To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


3. Familiar Faces



Naruto slurped loudly as he ate ramen and set beside Iruka. "Yeah?"

"What possessed you to do such a thing to the Hokage faces. You do know who they are don't you?" Iruka asked seriously.

"Duh, of course. It's not a secret. The whole village knows. They were the greatest Shinobi of their time, right?" Naruto answered honestly. "Ninja's, defeated and were the best of the best! The true champions."

There was a quick silence before Naruto added, "The fourth, he was the one who saved the village, right? He was the reason for stopping the nine tails and the most amazing."

Iruka looked at him with a brow raised. "Then why did you-"

"Because i'm going to be better than any of them. Me. Naruto Uzumaki. The village hidden in the leaf's next Hokage." Naruto answered, raising his right arm into the air. "A true ninja legend, believe it!"

Iruka stopped eating, a piece of Roman noodle stuck out of his mouth, and eyed the young blonde in front of him.

Naruto, chasing after your own dream, he thought with gleam.

"I will no longer be ignored! Everyone will have to stop dis-respecting me, but instead look up to me."

Iruka slurped the lone noodle into his mouth, but still did not take his eyes off Naruto.

"Um, Iruka Sensei. I wanted to ask a favor."

"Hmm? Aren't you full or do you want more?" He assumed Naruto wanted another bowl of ramen.

Naruto smiled. "No, I want to try on your headband." He clapped his hands together as if he was getting ready to prey. "Please?"

Iruka looked at him, surprised then smiled. "Huh? This thing? Sorry, but no way. Once you graduate then you earn the title to wear it, Naruto. When you finally become a ninja. So give it all you got by passing the test tomorrow."

"Ah man! That is so un-cool!" Naruto gloated.

Iruka laughed. "Now I see. That's why you are not wearing your goggles."

Naruto blushed and ignored the statement. "Uh! I want another bowl!"

Irks laughter continued, but his thoughts ran free.

Naruto. I have faith in you. Not only as a splendid student, no matter how hopeless you seem, but as a ninja too. You have a dream and the determination to never give up. I see you being one of Hidden leaf's finest Shinobi. Though, tomorrow's test is on the clone jutsu. I have a feeling you still have some time to go till then, but I will be there cheering you on till the very end.

(Different Scene)

"First impression of this group? Well lets see, how can I put this into a simple answer? You're a bunch of idiots."

Naruto, Sauske and Sakura all set in front of their teacher after leaving the classroom salking. Only two of them thought the same thing.

Idiots. He called us idiots.

"First thing is first. Introductions." Kakashi started off, "One by one."

"Huh? Well, what do you want us to say?" Sakura asked unsurely.

"Anything. For example: Things you like or things you dislike, future dreams, hobbies. Things just like that."

Naruto watched him curiously. "Okay, but why don't you tell us about you first so we can see how its suppose to work."

"Kakashi Hataka. Hmm. I don't feel like telling you the things I like or dislike. As for my dreams of the future, well, I haven't really thought on it. Hobbies, to many to count."

Sakura looked at their teacher skeptically before turning her gaze to Naruto. "Well, that was useless. All he told us was his name."

Naruto agreed with a nod.

"Your turn. Orange jumpsuit. You first."

Naruto smiled widely and adjusted his headband. "Yeah, you better believe it! I am Naruto Uzumaki. ramon! That is what I like! ramen in the cup is the best, although I really like the ramen sensie treated me to. Hobby, eating several kinds of different ramen! My dream." He stood up with his fist raised in both excitement and determination. "My future dream, is to become hidden leaf's greatest Hokage! Then the whole village will start treating me like i'm somebody and show me respect. Someone who's important!"

(End Flashback)

Why do I see those memories?

Naruto felt heavy. His body felt as if it weighed a ton and he was beyond exhausted. Yet he did not feel an ounce of pain, in fact, he was completely relaxed.

His mind went to the last time he was conscious. The man had called him the future hope. That he was the only one who can change the course of history. Fate was in his hands. Yet he still had no clue on what that meant.

'Naruto. Open your eyes.' It was Kurama.

'Yeah, I know already!'

His eyes clenched before slowly fluttering open and he was met with blue and white. The sky, he realized.

He blinked a few times before carefully setting up. Immediately a pain shot through his head, causing his eyes to slam shut, and his hand shot up to grip his golden locks. He gritted his teeth at the sudden sensation. 'Oh man that hurts!'

'What's wrong?'

'My head really hurts. It didn't before.' Naruto answered the nine tails.

'It is hard to say what the guy did. First, you need to find out where you are.'

His lids raised. 'Don't you think I know that! I'm not an idiot!'

Kurama laughed. 'You sure? See I think that is exactly what you are!'

Naruto tensed, his eyes narrowed and his jaw worked. 'Stupid fox.'

'Stupid ninja brat.'

"Argh! That does it! You want a go? I'll show you who's stupid! I'm the worlds greatest ninja and I wont back down!" He yelled out loud forgetting Kurama could not hear him unless he talked to him subconsciously.

Realizing he just shouted to thin air, he scratched his head and blushed embarrassed. 'Whatever.'

'Same old knucklehead. Do you know where we are?'

'I almost forgot.'

Naruto looked around taking in his surroundings. He was laying in an open field with little trees in the area. There was a steady flowing creak a little off to his right. There were no buildings that he could see.

'No idea. It looks familiar, but different at the same time.'

Naruto stood and moved to dust off the dirt that coated his clothes. 'I guess there is only one thing to do. Look for someone.'

'Yes. You do that. I think I will sleep.' Kurama seemed to yawn but it was more of a growl.

Naruto made a face. 'Lazy Kurama. You just going to let me do everything!'


'I'm talking to you!'


Naruto sighed. 'Fine.'

He looked ahead of him and began walking off in that direction and towards the few trees he did see.

He walked for several minutes. There was nothing but trees and more trees. There was nothing out there.

"Thanks. You could have least told me where I am." He grumbled but did not slow his pace.

He could not help but let think about what happened before now. Back when he was fighting Madara. There was no doubt that he lost. Madara was a step ahead of him and knew getting rid of him would be easy once he extracted the nine tails from his body. Naruto did not see it coming. He knew that he was in equal strength as the jinchuuriki but then he pulled out chains in order to grab Kurama, who was being forced apart from him.

Naruto's fist clenched. "No way. I lost."

Suddenly there was a noise coming from ahead that made Naruto stop.

"What was that?" He wondered.

There it was again and Naruto moved forward, jumping up on to one of the tree trunks and jumping from branch to branch until he could get a clear view. There was an opening in one of the trees that he easily peeked out from. He peered down at the scene before him.

He saw three kids, a girl and two boys, and by the looks of it they were training.

"Obito! Why are you two always so stupid!" The girl yelled in frustration.

"Ha, says you. I'm smarter than you!"

Naruto followed the boy's line of vision to where the other kid was setting on the ground with a look of pure annoyance on his face and above his head was a two kunai knives sticking out of the tree. He was staring at Obito who was staring back with a smirk.

"Wait a minute, isn't that-"

"Obito. Please, could you get through one day of training without getting into an argument." A new voice joined the fray.

Naruto looked around but when he found the source of that voice he froze. His eyes grew wide and his mouth opened slightly. " way. Can't be."

Only it was. There was no mistaking it.


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