A group of friends trying to find one of their own. A friend of there's goes missing, join them in the adventure of trying to find her before it becomes too late. Will they find their missing friend and what will they uncover along the way. Romance, Crime and a chill through there spines. (Don't judge by this, I'm really bad at them - sorry).


7. Night

When I got home I had a feeling of being watched, I didn’t know why but it was just there. It was strange it was like there was a burning sensation in the back of head, probably just being paranoid I told myself. I pulled my bag from the back seat and walked to the front door. I was just about to open the door when I heard something behind me. I spun around searching for what or who is was, I saw one of lads I used to hang around with, but stopped when I found out what sort of stuff he was into. He’d put 6 people in hospital in the last 2 months because they pissed him off, I wasn’t exactly gunna risk him hurting me or my family so I decided to stay the hell away from him.

That said, seen as though he was basically outside my house staring right at me I didn’t exactly want to just walk in and ignore him…that would probably piss him off. But before I could walk over and see what he wanted he had turned around and was walking away like he had just realised something. Weird. As I too turned around to open the door I saw my brother staring out of the front window staring at the guys retreating figure. So that was why he left so fast.

I finally opened the door and dropped my bag down on the floor “So you got a detention then?” I heard my dad yell from upstairs, “No, I chose to stay back to help younger students to finish their work!” I replied sarcastically as I walked into the kitchen and started cooking dinner for everyone. Yes, I was the one that cooked dinner, my dad and brother would probably die from hunger if I wasn’t here to feed them.

The kitchen door clicked shut behind me and my brother leaned against the counter next to me as I got out the chips from the freezer “How many times have I told you to stay away from people like him, Tyron means business, he isn’t someone you want to know, friend or enemy!” Seth whispered screamed at me. “I’m not, I don’t hang out with him or any of his puppies, I don’t exactly plan on getting killed anytime soon Seth! Okay? I’m not involved in his shit, I don’t deal guns, I don’t put people in hospital for fun, I haven’t nearly killed anyone! So leave me alone so I can make the damn tea alright!” Seth walked away grumbling to himself, wrenching the door open and stomping up the stairs. Considering the fact that he was 20 he acted like a child a lot. 

I had just put the tea in the oven when my dad came into the room, “Fish and chips for tea tonight!” I said trying to bring enthusiasm into my voice. “Why did I find this in the front room hid in one of my cupboards?” He said holding up a pack of my fags. “Why were u in the cupboards?” I said ignoring his question “I lost something and I was looking for it, anyway don’t change the conversation, you learned that from me you aren’t going to catch me out with that.” he said as he placed the cutlery on the kitchen table. “They’re mine” Seth said lazily as he walked into the room, “Oh, well you know they are bad for you but your 20, you make your own decisions” dad said staring hard at my brother and then handed him the fags which he put in his pocket.  

“Thanks” I mouthed when my dad was looking at the kitchen table, all my brother did was roll his eyes and then he sat down at the kitchen table like he hadn’t just saved me from a bollocking. 

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