A group of friends trying to find one of their own. A friend of there's goes missing, join them in the adventure of trying to find her before it becomes too late. Will they find their missing friend and what will they uncover along the way. Romance, Crime and a chill through there spines. (Don't judge by this, I'm really bad at them - sorry).


5. Present day

I woke up in the tree outside my bedroom window, the bottle of scotch that was nearly empty by my side and the backpack underneath my head seemed to make the throbbing in my temples worse. As I searched for my phone I saw how the neighbourhood was beginning to get busy as the day started up again. I looked across the square and saw Mrs Favara going into her work dressed in her suit attire. Mrs Favara was the one woman people could never deny being strong minded; she was a lawyer so she kind of had to be but she gave all her competition a run for their money.

The time read on my phone 8:47am, oh well guess I was going to be late for lesson again. I picked up the bottle of scotch throwing it into my backpack probably crushing the pack of fags I had at the bottom and threw it onto my back. Using the branches above I walked along one of the thick branches which reached my window and pulled myself up and through it. I dumped my bag and looked through my wardrobe looking for something to wear. Black jeans, maroon top, black high heeled boots and my trusty black leather jacket…so I kind of liked black, so what as Pink would say.

I smelt bacon and eggs as I walked across the landing towards the bathroom where I proceeded with my morning routine. When I walked back out and into my bedroom packing the books I would need today in one of my many bags I heard my brother slamming his door shut probably going to yell at me later for waking him up. The time was now 9:15 but I wasn’t going to rush, I walked down the stairs dropping my bag by the door and walked into the kitchen. “You’re late” my dad said nonchalantly, “Yup, what’s for breakfast?” I asked sitting down at the table as my dad got up and got me a plate out. “You can have some bacon but don’t tell your brother, there’s none left for him” he said as he passed me the plate and sat down opposite me continuing to read the book he had been when I walked in.

After I scoffed my breakfast down and chugged some orange juice into my system I put the dishwasher on and headed out. “You going to be late back, detention or something?” my dad called from behind me which I shrugged my shoulders at and opened my car door throwing my bag onto the passenger seat. 

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