this is the story if sirius and bellatrix had a daughter,


1. Chapter 1

I woke up like any other day in the cellar of Malfoy Manor where I live. Mother came down the stairs with her wand and woke me up to tell me that there was a meeting today. I know what that means. More cleaning to do. More than any day. Because Step-Father likes the manor to be perfectly clean. 
    Then when I got out of the cellar Melody my half-sister was waiting by Draco. “Hello master Malfoy,” I said hoping the greeting was acceptable. “Hello Piper it is a good day for a meeting, don’t you think so?” he said. Focusing his shining grey eyes on me. “Yes, it is, well I should start cleaning.” Later in the day before the meeting I heard mother and Draco fighting. “Aunt Bellatrix she is your daughter. You can’t keep her locked up like this! She depends on you for survival. What if she was Melody why is Melody more special.” “Draco I love Melody more than her. She is scum! I never loved her father and I am glad he is dead. She reminds me too much of him.” “If you never loved Uncle Sirius then why did you have a child with him anyway?” then everything went silent. I walked in and that resulted in seeing my mom corner Draco his already bleeding face masked by fear. I had just enough time to run between them before I bled too. 


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