A group of friends trying to find one of their own. A friend of there's goes missing, join them in the adventure of trying to find her before it becomes too late. Will they find their missing friend and what will they uncover along the way. Romance, Crime and a chill through there spines. (Don't judge by this, I'm really bad at them - sorry).


1. Missing

Andrea has been gone for around 8 months now, and the town is very quiet. Everyone is still putting up posters all around town with pictures of her with the two words that you have going around in your head over and over without needing to read a bloody poster ‘Still Missing’.

Her family left to get away from all the commotion but my friends and I remained. We receive the glances of sadness, and the glares from the people of this small town, that’s probably why we all lost contact because of the accusing glares we get from the public. That and we lost one of us, people would tell us we were all joined at the hip.

Not everyone liked us, or our friendship. Not many people really liked Andrea actually, they just pretended too so that they wouldn’t become her next victim to be dragged down the social spectrum. But then again everyone has enemies, maybe we had a lot but surely everyone on this planet has someone they don’t like, after all not everyone can get along with each other. 

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