kurama. I've gotten use to you to. You're my friend.' He said with a goofy grin.

Kurama blinked. Naruto's word shocking him slightly.

'Humph. You're still annoying.'

'You're just jealous!'

'As if. You need to wake up now. Let me know what happens.' Kurama said, his eyes drooped closed.

'You got it!'

After a moment Naruto opened his eyes. He was laying in a bed but he knew he was not in a normal hospital but a small infirmary. He was the only one in the room.

"I need to get out of here." He said out loud and got out of the bed to walk over to the window.

"Now you aren't thinking of escaping are you?"

Naruto jumped out of surprize at the sudden voice and fell on the floor. He turned around to see a face he instantly knew and smiled. "The third!" He couldn't help but exclaim.

"So you do know who I am. I am the hokage. I'm here to ask you a few questions." He got straight to the point.

"Oh, right. Okay."

He scratched his head. Since waking up to find he was no longer in his time, it was the first time he actually thought about how exactly he was going to explain everything or if he even should. He did not know if he should tell them the truth or make up some crazy lie for now until he figured things out. The only thing he was sure of was that he was going to change what he could or at least try.

"Who are you?"

Standing up, he walked back to the bed. "I am Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki!"

He tensed. He had no problem saying his first name but he had to wonder was it so wise to mention his last?

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