Ghost town

Portland Valley is a little town with barely a thousand citizens living in it, it's mostly a tourist town for people from the city that's only an hour away. Alona is bombarded by Candi the school's best cheer captain and surprisingly she isn't a slut but she is mean to Alona to some extent. Alona is the towns smartest person and sweet heart. She runs the library with her Teacher Mr. Derek Hansome......and he's the hottest man alive besides his cousin Tomas the school's bad boy. Well all of them bombarded Alona with a news that not only startled her but the town...a big known band is coming soon to perform within the week, not only that big shocker late that night Alona stumbles upon something more frightening that a hot boy bad.. how about a dead body in her library?


4. Confronted

*****Friday Morning*****

​Alona, Derek, and Tomas couldn't help but feel conflicted and watched. Everyone is excited about the performance tonight but for some reason Alona knows it's a trap for more teens to be taken and older men or women killed. The thing is what proof do they have let alone none of them know who is the culprit in this. Alona is walking to study hall with Candi, Derek is teaching his class right now but couldn't entirely focus worried about Alona and Tomas and dead worried about Candi. However, Candi looked at Alona and can see the dullness in her eyes, she texts Sullen telling him to come and comfort his girlfriend. It didn't take him long, Alona's eyes brighten up but didn't smile she let him engulfed her in his large arms Candi the get it's so cute and she just then realized that Alona is her best friend. Throughout everything Alona had always been there even after she sort of broken her brother's heart. Candi knew the consequences in dating a cop let alone dating Keith altogether. They walked to a far spot Alona texted Derek and Tomas telling them where they're and meet up here if they wanted. The information still caused tension, paranoia and it's even worst that everyone else is unaware of it or at least with slim caution.

"What we going to do, Keith can't do it all by himself without getting hurt?" Candi speaks breaking the silence 

"I don't know, but you are right we can't let him do this alone, he'll most likely tell us not too, including Derek but I can't" Alona says Sullen holds her tightly he doesn't want her involved even if she was sucked in without her saying so. 

"Im I'm helping you too, I need you safe" Sullen answers but Alona shook her head no 

"I need you safe too and the best way for that is for you to stay home as much as possible I'll make sure to check on you so you know I'm fine" Alona tells him but he shook his and held onto her not wanting her to go away 

"I don't care about me, I care only for you, and I made a promise to the boys and to you I'll never hurt you or let anyone or thing hurt" he told her looking deep into her eyes, they slowly filled up with happy tears and fear is clearly shown. Alona kisses him softly knowing he wouldn't listen to her, they talked and study throughout most of study hall. When it was five minutes to lunch time Derek and Tomas shown up both look like crap and clearly obvious that they were arguing about something. 

"Come on we are going shopping" Tomas said coldly making it sound so not worth going but he took Alona's hand and dragged her out the school library with Derek trailing nearby Sullen and Candi had to catch up to them but was stopped with Derek glaring at them basically saying not to follow. They were so stunned and confused but mostly upset, of course they know how useless they are in this situation but doesn't mean they can't help. 

"Come on Candi let's go catch up with them" Sullen said hurrying to his truck Candi follows confused 

"Derek basically told us not to follow" she states not wanting to upset him anymore 

"I don't care, Alona is my priority right now and Derek should be yours let alone Tomas as well since he's Derek's cousin" Sullen snaps Candi eyes swells up with tears she's beyond worried her friends her family she's scared for them since all the fear sucked them dry to show it entirely. 

"Okay let's go" she says lack of emotion 

*****Valley Mall******

Alona picks out black leather pants, a skull belt and a supper cute strapless red top it's a high-low shoes her midriff and then gets longer in the back but not too muvh. Derek and Tomas buys sort of the same or at least colors are the same. Alona tried telling them that Candi and Shawn had already went concert shopping but it didn't matter. After the shopping they just walked around the boys were clearly looking for something. 

"Can you guys tell me what's going on?" Alona says only to make Tomas hold onto her  closely 

"We are going to the concert, and the only way to make sure you are okay if we wear similar outfits since the band's colors are black, purple, and silver Red seems pretty stand outish" Tomas explained Alona nods understanding now why they picked the same color 

"What's next?" She says 

"I'm starving" Tomas said Alona busts out laughing Derek shakes his head but he ends up finding the place and orders for all of them and paying for it, they sit down in a booth and waited only for five minutes for the food. Alona hadn't realized how hungry she was and scarfed down her meal.

"Thanks guys, this means a lot but please explain why so harsh all day" Alona says Derek ran hand through his hair, made her noticed Tomas does the same thing. 

"It was nothing important, Derek doesn't want me involved but that's obviously not going happen this unknown person knows our faces and names" Tomas answered Derek looks annoyed by it the mere fact that he's trying to protect him but reality is slapping him in the face.

"Is everything okay guys" Candi's voice surprised them of course they should be upset but they weren't Alona got up and threw her arms around Candi and Sullen hugging them.

"We have seen each other a few hours ago" Sullen says laughing a little 

"I don't care" Alona says then she whips out her phone and texts Shawn to come the mall and meet her and Candi at their favorite nail shop. She takes Candi and runs to the nail shop to have an all day spa day to get ready for tonight. 

"Alona this is not you! What happen!" Candi said laughing enjoying this 

"I know! But hey we all deserve to be treated this is on me! No matter how scary things are" Alona stated 

"Awesome! Let's get beautifide!" Candi shouted making Alona laugh and also Shawn who just so happens to appear at the same moment.

******Concert Life******

The man see them his chosen victims they're so delicious especially since red is so enriching on their clean skin. He wants to touch them meet them but he's nervous he's been working for the band for a minute and he's ashamed of himself getting over worked angry and he ends up having to clean up the mess. But this time he so going to take his time he has to have them. He hired a few people to watch them since he's busy with the band he loves his band best present any multi-billionaire son could ever want. Funny they don't even see the bad reputation that things around them but since his family run everything even this small pathetic town. Nobody spoken up about it, most of the death's isn't his fault actually, only two a mindless teenager the boy wouldn't listen to him be his pet his love, offered everything he wanted gave it to him but crossed him when he found him fucking a WOMAN! He wouldn't mind it if it was a man but no he had to stick it in a dirty whore. Now he has to think knowing that some other creeper decided to manipulate his plan on his red prize by sending those pictures he knows it's one of his men. They are lined up one by one, he walks back and forth his lean body isn't all enriching he looks like a teenager but he's barely 23yrs old then a cop comes inside catching his attention immediately. He stated at him for a long time he knows he's saying words but none of it is sticking. 

"Excuse me what did you say your name is" he says liking his muscles

"Keith" he says staring slightly down at the boy in front of him 

"Ahh, you look familiar have we met before?" He asked tilting his head like a flirty chick would 

"Maybe, I usually supervise events like this your parents arranged, and you might run in my baby sister" he said slightly smiling thinking about how beautiful is tonight reminding him oftheir mother

"Oh really what she looks like?" He asked Keith takes out his wallet and shows a picture, he's friend inside his pants stretchedslightly. 

"She is beautiful" he said staring at the photograph, 

"Thanks, well everything is safe, we have pictures of every person here and them signing in so if someone doesn't sign out we'll know and do a search" he said and leave breaking the young man's heart. 

"Why not stay here with us enjoy the show from here you can see everything even your sister" he said Keith sighed knowing this boy which is named Lance Armstrong, is hitting on him. 

"I'm sorry Lance, but I need to be on duty, maybe some other time when I'm not" he said to him it made the heart breaking expression vanish so fast his workers believe he has some bipolar issues. 

"Perfect I'll arrange a brunch tomorrow just us so make sure you are clear" he said like a girl shopping for prom Keith sighed and then walked off he's so going to regret this Alona doesn't know not even Candi that he has a weird fetish for Lance Armstrong but only physically nothing emotionally if their was it's sad that he treats him this way. He knows that he murder two people but he done his time he was so young at the time was unsure of what's wrong with him didn't understand why he liked guys so strongly compared to his attraction for females. Keith understood his confusion which he's surprised Alona has noticed his ways with girls and how comfortable he is with guys. Not saying Keith didn't like Candi he loved her but he knew she wasn't enough nor he wasn't enough for sure. He can tell Lance doesn't remember the sweet time they'd had when he was teen around 14yrs old. Keith volunteered only because Lance was so dead so gone from everything heartbroken, confused. He killed his lover and the girl he found him with his screams brought the cops they found him holding him in arms the knife inside the woman's eye socket, his lover was stabbed over 20 times. Many people felt for him cause he's so young and was taking advantage the world know he has issues and constantly shout out to his parents to get him the help he needs. Even to this day Lance needs help or at least good friends. Keith popped a good idea and texted his sister telling them to come met the band manager. Within an hour Lance is bombarded with his precious desires, his men just stood by the wall glaring at them or mainly Derek, Tomas, and Alona. Trying so hard not to drool, to wonder what it be like to touch them rip them open before Lance can taste them. Alona looked at Keith and saw happiness it hit her in the head right then even Candi noticed they gave him the look and winked in approval Keith visibly became even happier that their okay with him being this way. Lance caught onto it he looked at Keith who is walking away when he turned around he winked at and smirked then went inside the elevator. Memories shoot through him hard the guy who was so dangerously nice to him gave him the kind of affection he begged for longed for asked. Made him see how wrong, horrible he really is how much money had affected him since then. For that he is making sure that Keith's sister have a blast.

****hours later*****

Alona, Derek, and Tomas couldn't move it's like a huge as truck is pressing down their bodies. Alona can see that there's others but what she doesn't understand is why aren't they helping them. She tries to move but her limps are not working not responding right. Her heart is racing 'what's going on?' She thought frantically. A large man with dangerous eyes came and stood next staring down at her, he smirks and grabs her arm and sticks a needle deep into her vein hot liquid shot through her making her heart race ten times faster. Her body instantly can move screams erupts out all three of them the drug inside is too much. 

"Stop this right now! They've done nothing to you!" Lance's voice the three frantically looks at him he is untouched clean but a bruise is on his cheek from a hard a slap in the face. 

"Oh I know but you owe me," the large man said going to him caresses his face brushing his thumb across his plump inviting lips that have been roughly kissed previously 

"Daddy please..." he whimpers touching his hand begging his eyes had always killed him, his face it's undeniably beautiful he knows without a doubt he would've destroyed him if he came out has a girl a woman's beautiful is death and he can already feel himself dying with every life he'd taken already because none of them were right for his precious boy, not even himself but here he is  touching his hand so soft so feminine compared to his enormous hand. 

"Let them go, but make sure they don't remember a thing or if they do make sure we are always watching, Lance you owe me" he says he didn't have to yell since its so quiet already besides Alona, Derek, and Tomas screams from being tortured. They were given a drug to shut them up and also forget. 

"I know daddy, come on I'll take good care of your needs" he answered knowing he said the right thing because his father had a lustful glare, allowing him to take him to their private sound proof room. Lance let him do whatever to him his screams weren't painful noises because he's his father's desire his precious and kills out of jealousy, rage and beats Lance for "cheating" on him. His mother sits back with her other children they admire the control Lance has over him but know better to think he's stupid or wouldn't notice they'll try to take over. It's clearly obvious he wants Lance their youngest son to take over the business and has proved it with this band he manages.

"Hurry up men, I'm sure you don't want your balls cut of when they're finish" mother says they hurried up and got them cleaned and dressed within an hour it didn't matter if they weren't finished

​All matter was that Lance had saved them....from the shell he was raised by but still hurt that they still was confronted by it in the first place he prayed that Keith can forgive him..

*​hope you all love it cause honestly I like it*

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