this is the story if sirius and bellatrix had a daughter,


5. Chapter 5

I woke up that morning and went down stairs into the common room there I saw Melody and a bunch of the other slytherin girls. They all saw me and ran over trapping me in a crowd, there Melody came over and pushed me to the ground and started to mock me, “Oh Draco, I love you soooooo much.” Over and over again till I screamed with fury the anger forcing itself out of me, and in turn scaring all of the girls when I then transform in to a big white and black huskie. I run out of the group of terrified girls, out the entrance then turn into myself. Tears start streaming from my emerald green eyes and I run all the way down the corridor, then I run into a girl with brown fluffy hair, but she was a Gryffindor and Draco told me to stay away from them so I apologized and ran the rest of the way into the great hall where I found Draco waiting for me, I run to him and embrace him tightly, “Piper, what happened?” he asked turning my head gently so I was looking into his handsome face and said one word, “Melody,” with that he started running back to the common room with me at his side we enter the room and there is Melody alone staring at us. Then she snaps her fingers and the girls from earlier grab Draco and I and pin us against other ends of the room, melody walks in between us and comes to me first, “so, you thought that big bad Draco could save you this time you spoiled brat, well, you were way wrong, now I can say to mother that I finally finished you.” Just then two boys Crabbe and Goyle walk in. Goyle comes over to me and pushes Melody out of the way then frees me of my binds that were holding me back while Crabbe does the same for Draco. Then they leave, Draco runs to me and makes sure that I am ok. And we go to Potions class with Uncle Snape. Then Herbology, Charms, transfiguration, defense against the dark arts or D.A.D.A., and finally astronomy. And it was all with my Puddin’ Draco. Then we walked back to the dorms and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and went down stairs to the great hall, after, I walked out to Quidditch tryouts I went for seeker because I have eyesight like a hawk which would give the team an advantage. I got in I was so happy but sadly the captain of the team is Melody. 

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