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This is a spanna fanfic.

The pll timeline is messed up, so I don't know what time this fanfic is taking place, other than I know it's senior year in high school and Caleb has moved to Ravenswood, away from Hanna.




In these last two weeks and even a while before that I’ve had some crazy feelings for Hanna Marin. She’s my best friend so this might sound crazy but I really care about her, more than a just friend, that’s also why I broke up with Toby a few days ago. I broke up with him because I didn’t love him as much as he loved me and on top of that I had crazy feelings for Hanna Marin. This past week my parents have been on some kind of business trip and Melissa is in London, so I decided to live at Hanna’s house for the week which might not be the best solution because now my feelings for her are becoming stronger, but she was the one who begged me to come stay with her. At first I tried to stop my feelings for her and also I didn’t want to tell her that I had a crush on her because I don’t want to lose her as my friend. And now I think I might need to do something about it because what the hell is she doing to me?

Today Hanna’s mom is having a dinner party so Hanna and I slept at my house. We ate some frozen pizza for dinner and then we went upstairs to my room and watched some movies. 

As, Hanna and I sat watching a scary movie in my bed, Hanna seemed to be really scared. So she curled in to a ball and lay up against me and I just wanted to hug her really tight but I didn't do it. 

”Can we turn it off please?” Hanna hid her head in one of my pillows.

”You wanted to watch “how to loose a guy in ten days” and then you asked me to choose a movie afterwards” I answered because I just love this movie so Hanna started to cuddle more and more and I really liked it so as she laid her head on my shoulder, I took my arm around her because I wanted her to feel safe. But suddenly Hanna screamed as the guy in the movie got murdered and all of his blood splashed violently out of his chest. She began to shake because she was so scared so I turned it off because now I felt really bad for her. 

”You didn’t have to turn it off, Spence.” Hanna mumbled in to my pillow

”It wasn’t that good anyway” I lied and asked Hanna if she wanted something to drink.

”A soda” Hanna said.

”Then lets go down and get one” I said and we went downstairs.


Hanna looked in the fridge because she was on a hunt for food and then she saw some cookie dough that I made a week ago or something. “We could bake cookies” Hanna said in her cute voice as she already had taken the cookie dough out. ”It’s almost over midnight” I said. 

”I know, but cookies doesn’t need long baking time” Hanna said and looked at me with her blue puppy eyes. She kept staring at me and somehow convinced me that we should bake the cookies. 

I took a soda to Hanna and me as Hanna took the tinfoil off the bowl and stuck a finger in it to taste it. ” ugh this does not taste good, it taste like dirt or something, is it old?” Hanna got a weird look on her face

”I don’t know maybe it’s a week old or it could actually be older than that” I added
”I thought this was the Hastings house” Hanna grinned.

”Well since I haven’t been home for a week there is no one to tell me what to do or what I should do” I said to her.

“I never thought you could be that naughty, Hastings” Hanna teased. 

I took a dough scraper from the drawer and as Hanna walked over to open her soda I rubbed some of the old cookie dough on Hanna’s nose with the dough scraper. She got a little shocked and screamed: ”Stop it” and she took a step back fast while she giggled. 

”You wanted to make it so lets make it or use it for something else” I said in a teasing way

”Like what?” She asked curiously.
”Like this” I took some more cookie dough and rubbed it on Hanna’s mouth

”That’s so disgusting” Hanna giggled and took some dough and chased me with a ball of cookie dough that she held in her hand”

She chased me through the living room and suddenly I stumbled over the cable from a lamp, of course, and then felt down on the floor and as Hanna was right behind me, so she felt down on top of me. We laughed and all I wanted in that moment was that she would stay on top of me forever because her warm body was very calming and nice and her eyes were absolutely stunning beautiful. I looked at her and she rolled down on the floor and as she turned her head around a bit I saw she had a ball of cookie dough in her hair. began giggling a bit and she asked me why I laughed and I explained it to her.

”Oh crap” Hanna said, annoyed, and sat up and tried to get it out

”Let me” I said and tried to get the cookie dough out of her hair without pulling her hair too much. Not all of the dough came out but at least I got some of it out of her beautiful and soft hair. Hanna got up as most of the cookie dough was out and I threw the rest of the dough out and we drank our soda. I could see that something was bothering her and it’s probably about Caleb because he cheated on her with a girl named Miranda.



I finished my soda and grabbed a chair and sat down and sighed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Caleb because after Caleb left for Ravenswood, a month ago, I’ve been really sad, because I had a feeling that he had cheated on me and that’s why he didn’t wanted to talk with me. Finally two weeks ago he admitted that he cheated on me with that Miranda slut.

It’s weird to not be in a relationship when both Aria and Emily are dancing on roses because they are so happily in love. At least Spence is single. But I feel bad for her because Toby cheated on her just like Caleb cheated on me, Maybe that’s also why Spencer and I have been extremely close lately, we see each other every day after school, because she has been living in my house for a week and it has been really good to have her as my roommate

“Spence?” I sighed

“Yeah” Spencer said and looked at me and I told her that I thought about Caleb and she comforted me then. 

“Han, remember you are much hotter and sweeter than that girl” It came out of Spencer’s mouth.

”Really? I’m hot?” I said surprised.

”Yeah” She grinned. 

I went to take a shower and Spencer went up to her bed and read a book but when I was finished with my shower she had fallen asleep. She looked very tired and she snored a bit so I took a blanket from her chair and took it over her and I tried to crawl under the blanket on her bed.


”Morning Han” I said as I turned around in my bed. She didn’t wake so I tried to push her quietly but she didn’t react. I got up because clearly Hanna couldn’t wake up right now. 

I went downstairs and started making some breakfast for Hanna and I. I know that Hanna loves blueberry-pancakes so I made some of those and cut some pineapple and oranges. 

I walked upstairs and placed the breakfast on my night table. ”Morning sunshine” I said and Hanna finally woke up.

”Is it already morning? Why have you made breakfast?” She mumbled

”Because I couldn’t sleep so I decided to make your favorite breakfast” I lied and gave her a smile. The only reason that I made breakfast for her were because I really care about her and I want to tell her about my feelings for her but I’m not sure how I’m going to tell her. Ugh my head is such a mess right now. Toby didn’t cheat and I don’t think he ever would because he loves me so much. I loved him too but I began to have feeling for Hanna and of course I couldn’t tell her that so I just told her that he cheated on me and the of course Hanna told Aria and Emily about it so now they all think that he cheated on me. So I also need to tell her the truth about that.. 

As we were done eating breakfast I helped her with French, which I had promised to help her with. She’s so sweet when she pronounces something in French because she mumbles it and then she laughs and she has the most beautiful laugh. Oh my good I have such a huge crush – I should probably ask Aria for some advice because I want to be with Hanna but I’m scared that I’ll lose her as my friend. So I finished helping her with French and then we cleared up the mess from yesterday and then Hanna went home and I went over to Aria as Hanna had left the house. 

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