New Girl

Gabrielle is 17 and moving across the country from Canada to Los Angeles California. She's about to be the new girl. How will things turn out for her?

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4. grounded

Gabrielle's POV

I got back home and went upstairs to my room and saw my dad sitting on my bed.  "Tell me Gabrielle why weren't you at school for 2nd and 3rd hour?"

"I told mom that i went to-

"Eh eh. No excuses. Gabrielle me desobedecer por que?"(gabrielle you disobeyed me)

"i solo fuimos al hospital" (I just went to the hospital)

"porque estabas alli?" (why were you there?)

"un amigo herido" (A friend got hurt)

"Un amigo? Se acaba de muder aqui Gabrielle su tierra"( A friend? you just moved here, Gabrielle you're grounded)


"me escuchas" (you heard me)

And with that my dad left the room leaving me there completely speechless of what he just told me. I just sighed and sat down on my bed and got on my phone and let me tell you something that when im grounded my parents don't take away jack squat. They just don't want me leaving the house with friends and blah blah blah. I got on my phone and appeared to have a text from Nash.

Can you hang out for a bit?

I would but i got grounded.


My dad found out that i left the school because of cameron so he grounded me.

wtf! okey can you facetime? 

yeah call me.

okay hold up.

~Ring Ring~

I clicked the answer button and sat there waiting for Nash to speak. "Whatcu doin?", he asks.

"Just in my room, not doing anything"

"Oh okay"

"Nash who are you talking to?", a woman in the background asks.

"Mom, im just talking to a friend at school"

"Is it Cam?"

"No mom her name is Gabrielle"

I see her face appear in the background. "Hey gabrielle!", she says.


"How're you?"

"Im good and you?"

"Im great! Nash, don't hurt her she seams like a nice girl"

"Alright mom"

She walks out and i giggle a little bit. 

"what?", he asks.

"your mom seems nice", i say.

"She's only nice around my friends"

"Really? or are you just saying that?"

"Well it's kinda true and kinda not, but she's nice when she wants to be"

I nod. 

"What're you doing tomorrow after school?", he asks.

"Coming straight home and probably nothing haha"

"You should sneak out and come to my house"

"i can't disobey my dad again or i will not only get grounded but he'll take my stuff away and possibly not let me leave the house until im in my 30's"

"So you're telling me you've never done anything like that before?"


"Well how about i come over to your house and i'll say that i have to complete a project with you"

"How about no-

"Gabrielle come here please!", i heard my mom shout from downstairs.

"i'll be back nash. Don't hang up"

"Alright i wont"

I grab my sandals and rush down the stairs seeing my mom and dad arguing. "Yes ma"

"papi told me that he grounded you, but you're ungrounded because you texted me and told me and papi is not the one to handle you anymore. Leo she's 17 going to be 18 next year in march. Let her live please"

"No, no voy a ella necesita el castigo que se salto ella la escuela" (no, i will not she needs the punishment she skipped school ella)

"estupida, Gabrielle go get your phone and heres some money go out to eat, im not cooking tonight, your father and i are going to have a word"

"si senora"

I walked up the stairs, and grabbed my phone while plugging in the headphones and continued talking to nash."So what happened?", he asks.

"My mom saved the day. She ungrounded me but she's making me go out of the house cause her and my dad are about to get into it big time'

"Come over to my house"

"i don't have a car"

"where do you live"

"1209 oakwood drive"

"oh yeah ok, i'll come pick you up. Wait in front of your house and ill be there in about 3 minutes"


He hangs up and i slip on my sandals and grab my purse, phone charger and spray on a little perfume and go downstairs and see my dad slap my mom. "Hey! don't hit her!", i yell.

"Get out of here Gabrielle! go. don't come back until this weekend", my dad says.

"I have no where to go"

"Im kicking you out! Leave"

"No! don't kick her out"

"This is my house! Leave gabrielle"

I begin crying and step outside and sob on my steps I hear glass breaking inside and drop my things and see my dad holding a broken vase and my mom is on the floor. bleeding from her head. "MAMI!!!!!", i yell and run by her side. I pull her out of the house and try and wake her up but she won't. I see a car pull up and nash  gets out running towards me. 

"what the hell happened?", he asks.

"My mom and dad got into it. He kicked me out and i have no where to go"

"You and your mom can stay with me"

"nash, is your mom okay with that?"

"I have my own place, i usually just go to her house when i get out of school to visit my little brother and sister"

~to be continued~


ella es estúpida sin conexión a tierra


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