this is the story if sirius and bellatrix had a daughter,


7. Chapter 7

I walked down to the common room, there I walked up to the girls dormitories, Draco went to bed hours ago but, that’s ok, I need some time to think. So, if my father is a Gryffindor, that means he was a good guy, but, I always wanted to be like him. I will ask Professor Dumbledore while I am in his office to talk to him tomorrow. So, then I sat on my bed, put on my pajamas and went to sleep.

I look next to me, my father is walking with me. This is the first mission that I can go to. He leans over and puts his hand on my shoulder, “Now, Piper, you remember what I told you right?” “Yes, I do Dad, never draw attention to myself, and stay with Harry till the fight is over and we can go home. Dad, is Harry going to come live with us?” “Well, Piper, he might.” “Ok, Dad, you don’t need to lean over like that to talk to me anymore, I am 15 just like Harry.” “Ok honey, we are here, be careful and find Harry as soon as possible. Tell him that you are here to help and then morph. I will if I can and DON’T let your mother see you, she will try to kill you or take you away.” “Ok dad. Ready…” “Piper wait…” “GO” I ran into the room, Harry is at the center with some others, Mr. Malfoy, from the ministry, is demanding something. Then a black mist covers the group, the death eaters have one of the others each, Harry is in the center, he hands over the item and then a white mist travels around, that’s the attack cue. I run to Harry after dad punches Mr. Malfoy. I drag Harry aside. “Piper, what are you doing here, it’s too dangerous.” “Harry, I begged to come, are you ok? I came to see you, I love you.” We kiss, then he pulls away and we join the battle, side- by- side hand- in- hand we run around the arena attacking and destroying, then we jump up to the center and Harry pushes me behind the giant arc, I hear whooshes and then see Mr. Malfoy go flying. Then I spot my mother. She screams “AVADA KEDAVARA” and I see the green stream barrel towards Harry, I go to run but my dad jumps in front of him and pushes Harry away. My dad gets the full blast. Then, he stumbles backwards, and falls through the barrier, Harry is held back by Uncle Lupin, but, I am not restrained, I scream and start to cry, I fall to the ground but, I am not hidden anymore, my mother walks over, grabs me, and all I hear is Harry yell at me. “No! Piper! I will find you. Always remember, I love you.”

       I wake up. I am sweating and crying. Harry? That’s why he seemed so familiar, he…. He was mine. But, I love Draco. I don’t know what to think. I get up, dress, and go down to the great hall for breakfast with Draco. “Piper, what’s wrong? You look really tired and out of it.” “Nothing. I just went to bed late, that’s it.” He can’t know about anything in my past. He will definitely think of me different than who I am. Later that day Dumbledore gets me from Potions. “Piper Alexis Black, please come with me, I need to talk to you.” “Yes, Professor.” We go to a statue and he says, “Lemon Drop” then the statue moves and there is a moving staircase, he steps on and I follow. When the stairs stop we walk the rest of the way into his office. There he opens the doors and I see Harry standing in the middle of the room. He looks over and runs to me. “Piper, I missed you so much! When I saw your mother take you, I thought you were a goner, I am so happy you are ok!” he hugs me. “Ummm, Harry please don’t, I have a boyfriend.” “yeah, I know, it’s me!” “no, Harry, I forgot about us. I am sorry, but, Draco is my boyfriend.” “oh… yeah… right.” Then Dumbledore said, “Well, Piper, you need to catch up on your studies, so, Harry is going to tutor you. I thought it would be nice for you guys to get together again.” “Yes, Professor.” Then I went to the common room to be with Draco for the rest of the afternoon. “So, what did ol’ Dumbledore have to say?” “he… wants a Gryffindor to tutor me…” “WHAT?!?!?!?!” “Do you want to know who it is?” “HELL, YES TELL ME NOW!!!!” “Ok, calm down. It’s… Harry Potter…..” “You were ok with that? He is going to end up dead soon anyway… you should have killed him then.” “Draco, be reasonable I am NOT going to kill the headmaster’s favorite student right in front of him… and besides step-daddy said to leave Harry for him to finish anyway.” “ok, just, let’s go…” we walk around for a bit till we come to a strange room… in this room there is a mirror, in that mirror I see my father looking at me, “Father!” I yell, and then I run to the mirror. The vision only lasts a minute cause he is gone when I look back into the mirror. I start to cry as I cry I sink to the ground I sob louder Draco ran over and held me as I cried I feel like my heart was just ripped out of my chest and shredded into pieces. We go back to the common room and I go and sit in front of the fire place my crying has quieted and my eyes burn, I walk up stairs and go to sleep, I hate all the pain that my family has inflicted.

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