this is the story if sirius and bellatrix had a daughter,


4. chapter 4

I wake up that morning in the clean and new dress that Draco bought me. We are now secretly going out and I couldn’t be happier. Melody is livid that Draco knows I love him.  She hates that Draco is going to take me somewhere called ‘Hogwarts’ I don’t know what or where this place is, but I heard that you go away for  whole year. AHHHHHH a year of no cleaning and beatings is a world I would LOVE to live in.


      “Draco Hun can you help me get my bags into the luggage rack please?” I ask as I lean over to give him a little kiss on the cheek. “Why of course I can Piper, here let me take those” he grabs my bags put them in the luggage rack and then leans over to return the kiss, but I suddenly turn my head towards him and we lock lips. His soft pink lips on mine the thought that he really loves me. It only lasts a bit because then a girl pushes me away and yells at me. “Excuse me but you were kissing MY boyfriend. Go and get your own!” Draco helps me up and then retaliates. “No, Pansy I broke up with you 2 years ago. She is my girlfriend now.” She walks away slowly watching me, shooting daggers at me with her eyes. “Draco I’m sorry, let’s just sit down here for the ride.” So we sit and talk about our different lives, me as a maid and him as my master. Who knew living in a mansion and doing nothing was so awful? I always dreamed that it would be amazing to not have to do anything. “oh baby, I had no idea how boring that must be,” just as I finish and lay my head on his lap a girl comes in telling us that we need to get our robes on. “Draco, what are robes?” I asked. “Wow Draco your girlfriend is a MAJOR idiot.” Pansy said laughing. “Leave her alone… she was locked up her whole life! You are such a bitch.” Draco screamed at her. Pansy turned away and started to cry. I hugged him and thanked him for defending me. Then we got our robes on. I walked into this huge castle that must have been Hogwarts. I am greeted by a man with greasy, long, black hair that I realize is Uncle Severus. “Hi Uncle Severus, it’s so funny to see you here since you’re a dea…” I was cut off by Draco holding his hand over my mouth. “Piper, that’s a secret!” “Oh, ok.” I walk in holding on to Draco and an older woman asks to see me. I introduce myself and she puts a hat on my head that yells out “SLYTHERIN”. I run to Draco and we hug and go up to the common rooms for bed.

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