this is the story if sirius and bellatrix had a daughter,


3. Chapter 3

I walked out of the spare bedroom to the room where mum and Draco fought. I knelt down and with a rag cleaned up the blood splattered on the floor. I now knew why I distanced myself from him. I didn’t want him to get hurt no matter how much it hurts me to see him with Melody. He walked in with Melody right behind him as I was finishing up. I started to stand but I just fell to the floor again. Draco ran over and helped me up, but there was no use because Melody just pushed me down again and kicked me. Since she doesn’t have a house-elf to kick around I will have to do. Then Draco yelled at Melody surprising her and me. “Melody she is your sister not an elf show her more respect than that. You are being rude and cruel and I don’t like that.” Draco then said, “Will you stop following me around too. Listen to what I am saying Melody I… DOOON’T… LOVE… YOU…” and then he stormed off. Melody glared at me and said (in a voice like Mum’s),”well now that Draco left I can finish you like I wanted to when you claimed to “love” Draco. You don’t even know what love is you little brat. I will show you how I feel.” She then grabbed my long tangled black hair and dragged me into the cellar A.K.A. my room. “ now I will kill you so you can NEVER get between me and Draco EVER again AVADA…” then I ran to the  cupboard and grabbed the spare wand and yelled,” RICTOSEMPRA”, wounding Melody and having her run up stairs screaming to mum.” mum Piper is a witch and she is trying to KILL ME!” she started to sob I hid the wand and acted as though I was fatally wounded by her, so when mum ran down stairs to scream at me Draco was already there trying to warm me because I used a spell to fool people into thinking I was wounded. And I was getting cold from blood loss. “Piper don’t go I need you. I want you to come to school with me, meet new people, and make REAL friends. I love YOU. Not your sister.” Then Draco whispered,” not your sister YOU.” And he started to cry. Thinking I would never know he loved me. “Always you.” he whispered picking me up and hugging me. I moved a little then I made it appear that I woke up. He kissed me. And was so happy to know I was ok until someone told Melody.

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