Death poem

Dette er et digt til konkurrencen om The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2. Jeg har valgt valgmulighed nr. 3.


1. Death Poem

1 hour and my life will be over.

Right now, I sit for myself.

In a small room.

There is no windows, just a door.

The door is my only chance to get away.

I know I will never get away.

I can only wait.


I murdered a lot of people.

Innocent people.

I feel terrible about myself.

It have costed me everything.

Not just my life.


It will have consequences for everyone.


Nobody thinks about my family.

How should they survive?

I felt terrible for what I did to them.

My conscience hurt.

My mom, sister and brother.

Will they all die?

Is this also a death penalty for them?


There is only 10 minutes back.

10 minutes is not long time.

I’m terrified.

Who will come?

May I see the person who will put me in the electric chair.

I don’t know.

Times up.

And a person comes in. 





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