this is the story if sirius and bellatrix had a daughter,


6. chapter 6

Dear daddy,

       I know you aren’t my real father but, I need your help. Melody keeps bugging me and won’t stop. Will you please make her stop?  I have my first Quidditch game on Friday and if she knocks me off my broom like she has been in practice… I just know we will lose against those horrible Gryffindors. Just please try to help.

Love You Lots,

Piper Black

“Here Lillian,” I said to my owl, “this is for Lord Voldemort. Go on baby girl. Bye” then I go to my classes and back to bed. The next morning I skip Breakfast and head up to the Owlrey with my new friend Skylar, she is a Ravenclaw; her name is very unique because it is Skylar Unique. She doesn’t really care what anyone thinks, but she listens and is a great friend. So we get to the top of the stairs and I call “Lillian come.” She comes and there is a note from Daddy. “Thanks you Lils.” And she flies away. I open the letter and it says

Dear Piper,

      Don’t mind your sister. She is just jealous of you. After all, you have the boy, looks, and skills that she wishes she had so don’t take it too seriously. And you are still a Daughter in my book.


Lord Voldemort


P.S. oh and crush those Gryffindor Brats today Sweetie. Love you.


Well I feel a lot better now. I just hope that Daddy was right. “Well Skylar lets go to Quidditch practice.”


       “Hey, umm Melody, can we please just forget this ridiculous family feud, at least for the game. I know that you hate me, but we can win this with your amazing keeping skills and my good seeking ability I know that we can win.” “Uhh. Yeah, whatever, brat attack.” Then the gate opens and we fly out onto the pitch. The game starts and within the first 5 minutes our team is winning by a whopping 20 points. I see the snitch but so does Harry, the Gryffindor Seeker. I race past on my firebolt to get it but Harry is right next to me. A bend down closer to my broom and pull forward then I stand up on my broom and reach. I feel the cold gold on my fingers and fly around the pitch while still standing on my broom and the ref screams, “the new Slytherin seeker Piper Black has just caught the snitch, Slytherin wins. I do a flip on my broom and spin into the air and when I land I turn into a huskie and howl out of happiness. Everyone freaks out until I turn into myself again. Then they calm down and we go down to Hogsmeade for butterbeers on Uncle Snape. Then I walked back to the Owlery with Draco to tell Daddy the good news.

Dear Daddy,

      We won! And we crushed those Gryffindors 50 to 15. I am sooo happy! But, that Harry Potter kid seemed really upset. I kind of feel bad but, he is a Gryffindor so, what should I do? Should I finish out the plans and kill him or leave him for you? Just let me know, okay?

                                                 Love You,


 Then Draco helps me up the steep steps to the dorms. But I should really be helping him ‘cause he’s a little more tipsy than I am, if you know what I mean. But, he is being a gentleman so I let him help.

       The next morning Draco and I go back up to the Owlrey to see if there is a letter from Dad.

Dear Piper,

No, don’t carry out the plans. I want to finish him myself, and don’t feel bad. Just remember that he is the reason I disappeared when you were a child till you were 12. Though you didn’t know me, I knew about you. Your mother had left your father after you were born. Your father, in fact came from a long line of Death Eaters. But, then he met Harry’s father and insisted on being in Gryffindor.


                                                    Dad <3

What?!?!? My father was a Gryffindor? Why, wasn’t I told this… yet, again I probably wasn’t supposed to know, my mother would kill me if I was a Gryffindor. And that boy, Harry, he seemed familiar. I think he was there the night my father crossed the veil. I wish he was still here. “Oh, father”, I whispered. “What Piper? What did the Dark lord say?” Draco asked. I gasped, I forgot he was here. “Nothing Draco, I was just thinking about the match.” I lied. Oh I really do wish that father was still alive, every day I

seem to lose more memory of him, what I do remember is when my mother killed him, I cried, screamed, and then I was caught.

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