A group of friends trying to find one of their own. A friend of there's goes missing, join them in the adventure of trying to find her before it becomes too late. Will they find their missing friend and what will they uncover along the way. Romance, Crime and a chill through there spines. (Don't judge by this, I'm really bad at them - sorry).


6. College

The drive to college was quick, partially because of my driving but partially because not many people were on the roads at this time. Lucky enough for me I found a parking space and walked into the college acting like my cocky arrogant self when around people I don’t like. “Samantha late again.” The receptionist greeted me as I reached the desk, “Mmm hello to you too Carol” I smiled as she filled out a late form and gave me a detention slip “Tonight and tomorrow you have a detention” that’s when my smile dropped. “Only doing my job, I can tell you that it’s Mrs White taking the detention so you better get there in time huni”. Ugh great Mrs White was a bitch, she was one of the PE teachers here but you always saw her running about staring at you with this bitchy look in her eye like a teenage girl who you don’t get along with. “Go on get yourself to lesson before you get in more trouble” Carol said before the phone started to ring and I walked off down the hall.

“Samantha how nice of you to join us!” One of my teachers spoke as I took my seat at the back of the classroom. The lesson was boring and it went by really slowly, I could see Chloe at the front of the room yawning like everybody else in the class. This was the one lesson that no one got away with typing under the desk on their phones or having that one headphone in trying to listen to one of your favourite songs on repeat.  

Lesson finally ended and we all piled out of the classroom into the long corridor where other lessons had just finished too. Ingrid walked out of her maths class as me and Chloe walked out of ours, Erin had her back against her locker ignoring all the boys that went by staring and wolf whistling. If I were her I’d of punched them, what kind of girl enjoys being whistled at like you’re a dog, how is that something to like!

Anyway Mr Hallyway walked down the corridor looking as hot as ever, he was 24 and gorgeous. Chin length dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and a bit of stubble across his jaw, gorgeous. As I pulled open my locker a figure caught my eye, Arron. “Hey darling, heard you were late for lesson again, you’re such a bad girl!” He said trying to sound sexy and hard at the same time. “I’ve got 2 fingers for you Arron, and they aren’t the nice kind” was my reply, Arron was one of the schools popular guys, you know the one that are just arseholes…yeah well that’s him. And I have the pleasure of being the girl that he seems to always bother. “Ooh, still playing feisty, I like it babe!” he called as I slammed my locker shut and walked down the hall flashing him one my fingers to him as I went to the library to skip PE.

Lunch came around but as always it was uneventful and so were the afternoon lessons. One kid nearly got punched by another kid, which would have been funny but it didn’t actually happen, the teacher stepped in before anything serious could kick off. Boring!

I was about to walk out of the building when Ben reminded me that I had a detention. Saying goodbye to him I walked back down the long and old fashioned hallway to the detention room. Mrs White looked up as I walked in and pointed silently with her long red nails at a seat in the middle of the room. Great! I was just about to fall asleep when I saw Erin enter the room looking worried. There was only one seat left which was next to me as I looked around the classroom only now realising the place was packed. Erin sat down looking at her hands like she was a child who had just been scolded for doing something wrong for the first time. I caught her attention and smiled trying to give her some kind of reassurance without getting yelled at, she smiled back and picked up one of her books and began to read as I sat back in my chair and stared at the clock on the wall. Only 45 mins left…fabulous.

“You need a ride?” I asked Erin as I stood up and she placed her things back in her bag “Erm…yeah sure” she said pondering for a moment probably asking to herself why the two of us were speaking, I was thinking the same. As I drove Erin home a place I hadn’t been in a while but a place that was so familiar we talked about why we were both in detention and about the homework’s that we had.

I pulled up to her house, kind of sad that things would go back to the way they were before tonight. We would all just ignore each other, acting like we were never friends, acting like we all didn’t go through the same exact thing together. Losing Andrea. “See ya” Erin called over her shoulder as she got out the car and raced up the path towards her front door “Yeah…see ya” Samantha muttered under her breath knowing Erin wouldn’t hear her as she was unlocking her door. She watched as she got in a habit her mother had taught her and drove off, back to that place called home. 

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