Heres goodbye, to my heartbreaker


1. Heartbreaker

When I saw you,
There was this moment,
A pause frozen in time,
When I could only stare.

I noticed a few things by simply looking:
Your eyes were so deep, a hazel brown.
Your hair the shade of dirt.
You wore a smile, not a frown.

Our gaze, locked.
Our worlds met.
Our atmosphere collided,
In a head on collision.

Our hearts were trapped,
As soon as we said 'hello.'
We became one,
And we didn't know,

That our fates were sealed.

Tell me,
Did you see,
My heartbeat.
Did you feel,

My love.

Did you come to realize I only saw you,
In my sight.
Held tight,
With no escape.

But then there is always fate,

When my chest ached,
When you were no longer near.
Gone away,
Why didn't you stay...

But you were no longer standing there,
And I was reaching out,
Trying to find you,
Its all I knew to do.

Tell me,
Why did you have to be a heartbreaker,
Took my heart,
And drove it through with a stake.


Was it denial?
Was it lost interest?
Was it that your love faded into nothing?
Was it ever there?

Was it me?
Am I not who you wanted me to be?
Or more?
A soul not worth fighting for?

Why'd ya have to abuse my love?
Take it and twist is until it cracked?
What was it that I lacked?

I couldn't imagine a life without you.
My future was painted images of the two of us,
A life of passion,
Love and compassion.

So tell me,

I'll never know,
I'll never understand your decision,
Or your reason.
With every passing day and season.

Here I let you go,
There's no room for one sighted love,
For lies,
For a faker.

Here's goodbye to my heartbreaker.

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