New Girl

Gabrielle is 17 and moving across the country from Canada to Los Angeles California. She's about to be the new girl. How will things turn out for her?

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2. Drama

Gabrielle Pov

Once Cameron was finished showing me around, We went to homeroom, which was the ISS room (in school suspension). I walked in and all eyes were on me. there was whistles from from most of the guys and even from one girl (weird). I went up to the teachers desk and he was literally asleep. "Cooking class is down the hall Ms"

"Actually im here for wood shop class"

"Hm interesting, ok well you can sit right next to Cameron then. Cameron raise your hand"


i walked over and sat by Cameron and he the teacher finally stood up to start talking. "Okay so you will work with the person you sit with to create your own birdhouse, and of course best one gets 100 and yeah you get nothing else begin!"

"So you can color and I'll work on the wood"

"Actually no how about you color and i woke on the wood"

"Hmm that's a first, Well then fine we'll both color and we'll both work on the wood"

I faked a smile and we began to work on it. 



Class was over and we moved onto to our next class which is Geometry and honestly math is my favorite, besides who would fail it anyway. 

i walked in and talked to the teacher. "Hi whats your name?", she asked and from her name plate on her desk im guessing its Ms. Brattier. "My name is Gabrielle Casteneda"

"nice okay uhm you can have a seat right next to Hamilton"

"Ms its Nash"

"Yeah okay"

He raises his hand and i go over there and sit by him. I set down my bags and she begins class.

i feel a tap on my shoulder and he passes me a note. Yeah i can tell this boy 'Nash' will be some trouble.

hey cutie


Gabriella Right?

No, its Gabrielle. with out the a 

Oh, thats cute. So did you want to go to the movies tonight?

Uhm no im good but thanks for asking

No problem... could i at least have your number?

yeah sure but uhm yeah i guess.

i gave him my number and i immediately got a text from him. 



i saved his number as Nashty cause i thought it was funny. 

Do you know who Cameron Dallas is?

Uh brown hair kid?


Yeah why?

He's trouble i wouldn't associate with him.

I find that hard to believe.

what do you mean?

I mean he's respectful and before class started you called her Ms instead of her 
full name.

Come on Gabrielle, your really gonna think that im bad news? ok if you date him ever. and yah break up im here.

yeah okay whatever.

"Gabrielle please don't text in class", the teacher shouted. I sapped back immediately.

"How do you know i was texting.... Ms?"

"Okay you can excuse yourself from this classroom"

I picked up my bag and was about to walk but nash said something behind my back. "And you said i was bad. Castaneda"

I shrugged it off and walked out the classroom and down in the hallway i saw Cameron walking down with a paper in his hand. He saw me and looked down. The person behind him had a gun in his hand behind him. "Cam!!!", i yelled and shots were fired and Cameron fell and i was on the ground holding my ears cause i couldn't hear anything at all. 

I saw teachers running out and i was on the ground and nash ran up to me. "Are you okay?",he asks.

"I cant hear you!!!", i yell.

He helps me up and we go into the office. My hearing was finally back to normal. "Are you okay?", he asks calmly.

"Yeah im fine"

"Are you hurt?"

"No and why are you so worried?"

"I dont know"

I looked out the door and saw the ambulance come in with the stretcher. I walked out there and saw Cameron being put on it. they put a bag over his head and carried him in. "Is he dead?", i screamed. A teacher came up to me and nodded her head. "What the fuck?!?!?!!!!", i yelled.

I walked out of the school and followed the ambulance but i ran instead of took my car cause i dont have a car. Luckily i ran fast and i was in track for my whole middle school and half of high school career. 

To be Continued.............


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