Ghost town

Portland Valley is a little town with barely a thousand citizens living in it, it's mostly a tourist town for people from the city that's only an hour away. Alona is bombarded by Candi the school's best cheer captain and surprisingly she isn't a slut but she is mean to Alona to some extent. Alona is the towns smartest person and sweet heart. She runs the library with her Teacher Mr. Derek Hansome......and he's the hottest man alive besides his cousin Tomas the school's bad boy. Well all of them bombarded Alona with a news that not only startled her but the town...a big known band is coming soon to perform within the week, not only that big shocker late that night Alona stumbles upon something more frightening that a hot boy bad.. how about a dead body in her library?


2. After Shock

​Tomas caught Alona before she hit the floor Derek and Tomas didn't look it was horrible enough. It upset them that Alona had to see it, the man had been chopped in half his mouth is wide open tounge ripped out his organs are all over the tile floor painting it dark red. Derek immediately called the police and within five minutes four cop cars and an ambulance came they were able turn on the emergency light on that side the coroner looked over the body 

"What do we have Ben?" Says Officer Keith, Alona's brother he doesn't know that his sister saw this 

"One sick ass Tucker, he died from suffocation and was chopped up I doubt whoever done this planned on leaving him behind, must've gotten interrupt by Alona or.." he started  Keith left before he could finish

"ALONA!" Keith yelled fear shot through him harder than getting shot by a bullet 

"Keith!" Candi's voice gotten his attention She's crying clearly worried for Alona 

"Do you where she is?" He asked Candi pointed to the ambulance 

"She fainted seeing the body" Candi said then sobbed in Keith's arms no one knows but they use to be a thing but Keith wasn't good at being in a relationship he always fear the worst andprotected her more than loved her. Now she with Derek and he's glad actually more happier, Derek may look scary handsome but he's a teddy bear but when Pissed or worried he become a monster. They went to the ambulance outside people where out scared couldn't believe that a murder happened let alone Alona found the body. Candi left Keith's arms and crushed herself in Derek who seems pleased that Keith is here finally. Alona hasn't woken up yet she lied down Sullen is also present he is worried as well Shawn even surprised them  of course Shawn may not like Alona but doesn't mean she'll want harm come to her. Tomas couldn't stop looking at Shawn she is beautiful with dark coffee cream skin tone, full plump lips makes him want to kiss them. He hadn't want anyone else before but of course he's played girls but he made it clear that he doesn't want anything more.

Keith took Alona home he didn't care if hasn't awaken he thought it was best to not have her bombarded with questions after seeing a dead person for the first time. Everyone went home after awhile Candi, Shawn, Derek, Tomas, and Sullen couldn't get the creepy feeling deep inside as they all lied in their own beds and shockingly sleep swallowed them into so hard that terrible dreams waited for them. 

******​Next Morning*******

Alona was questioned bbefore she left for school she text Tomas and Derek and they told her they were quest last night went the police came. It made her feel better knowing none of them were suspected, she also asked her brother to make sure that spot was cleaned and disinfected three times that she wants to smell cleaning products instead of that man's body fluids. It kills Keith that she traumatized but he sees her fighting it getting over it has much as possible. When she made it too the school she sees Sullen, Tomas and Candi all huddle by Derek's class room. He's standing there all handsome, Alona approaches them Sullen surprised her with a kiss on her cheek and holds her hand it answered all the questions she planned on asking. She responded squeezing his hand and smiled brightly this went nuts throughout the school the town actually that Alona and Sullen are together. Girls would glare at her some would come up to her and congrats to her and those girls are usually dating a football player as well. Sullen's friends all cheered for him mainly because all the player secretly labeled her as undatable but not in a bad way of course. Alona day is becoming brighter as Sullen gives her that look of adoration and is always trying to prove something as much she loves it she doesn't like that slight worry in his eyes. When lunch came around she took Sullen to her private area. Candi made sounds Alona laughed while Sullen chuckled but both of them blushed at the mere thought they've haven't went on a date yet or even kissed besides on each other cheek or hands. When they made it to a bench a tree is above giving the perfect amount of shade and the flowers are blossomed some peddles are on the grass giving it a romantic scene that neither of them dare to mention. Alona still holding Sullen's hand she sit on the bench chairs and scoots so he can sit next to her. 

"I always sit here when the bullying got to me badly, the smell of these flowers makes me feel better, no one knows about this place besides Derek, Candi, and  Tomas" Alona told him Sullen felt his chest swell he knew that she a secret place because they would talk about it sort of and refused to let him go with them. Now here he is with Alona the one who is opening up to him after years of trying to. 

"No one is going to bully you anymore not with me around now" he said to her Alona heart took flight 

"Sullen, you don't have try anymore," Alona said grabbing his hand placing it on her chest so he can feel her heart beating fast.Sullen kisses her it was soft and slowly becomes hot and passionate he feels her body and Alona feels his. Both so needing each other the excitement rushing inside their bodies actually frightened them they parted away blushing badly never in a million years that ever happened to them  from a first kiss in a new relationship. They've been talking for long while and barley making it official maybe they been waiting too long and now their bodies can't wait anymore. They reunited with the other Candi arched a brow at her Alona smirked Candi's eyes widen. 

"If you get pregnant I better be the God mother" she said Sullen and Alona faces were priceless everyone in the school can see them being parents no matter the age which is terrible to say. They all left campus to eat at a diner, the girl sat one table only big enough for three the guys sat the other one diagonal from them, the girls had already order so did the guys.

"So you need to spill the deets Alona how long have you been talking with Sullen Knight?" Shawn said breaking the ice head first

"Five months it would've been six today but we felt ready so here we are boyfriend and girlfriend" Alona says Shawn and Candi squealed Alona blushed when Sullen looks over he sends her a message 

​ Are you girls taking about me? 

​ Of course babe, that's how much I love you lol jk

​Oh I see how you feel 😑😘😍😱


Alona looks at him and gave him large smile showing her braces teeth everything. It took his breath, her friends never seen this side and they love it and that's part the reason why they wanted to eat out instead of at school with nosey people. Tomas brought the food he gave the girls their food first and rest is the guys made them realize how fat they are for a spilt second. They ate as if it was the last meal ever, Sullen saw Alona she looked at him adoration he blushed couldn't believe she saw eat like animal she blew him a kiss and ate her chicken salad like a queen. Sullen whipped his face, 

"Dude relax Alona doesn't judge people at all" Derek said has he wipes his face as well 

"I know that it's just it's not everyday a pretty girl like her stares at me like that when I'm eating, it's always complete disgust" Sullen said well he somewhat wanted to gross out those girls because he didn't want them he wanted Alona and those girls knew that. 

"Well clearly she's not disgusted with you, and if you break her heart I'll break you" Derek said Tomas also glared at him 

"Includes me as well"Keith's voice through them off the wall Sullen was glad that Keith is okay with their relationship, "don't get to happy Knight I checked your background and your good keep it up, I'm the main reason she hardly dates, I'm not causing a scene because she right there and I've haven't seen her this happy since our parent died two years ago" Sullen sadden hearing that he always wondered how they'd died but neither of them wanted to talk about it. For remainder of the day Alona, Tomas, and Derek any confrontation about the body or even acknowledge it, the image of the man's eyes haunts them throughout their day and all they want to do is completely forget it ever happened. Alona hadn't realized how bad seeing a body affected her she's sitting in the nurses office it's been while pass lunch she's suppose to be in fifth period but she has anxiety attack in class her heart is beating hard and she trying to calm down but the man's terrified eyes always flashed before her. Derek of course felt so bad since he's a history teacher and showing pictures of dead bodies must've set her off. Keith is holding his sister telling her just to let it happen she listened, causing her break down hyperventilating it made her tired to the point she passed out on her brother it freaked him out because she just went drastically limp and stopped breathing. He shook her a bit making her breathe deeply her skin returning to her normal caramel-peanut color. 

*****Late That Night*****


​A group of teenagers from Portland High all came out of the theaters, they were chit chatting about the movie when a boy named Eddie pops out of nowhere 

"How can you guys act like everything is okay when a murderer is in our town?" He snaps, the group looked at him like he went nuts 

"Relax Eddie, it wasn't anything serious, he probably died from a heart attack" says a blonde girl clutching onto her boyfriend

"Where did you here that idea?" Eddie commented like she's dumb

"Wikipedia" she answered proudly 

"That's not true, Alona saw the body she fainted, Tomas, and Mr.H also seen it too, and from the looks of it I doubt it's just simple heart attack, and why claim it has a homicide if a man dies from one" he said folding his arms the guys were upset because the girls started getting scared they pushed him away and left Eddie glared at them and went home after that. He is so intrigued with everything makes him a bit odd but he doesn't care as long his books online are going great he rather be odd than copy everyone else. Meanwhile the group dies down as each of them got picked up leaving the blonde girl Jesse and her boyfriend Daniel walking home together at night. 

"That Eddie kid is weird, what if he's the murderer?" She mentioned 

"No way, he flip out whenever some onew kills a fly, he's harmless" Daniel says making Jesse smile, they'd been walking in comfortable silence when a black van approaches them cruising along. Jesse and Daniel stare at each other then walked faster away feeling their  heart beating faster as fear build up inside. The van sped up, the teens bolted holding hands didn't care if the other was in pain all matter they both made it home safe. The van sped up fast cutting them off, four pairs of arms snatched them grabbing their arm at the last minute their free hand covered their mouth but it didn't stop them from screaming loudly as possible. Making the kidnappers toss them back bashing their head knocking them out. They drove off without a second glance at the science of the crime. 

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