New Girl

Gabrielle is 17 and moving across the country from Canada to Los Angeles California. She's about to be the new girl. How will things turn out for her?

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3. Back to normal

Gabrielle Pov


I finally arrived to the hospital. 

I walked in and saw Cameron being carried into the E.R.  they were going into surgery. 

I felt strong arms wrap around me and i turned around and saw Nash. "How'd you know i left?"

"Well we do have 3rd hour together so uhh yeah and you weren't in there"


"You okay?"

"Im good, i just hope cam is not really dead. Cause that would hurt alot of people"

"Well cam was my friend until he cheated with my girlfriend and it was his fault, but Riley moved so she's not here anymore; and of course i broke up with her."

"I'm sorry that, that happened"

"It's alright"

He sits down in the waiting room and i follow, i sit next to him and get on my phone. 

Why aren't you at school?

I'm at the hospital.

are you okay?

yeah just a friend, he kind of got hurt at school but i'll go back. Promise.



Nash looks at me funny. "What?"

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?", i say and listen closely.

I hear screams and i look in to the emergency room, and see Cameron struggling to keep still. I walk up to the see through mirror and as soon as the doctors see me they close the curtains. "Great", i mumbled. 

Nash walks over to me and rests his head on my shoulder. "We gotta get back to school", he says and grabs my hand and walks out of the door.

We get into his car since i didn't bring mine, and i ran ha-ha state the obvious. Nash drove back to the school and we went to 3rd hour. Once we got seated the teacher began talking. "Ah Hamilton and whats your name?", he spoke.

"I'm Gabrielle Castaneda"

"Cool, well please tell me why ya are late." 

"I followed the ambulance to the hospital because of what happened to Cameron"

"IS HE ALIVE???!!", some girl randomly shouted while jumping up.

I nodded; and she screamed, and began to cry. 

"Well Ms. Sierra Dallas I understand that he is your brother but would you please step outside of the classroom if you're going to sob".

She gets up and runs out of the room. That's her brother? i thought.

Class soon began. 



   3rd hour was over and it was finally the end of the day. Yes we have A day and B day here we have a total of 6 classes. Apparently i found out at the end of the class there would've been a total of 8 classes but the principals cut down their electives. 

I drove home, and once i got there 

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