A group of friends trying to find one of their own. A friend of there's goes missing, join them in the adventure of trying to find her before it becomes too late. Will they find their missing friend and what will they uncover along the way. Romance, Crime and a chill through there spines. (Don't judge by this, I'm really bad at them - sorry).


3. The Sleepover

Saturday night was sleepover night; we were all round Ingrid’s house because it was her time on the schedule. Ingrid came from a wealthy family so we were all in the movie room which had thousands of dvds to pick from. Ingrid and I were probably closer than we were to the other girls, and to be quite honest I don’t actually know how it came to be that way.

Ingrid was upset that night so we were all desperately trying to make her feel better, her father was a great lawyer and had taken a case which she didn’t like. She tried to talk to him about it and maybe even try and persuade him but her father being her father didn’t listen to her - shocker. So there we were watching the comedy – Revenge of the bridesmaids on the big screen, all laughing including Ingrid when we hear the door opening and Mr Favara (Ingrid’s dad) coming in telling us that Andrea’s dad didn’t know she was out and wants her to go home right now. Chloe and Erin sighed, Ingrid started pleading to her father to persuade him to let her stay and I was just sat there laughing. It was ridiculous, she’s probably get grounded for two weeks for not telling him where she was going yet she wouldn’t learn her lesson one bit. But that was just Andrea.  

Andrea left after throwing a strop like a five year old around that time Ingrid gave up trying to persuade her father she left. We all said our goodbyes and went back to watching the movie. After we finished off the movie in nearly complete silence because it was weird for their only to be four of us, Chloe had decided to do makeovers. While Chloe was searched for makeup in her bag all me and Ingrid could do was laugh. Chloe’s bag was literally like Mary Poppins bag if not better. Mr Favara said he was going to bed after a while because it was around midnight, “Want to do an all-nighter?” Ingrid asked which we all grinned too. “I’m going to go and get a drink, do you guys want one?” they all shook their heads and I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I knew this house like the back of my hand so even though it was dark and no lights were on in the house I was able to get around easily, we’d all known each other for years now. I reached the fridge which lit up the big kitchen, the kitchen alone was probably the same size as my dad’s room, he had the master bedroom. I pulled out a bottle of corona, no-one usually noticed when I had one or two anyway. I leant against the counter top and opened the bottle with a pop with the bottle opener and was about to make my way back up the stairs when I heard the back door open and click shut ever so slightly. I turned around to face the intruder.

I silently picked up a sauce pan which sat on the cooker and braced myself. The lights from under the counter slipped on and I saw the face of the intruder. I let out a silent breath of relief when I saw it was only Kyle – Ingrid’s older brother. He must have been coming in from a night out with his friends; he normally didn’t come back until 3 o’clock though. That’s when we would hear him slightly stumbling up the stairs trying not to wake his mam and dad even though he was 19.

“You were going to hit me…with that” his eyes trailing to the sauce pan which I still held, I simple shrugged my shoulders and placed it back down on the cooker and leant back onto the counter sipping my drink. Kyle came in front of me then, “Surprised you can actually stand up straight and not fall over, usually you’re on the verge of passing out” I said surveying him from head to toe, he actually didn’t look like he’d had had that much to drink which was strange. “Yeah well I didn’t drink much, soon as I heard from your brother that you weren’t home and you were sleeping round here I had to come.” He said taking a step towards me, I decided then that sarcasm was the answer “Aww well that just makes me feel so special that you wouldn’t get drunk for me” that made him scratch the back of his neck as a confused gesture, he quickly pulled it away and placed it on the counter right next to my hip.

“Haven’t seen you in ages what can I say” he said ignoring me like I hadn’t said a word, his eyes locked on the bottle in my hand and he made a tutting noise and pulled it from my hand taking a sip. I raised my eyebrow but before I could say anything I heard someone coming down the stairs. We both looked at each other and Kyle gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and left out of the other door going into the dining room. “Hey, what’s taking you so long?” Erin asked entering the kitchen. “Just thought I would have my drink down here” which I then realised was missing, that cheeky…smoking hot guy, he stole my drink. 

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