New Girl

Gabrielle is 17 and moving across the country from Canada to Los Angeles California. She's about to be the new girl. How will things turn out for her?

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1. Welcome


Gabrielle Pov

I walked into the school with all eyes on me and to be honest, I hated it. I hated when people stared at me for no reason, i mean there is a reason because I'm new and no one really knows me. I'm actually quite scared to walk into the office and ask for my schedule, but oh well. I guess. 

                     I walked into the office and stood at the front desk which appeared to be an elderly woman sitting on the chair on her computer. "Yes can i help you?", she asks a little rude.

I fake a smile and tell her my name. "Hi I'm new here and my name is Gabrielle Castaneda"

She nods and begins to search through all the scattered papers on her desk. She finds a short paper and hands it to me. "Here you go. I'll have someone show you to your home room"


She gets on the phone and calls someone down. "Hey Ms. Briggs do you mind sending down Cameron Dallas down here to show a new student her classes"

She smiles and hangs up the phone and looks up at me. "He'll be down here in a minute, go ahead and take a seat."

I nod and sit down in one of the chairs and i get on my phone and see that i had a message from my dad on my phone. 

hey I'm picking you up from school today.What time does it end?

Hey uhm and i believe school is over at 3:45

I place my phone in my purse and in comes a very handsome boy, with brown eyes brown hair and his skin tone is like a tan beach boy color. "Hey Cameron would you show this nice young lady to her home room and around the school?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Thank you"

"No problem."

He comes over to me and stands in front of me. "Hey I'm Cameron Dallas and a Junior here what about you?"

"Im Gabrielle Castaneda and I'm also a Junior"

"Ok cool let me show you around"

I nodded and got up and followed him out the door and into the hallways. "So this will be your home room and is also mine, Uhm it use to be the In School Suspension room but not many people are bad here so they shut it down."

"Interesting", i say trying to sound interested. 

Cameron showed me the rest of my classes and he also showed me where the GYM and the Cafeteria was and all the vending machines. He also told me that there was many different stairs and try not to go on the main stairs because everyone goes on them on passing periods.


Cameron Pov


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