Sisters before Misters

'Sisters before Misters' well it kind of says it all!


1. The beginning

Have you ever had that attraction to that one person you know you shouldn't, but you just can't help it. Falling for the wrong guy/girl which I'm sure everyone has done at some point: whether they were the bad boys, the fake girls, the jerks, the slags, someone that is too old for you, basically anything.

I've been there too, hell I'm there right now, I like a guy I know I can never have, not just because I'm sixteen and he's in his early twenties but also because he has this new girlfriend and he's my brothers best mate!

But hey, here I am telling you all this and you don't even know my name, I'm Sasha I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and I'm in my first year of college which is surprisingly better than I expected, as well as my social life with all the amazing parties I goto now. I guess we just want to live life while we are young as best as we can.

My best friend is called Hayley we've been friends ever since we were born literally our mothers were in the same ward and we were born on the same day, it kind of weird if you think about it, anyway she's amazing and were inseparable, at least that's what I thought until a few months ago when all hell broke loose. Ever heard of the phrase "Sisters before misters" and "Bro's before Hoes" well all that went out the window when she got her first boyfriend. 

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