Going Home

Being Called Home


1. Going Home

My heart is filled with all these emotions.
Put into drive, like a locomotive,
Shifting forward, changing gears,
From happy to sad, from smile to tears.

Moving fast and unsteady,
A rush that leaves my heart pounding,
My chest to ache,
In its wake.

Only I have no control,
I'm riding shotgun,
My hand far from taking the wheel,
Its just so real.

I can't stop it from shifting,
These feelings that change,
That form and re-arrange,
This feels really strange.

Then I crash.
Hitting that cement wall,
Everything stops in that moment, just to freeze, halt in place.
Though it feels my heart continues to race.

That feeling of sorrow,
Comes to take a hold of me.
Gripping my life and holding on tight,
This just isn't right.

I can't fight.

Its to much to bare,
I've always know that life and its unfair.
Yet somehow I always hoped for release,
A simple mind of peace.

When the lights dimmed and I feel to my knees,
On the cold ground with dried tears on my cheeks,
I felt at a lost and was surrounded by the darkness alone,
All alone...

Eyes closing, mind a blank,
To oblivion I sank.
A heartbeat falling silent till it took that last beat,
I was at the mercy of defeat.

So I let it take me.

Yet there was always someone watching from afar.
With the warmth and light that reflected a northern star.
Watching as I could no longer hold on to life and fell into a pool of despair,
A heart beyond repair.

God watched his child with watery eyes,
The lights of the stars shined only to dim,
As he called his child home.
The heavens cried when a familiar light died.

Rain began to pour down as God let his tears go.
As he holds the child in his arms.
A precious gift he holds dear,
And wishes them nothing to fear.

Because you are home.
Where you belong.

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