Ghost town

Portland Valley is a little town with barely a thousand citizens living in it, it's mostly a tourist town for people from the city that's only an hour away. Alona is bombarded by Candi the school's best cheer captain and surprisingly she isn't a slut but she is mean to Alona to some extent. Alona is the towns smartest person and sweet heart. She runs the library with her Teacher Mr. Derek Hansome......and he's the hottest man alive besides his cousin Tomas the school's bad boy. Well all of them bombarded Alona with a news that not only startled her but the town...a big known band is coming soon to perform within the week, not only that big shocker late that night Alona stumbles upon something more frightening that a hot boy bad.. how about a dead body in her library?


3. Missing

****12 hours later*****

Mr. Pete and Mrs. Alan couldn't stop pacing their students were equally worried as well. The town is worried, surprisingly Eddie was suspected but he had an explanation and no proof that he done anything to Jesse and Daniel who never came home from the theaters. Some people confessed hearing screams but thought it was nothing the police is looking in on it since two crimes this big never occurs in Portland Valley.  Keith is at the area Eddie talked with them nothing out of the ordinary, he walks down the street looking around he stops and sees something in a bush, he knelt down and fines Miss Jesse's phone there's no lock which makes things easier. Millions off missed calls text messages from her friends, family. He notices that her phone is on record. He stopped it, and rewinds the pushes play he hears Jesse talking with Eddie clearly points out they're unaware that her phone accidentally is recording everything. It's silence for awhile or only hearing them walking. Jesse speaks again talking about Eddie but Daniel defends him which turns out to be true. Then Keith frowns hearing a a car in the background and Jesse and Daniel walking faster. The last thing he didn't want to hear was Jesse and Daniel screaming for help before it was cut short. He placed this in a baggy  and was taken in as evidence, he isn't going to like this at all.


*****Breaking News*******

​lately a murder as occurs in Portland Valley and now we've just discovered two teenage who attend to Portland High school are now have gone missing. 

The police reports that this is a kidnapper and maybe the killer of Malvin Honcok. The police advise no one to be out late at night without a flashlight, cellphone, especially don't be alone. 

​We get back with further noticed.

Alona is in shock Jesse is her Science partner and Daniel is her study buddy in Study hall. She couldn't believe that someone took them. She prays that they're alive. Dead inside of her she feels like this is just a coincidence that when the Band decides to appear a murder and kidnappings decides to take over. Alona grabs her tablet and searches up Universals she prints out everything that gotten her attention and with that she highlighted parts and made calls to her closest friends to meet up at her house. Keith wouldn't let her go to school today's not allowed her to work, even though the library is closed for the remainder of the month due to the murder. An hour later Shawn, Derek, Tomas, and Candi are here staring Alona as if she need mental help. 

"So what is you want to tell us?" Candi started 

"I think it's the Band" Alona blurted They laughed at her comment, "it's not funny! I looked them up! Every place they'd went too mysterious gruesome deaths and kidnaps happened,  I've also noticed that the death consist of people around Derek's age and kidnappings are teenagers,"  Alona said Derek took one of the papers and read it he remembers this they all do but didn't think or knew they band was touring within the area 

"Hey look it also says that the teens are usually found heavily drugged or sexually and physical abused to the point internal bleed is the the direct cause of death" Candi reads this new sense of acknowledgement sent chills down their backs. They'd decided to stay here at Alona's house it's bigger and safer, Derek took the girls to get cloths and something for all of them to eat. Alona sees she has a message  in her email, she opens it  and it's photo of her, Tomas and Derek with frightened expressions. It must've been taken when text saw the body.  The caption, underneath  is what scares Her and Tomas the most. 

I'll be watching xoxox

​when Derek and them arrive Tomas showed them what Some unknown person sent her. Derek's face paled not long after Keith shown up Alona couldn't hide this from him she told them what she found out and on top of it the creepy message.

All of them know this is more than just fun and games...



Jesse woke up she naked and cold tears dried to a white crisp down her cheeks. The men were having their ways with her and Daniel her heart was at a constant rapid pace from the drugs given to her to ease the pain. She can't fight anymore neither can Daniel, a man is glaring at her he is playing with himself with no care to the world, exposing his sex his legs spread apart his cold dead blue eyes glaring Jesse. The little innocent movements she does is enough to please the man he's watching her breasts away side to side seeing how hard her nipples are from the cold. He's about to bust, he needs to do something, but he doesn't speak so he motions with his hands for her to come to him. She hesitates  but listens it hard for her to walk Daniel is screaming, he's being beaten and sexed in the butt. Jesse reaches to the man she stands on her knees using the man's legs for support. The man slaps her hard with one hand her breasts giggles sending him to overdrive. He rapes her until she passed out again he tosses her onto a bed Daniel is eventually tossed onto it as well. 

God please Save us... 

Is the last thought before unconsciousness consumes them whole.

*​Sorry for how short it is!! 😱😑😦*

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