To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


2. Future Hope

The light. It was piercing and harsh. Even through closed lids he could feel its penetration. It surrounded him, pushing away the darkness. It was warm and comforting. It gave him a sense of security. Shielding him away from the blackness that threatened to swallow him whole.

His body was relieved of the earlier pain it sustained from Madara but it was still unwilling to move. Even his eye lids refused to falter even though he a hundred percent aware. It was as if a million bricks was weighing him down, keeping any inch of his body from moving ever slightly. Keeping him in place.

He focused on the sound of his own heartbeat for it was the only sound he could hear. It thumped loudly and pumped faster. For what reason he was unsure. Each beat was luck a drum being hit and he felt his eyes tighten. Not out of pain or annoyance, but because he was sure that very heart stopped during his fight with Madara. So why was it beating steady and strong?

The nine tails. Madara pulled him from Naruto and as soon as that connection severed it was as if his body shut down. His heart missed a beat after and that was the last thing his mind registered as his eyes went lifeless and his body fell back.

'Kurama? You still with me?' He desperately called out to the fox subconsciously.

His question was greeted with silence. Kurama did not answer and it only meant he was not there, but then why was Naruto alive if the beast was forced from him? He should be dead.

He does not know how long he laid there, but in that time his thoughts wondered. The pain from the past may have numbed as he found himself surrounded with fellow ninjas and friends, even his father had returned if for a short while, but it was still fresh in his memories. It was like a scar that could not heal, but visibly seen.
A cut that went deeper than any other.

Pain and loneliness were all he felt.

Hated by the very villagers that the fourth Hokage selflessly sacrificed his life in order to save. When they saw Naruto they saw a monster. The Kyuubi brat without a family or a single friend. An outcast with a dark aura surrounding him. When they saw him, they saw, not a child forced to carry a burden, but a child with the nine tailed beast sealed inside of him. They saw a child that would someday bring about the destruction of the leaf village because of what was inside of him.

They blamed him and cast him away without so much as a look.

'This is a total waste of time.'

'We always pay for your screw ups.'

Naruto tried to open his eyes and managed half slits. The light was not as bright.

'Look, do you see him? The kid on the swing?'

'It's him, didn't he fail a few times?'

'Serves him right if you ask me.'

'Can you imagine what would happen if he were allowed to be a ninja?'

Why. Why did they look at him with such hate in their eyes. Why.

'Isn't he the boy who,'

'Don't, no one is allowed to talk about it.'

Their words did not go unheard. Every cruel remark, every false accusation was loud in his ears. No matter how many times he tried to shut them out they never silenced. They only seemed to grow louder and more cruel because he was unaware what was inside of him at the time but they clearly knew.

He thought no one knew how he felt. That there was no one who could understand how lonely he was. That he was truly alone, but Iruka Sensei's words still repeated in his mind often.

'Naruto. We're not so different are we? My parents also died and it was the first time I was truly alone. No one cared. I wasn't worth anyone's time. It was as if my very existence vanished and I was no longer anyone's worry. My grades dropped and like you I became the class clown. I always found myself in trouble because I just wanted them to notice me. In the end it wasn't good enough to get their attention. So I did troublesome things and had to pay for it. I struggled. I understand how you feel, Naruto. You're alone and scared and it hurts. I wish I could have been there for you more. I'm sorry, I let you down. No matter who you are, no one should have to bare that much pain. No one should have to suffer like that.'

He ran. Iruka's confession hit him hard, but also opened his eyes to the truth. It was the first time he learned why the villagers bared such hatred towards him. The first time he realized he had the very cause of the villages close destruction hidden away inside him. He was a host for the Nine Tailed Fox.

The first time he knew he was not alone.

He opened his eyes fully. There was nothing around him. It was completely white. Where am I?

'You're alive. Naruto.'

Naruto's frown formed into a small grin. 'Kurama. So you are still here!'

'Of course! Don't underestimate me, you brat!' Kurama replied back with a snarl.

Naruto tried to laugh, but he still could not move. 'Come on, fox when have I ever doubted your strength!'

He could imagine Kurama's snicker. 'True enough, but this had nothing to do with me.'


'Naruto. Madara knew very well the outcome of extracting me from you. He almost succeeded, but,' Kurama trailed off.

Naruto blinked. Huh? 'But what Kurama?'

'This is not of my doing. A man stopped Madara in time. I was brought to a place and he gave me a decision.'

Naruto pulled his brows together in confusion. 'A man? Decision? I don't see you has the talking it out kind of guy Kurama.'

Kurama growled angrily at the statement. 'Naruto! I can control myself you impudent brat!'

Naruto would have flinched at the tone if he could. 'This decision, what is it?'

Kurama breathed out. 'If you had a chance to change the future, would you?' He asked simply.

HUH? 'The future? What's that about?'

'Would you quit saying that word so much, Naruto!' He snapped at the blonde's continuous use of the word 'huh'. "That man. He was not living. He was in spirit form, but I felt his power. He had immense Chakra. It is very strange. I was sure he was dead, but he said that you could change the future Naruto." Kurama's voice was uncertain, mostly skeptically as if that was not possible.

Naruto closed his eyes and thought to himself, to change the future? Is that even possible? How the heck could I do that?

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto's eyes snapped open at the new voice only there was no one there.

"I cannot explain much Naruto but I have given you a second chance to change the course of time."

He opened his mouth relieved to know he can finally move, if just a little. "Who are you and what's this about changing the future? I don't get it!" He yelled in frustration.

The voice replied with a laugh and said, "You will find out. Naruto, you are this worlds only hope. The true hero that it has seen in a long time. You have what it takes to be Hokage and have more than enough power to keep this world safe. You are the future's new hope. Make your choices wisely and find the better path to bringing peace."

Naruto's expression turned sad. "I am their hope? How can I possibly keep them safe when I can't even defeat a guy like Madara? Huh? Tell me! How could I possibly be the one to make things better? How is that even possible!"

"You will understand. You will learn things you never knew. Your eyes will see clearly. Naruto, future Hokage, future hope."

The light grew brighter and he slammed his eyes shut.

'Naruto. I hope this guy knows what he is talking about.' Was the last thing he heard as he sunk into the world of unconsciousness.

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