To Change The Future

The battle with Madara rages but when Naruto is close to being defeated, a man comes and makes Kurama and Naruto a choice. If they had a choice to change fate, would they? They get thrown in the past in hopes for a better future. Just who is this mystery man? Things become clear as Naruto faces new struggles and fights to save his family and friends. That's only the beginning. TimeTravel Fic- This fic is also on ! It is mine, AlphaWolfOfRed67 and as several chapters, which imma post here anyway, its still ongoing to


10. Dont Underestimate Me

"I used to be a shinobi for the leaf. That was awhile ago. The leaf and I have nothing in common. As for you, I despise all who wear the name of hidden leaf." The look in his eyes were feral.

So. A guy with a grudge against the village. "So. What are you gonna do about it?"

The man once again narrowed his eyes. "Eliminate."


"Tsk. Then you have no right wearing that head band." Naruto exclaimed standing from the ground and jumping out of the hole and away from the man. "Now, who are you."

"I wear it to signify where I came from. It also reminds me of the source of my hate and the reason for my pain. The village hidden in the leaf will be destroyed sooner or later." His voice was cold and dead, not an ounce of sympathy. "As for who I am, you will find out soon enough."

He suddenly made a hand sign. "Earth Style: Seeds of destruction!"

He pushed his hands in the ground. Black marks began to form a pentagram around him. Other symbols appeared on each side of the star and it began to glow a bright blue as it was fueled by chakra.

The ground started to crack and break. Something pushed through the dirt and out of the ground itself. Plant like seeds started to grow tall. Except they were not green but a dark black.

Just who is this guy?

As Naruto looked into his eyes it was like looking into a dark abyss. They were deep, endless and lifeless. It was as if he was not really seeing but there was something else to. His eyes were white. Similar to the byakugan but, only members of the hyuga clan had that trait.

The top of the plants suddenly opened revealing sharp teeth and what looked liked a seed in the middle that shot out and aiming directly for Naruto, who, with his fast reflexes, dodged it, causing it to miss and lodge into the ground. It slowly sunk into the dirt and around it started to turn black. It was round like a shadow but soon formed into vein like lines.

"Seeds of destruction: Corrupt." The man said while putting his two index fingers out.

"I've never seen this jutsu before. The black lines look alot like Shikamaru's shadow possession jutsu but," Naruto jumped back when the black lines shot out of the ground and sped towards him.

He dodged them easily and efficiently.

"I remember Shikamaru learned to control the shadows, even splitting them up and using them almost like daggers. This jutsu is like his but much different at the same time." Naruto ducked as one of them flew past him.

Something caught his line of vision and he looked to his left. The nearby grass started to turn brown along with the leaves of the tree as they started to fall from the branches. They were dying. What?

Naruto was to focused on the sudden change in nature that he did not see the veins, that had formed into harsh vines, coming from all directions and closing around him. They enveloped him completely. Wrapping around him until they were just one big ball of pure black. Like a shadow.

"These particular seeds do not make life. They destroy it. They feed off the energy of the earth in order to grow. Devouring the very essence of life itself but, they can also grow off chakra."

Kakashi and Obito raced to where Naruto disappeared when Kakashi suddenly stopped. Obito jumped ahead slightly before also stopping and looking back at his teammate. "Kakashi? What is it?"

Kakashi stared in the general direction. His eyes narrowed before widening slightly at the change in the air. "Feel that?"

Obito looked at him strangely but closed his eyes and focused. There was a difference in the air. Something harsh and destructive. "Something's wrong." He stated opening his eyes slowly.

"Come on. Shouldn't be far."

They continued ahead.

It was dark. He could not see a thing but he knew that he was trapped. His arms and legs were immobilized, unable to move due to the vines still wrapped around him. If he thinks he has Naruto where he wants him he is sadly mistaken.

All trapping him did was buy him some time to enter sage mode. Closing his eyes, were they already closed? He could not tell considering it was pitch black either way. He focused his chakra to one point, allowing it to flow smoothly. It was natural to him, easy. He remembered the first time he learned to go in to sage mode. It took countless hours. He failed a couple of times and wondered if he would ever master the sage but, all that training and determination paid off because he was able to change into a sage.

He allowed his body to completely relax. His body was at ease even though he was pinned and that moment his eyes formed an orange ring around them.

"What's this? I sense something impulsive in you. Almost as if you are two beings. Interesting." He stated even though he knew the boy couldn't hear him.

His eyes however caught the slightest movement out of the corner of his vision. A moment later kunai came flying towards him. Their aim: His head.

"Hmm. Very Interesting." He quickly leaned back and away from them and making them miss their mark.

There was a flash of blue light behind him somewhere off in a different direction. It was blinding as it grew more wider. He knew it was getting closer as it suddenly moved forward. The blue streaks it emitted looking like lightning itself. As it grew closer he saw that someone was begin that ball of blue light, no, more like controlling it and was approaching at a fast pace.

The boy jumped into the air and came down, his legs straight up and the attack aimed straight for him.

"I see. So that's what it is."

What followed next was a loud noise and the aftermath of the impact that sent dirt and rocks being thrown into the wind and around the area the attack hit.

Obito and Kakashi rushed forward, finally getting a view of the spot they knew Naruto was at. They stopped and hunkered down behind a tree. They got a clear view of what was at the center of the field. Which had them both tensing and wide-eyed at the situation.

Protruding from the ground were large plants of pure black and veins of the same color all around the area. Half the trees and grass were already dead and from what they saw it had to be the plants doing. Then they saw someone standing in the far end with his hands in the ground and eyeing something in front of him. Following their eye sight, both Obito and Kakashi noticed the large black ball. They also noticed that Naruto was no where in sight. That leaves the possibility of him being trapped in whatever that ball is.

"I don't see Naruto. Kakashi. What do we do." Obito asked, unsure of how to handle the situation.

Kakashi was silent. He just stared at the circular shadow. It is a jutsu he has never seen but it was clear that it was earth style.

"Obito. Back me up?" He asked shocking Obito with the question.

He smiled and said, "Now you want to use teamwork? Late don't ya think Kakashi."

Obito moved his arm around and opened his pouch, grabbing a few kunai. It was true that they failed when taking the test for the bells because teamwork was not their strong point but, when it came to trusting his team, that was something that came fluent, natural and without any hesitation.

"I'll back your play. Just don't go getting us killed before we had a chance to get those bells." Obito wore a half-hearted grin.

Kakashi let his eyes fall shut then open. "Yeah. You ready?"

"Lets do it."

"Stay hidden. Just get his attention. I'll strike when I see an opening." He instructed like it was natural.

"Right." Obito waited till Kakashi darted off into a different area before he shot up and swiftly threw his kunai at the unexpected enemy.

He watched as the kunai flew through the air with high speed and as the mans face turned in his direction. The kunai missed their target when the guy dropped his head back and out of their path. Impossible, its like he knew they were coming.

Kakashi had his head down and one of his hands pointed at the ground. The other held on to that hand as he started to draw out his chakra in the form of a ball of lightning. He had his eyes shut in concentration but he felt the power surge through his body and come to form in one spot: His hand.

Now! He thought as he ran forward With as much speed as he could muster. The lightning tickled the ground causing it to crack under its pressure as he threw his hand to the side to get more momentum.

The guy had already spotted him but was not moving and Kakashi jumped into the air before coming down with one thing going through his mind: Hit the target!

"Chidori!" He yelled as it came in contact with the man then the ground causing the first to rise up around him.

He looked around, the swirl of the dirt made it harder to see, but, he looked down in front of him only there was no body. Just the ground that now had a hole caused by his attack. "What?"

He jumped out and away from the dirt.

Obito was running to him and stopped at his side. He looked at to find the shadow still in the same place. It didn't work?

Kakashi was panting. The attack such as chidori took quite a bit of chakra. He clenched his fist. The chidori obviously did not work but then were was the man? Surely if it missed than he jumped out of its way in the nick of time.

"Look. The dust is clearing."

The dust started to feather out and as it got thinner they saw a form standing on the other side of it and as it cleared completely it was the man. Obito gasped because the man did not have any hands.

"That is a fearsome jutsu indeed. Got to stay away from that one."

Kakashi's eyes narrowed. His hands were gone but there was no blood to signify that they were pulled off by the impact. He looked around the area until they landed on something sticking up from the ground. The ground that had a black pentagram drew on it.

All eyes turned to the shadow that Naruto was trapped in only to see it expanding but what was strange was the streaks of red chakra flowing out of it.

"What is that? Chakra but Chakra can't be seen and its blue not red." Obito stared at the unusual sight of red energy coming from it.

The man and Kakashi also seemed surprised.

The ground under it caved in and the shadow burst by the amount of power concealed inside of it.

Naruto stood with his arms crossed and a wide grin on his face. The red chakra flowed around him before fading away. His eyes were closed but all three noticed the change. His eyes were had an orange ring surrounding them but when he opened his eyes they were no longer the sky blue but a pure yellow with a single straight black line in the center.

"Don't ever underestimate me."

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