Ghost town

Portland Valley is a little town with barely a thousand citizens living in it, it's mostly a tourist town for people from the city that's only an hour away. Alona is bombarded by Candi the school's best cheer captain and surprisingly she isn't a slut but she is mean to Alona to some extent. Alona is the towns smartest person and sweet heart. She runs the library with her Teacher Mr. Derek Hansome......and he's the hottest man alive besides his cousin Tomas the school's bad boy. Well all of them bombarded Alona with a news that not only startled her but the town...a big known band is coming soon to perform within the week, not only that big shocker late that night Alona stumbles upon something more frightening that a hot boy bad.. how about a dead body in her library?


1. Annoucement!

Alona is minding her business but from the way everyone is acting she has a feeling it's a full moon. She scans books and her usual routine with working at the library, it pays enough and she saves as much as possible since she isn't much of a shopper like her mother she technically rich compared to her classmates.

"ALONA!" A girl shrieks giving her and practically Jesus a heart attack

"Candi I'm right here!" She says with hardly any emotion she is pulling Tomas and Mr. Derek fear is evidently on their faces to some extent Candi could get in trouble for forcing a teacher to do anything let alone talk crazy but here in Portland Valley rules like doesn't exist at all Candi and Derek  have an on and off relationship it's clearly obvious they're in love but with Candi being hot and the guys are practically drooling and with Candi being a natural flirt it's pretty hard Derek to control himself. Of course Derek isn't an Angle he's  hottest man alive if not in this town he is a freaking Gorgeous and God made sure of it; Alona is scanning a boys books he is her age and so ogling her Alona is chewing gum Candi doesn't get way she dresses so unattractive is she trying to hide her natural beauty. Even with her glasses she still is a pretty girl; "Excuse me lover boy" Candi says making the boy blush deep red Alona shook her head she finished scanning his books and placed a paper inside one of them it tells when to return the books and she gave them to him, but they were heavy books and she almost dropped them Candi, Tomas, and Derek rolled their eyes this boy is so whipped by Alona and she acting like she doesn't see it. The guy caught them only to get a closer to her he whispered something to her and to Candi's surprise Alona blushed the boy left the three were smirking at her Alona rolled her eyes but the blush is still visible. 

"So what is it Candi, and must be serious since you brought the weirdos" she said Tomas and Derek made a face Candi laughed 

"Universals is coming out to perform for us this Friday!" She screamed the library became hectic Alona frowned at her 

"So what" Alona said killing the mood so fast that Candi, Tomas, and Derek literally wonder why they even bother talking with her...oh wait she smart 

"I bought tickets and you are going with me and I'm not taking no for an answer" she said Alona sighed she knew Candi meant it 

"Okay" Alona said typing away on her phone texting a million people it's mostly teens in her class who need help with homework and willingly to pay her money for it. Eventually they end up being her friends but won't admit it in public she doesn't care. Candi face is priceless that Alona is agreeing to go with her to the concert. 

"Are you serious if your playing with me I'm a ruin your life" Candi said Alona chuckled 

"Like you haven't since first grade, and yes I'm serious I'll even bring my Canon camera to take awesome pictures" Alona said with a smile Candi shrieks again and this time she lets go the boys and hugs Alona, Alona laughs and hugs back.

"I've got to tell Shawn she's going flip! Text me when. You done tonight okay!" Candi says Alona nods and watches her leaves talking with Shawn on the phone. Shawn and Alona don't get along or at least Shawn doesn't like Alona mainly because Candi is far much closer to her. Alona always told her that Candi her have more history and that is something nobody can win up against. Candi even had to snap at Shawn for bullying Alona and stopped talking with her for a whole year. Shawn now gets it, and apologized to Alona but it's clear that things will be a little stiff.

"So who is that boy that so wants you?" Derek asked Tomas leans on the counter both clearly becoming like her dad when she brings a guy home for tutoring.

"Oh um that's Sullen we are math partners in Mrs. Press class" she answered blushing badly 

"riighhht partners, I hope your cloths are still on when working together with that project" Tomas commented earning a smack on the back of his head by Derek

"Alona it's okay to have a crush but be careful" Derek says Alona rolls her eyes

"Its not a crush, we're something sort of we just talking" Alona confessed not ssure why  She couldn't say this when Candi is present oh wait she'll embarrass her to the next century.

"Oooohhh Alona, I didn't expect this out of you," Tomas says making Alona adorably blush, Derek and Tomas never seen this side of Alona before her smile is larger wider, her braces is visible but of course she thinks her smile is ugly with her braces but that not true. Most guys so dig the braces on girls gives them that innocent appearance. Tomas left to use the restroom and he sees Sullen stalking Alona basically and occasionally go back reading his large ads books. He caught Derek catching Alona she was putting away books and she slips of the dangerous stool. Tomas touches Sullen's shoulder giving him a heart attack when he sees its just Tomas he claims down. 

"Dude please don't ever do that again" he told 

"Sure thing but I advise not such a stalker Alona wouldn't give you a chance at all" Tomas says smirking 

"Right, it's just she' do I talk to her without making her uncomfortable, I can't help but flirt she's not like any of the girls here" Sullen asked Tomas couldn't help but feel Jealous he's been crushing on Alona since fifth grade and he still hasn't made a move so honestly he should be asking advice. This guys has balls to even flirt with Alona, and making blush that way is a freaking bonus!

"I known her since second grade and every guy who has tried was heartbroken or punched, you've survived, so the only I can tell you is being yourself and that means not to be so perverted it's a bad thing to assume she's easy trust me Alona is beyond from that" Tomas says and leaves to the restroom with a heavy heart. 

****** HOURS LATER*******

Alona is cleaning up getting ready to close up the library with Derek he's cleaning up heavier places while Alona does the small this. Both of them are upset that Tomas didn't come back he's suppose to help his cousin. Alona text him, and it didn't take long because he pops out of nowhere causing Alona to scream. Derek hurries back with worried expression than changes to anger he grabs Tomas by his collar become hulk didn't help that Derek is six ft five and has a bomb built hulk type body. Candi is one lucky lady. 

"Where the hell were you!" He barks Alona kept telling him to put him down Derek look at Alona her face broke him it reminded him of how Candi does when he got angry especially when he finds out the bruises she get from her uncle. He put down his cousin but his anger his worry didn't go away.

"Sorry guys, I gotten lost the light over there went out I couldn't see plus I heard noises so I went to check out but of course with being dark I gotten lost" Tomas said Derek and Alona stared at him like he's the dumbest person in the world but they know that side of the Library doesn't occasionally acts stupid no one goes on the side and if so only in day time because the wiring is old. Alona whips out a flashlight and Derek grabs bigger one and all three of them go check it out Alona says she going to turn on the emergency lights the guys were not okay with that but she gave a look that meant not follow her or death will happen. She kept walking and turned the first corner as she kept walking she smelt something disgusting she gagged she walked a little more then she almost slipped. Pointing her flashlight down red substance cover the floor she pointed it upwards finding man dead staring at her. 

Alona screamed to the point her mind faded away as her body collapse against warm wall.

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