The Chase

Freya lives with her mother, she has always known that her family are special but she never knew that there were people that would come after them when she was older because of this. When Sandy - her mother is murdered. Freya must learn to fight people, something her mother never taught her to do.

She must defeat these people on her own, starting with her mothers killer. Freya has never been the fastest runner so when she is chased by this man...even that's a challenge. And the only thing she knows about him, are these 3 things. 1. He wants what her family protects, 2. He has one blue eye and one dark brown and 3. He won't stop hunting her until she's dead.


3. Virum

Her eyes flashed open back from the memories and one simple word popped in her head which automatically lead her on her path- no. I can find a way, her mother’s voice came into her head then, it was something she always used to say – “there is always a way”. Freya plucked the cards out of her bag which were now everywhere as she had forgotten to wrap something round them. She had the sudden urge for the dagger, she didn’t know why, but as seconds past it became more and more powerful. She gasped as her hand went into the card and brought out the shining dagger that had now disappeared from inside of it. It had the same skull top tip and the same carvings into the blade – it read ‘Virum’ which meant ‘bravery’ in English.

Her hand wrapped around the blade instantly and she zipped up her backpack. She came out from under the slide ready to plunge the dagger into her predator. She looked around but he wasn’t there. What the hell was going. She kneeled down on the grass and put the dagger back in the card; as soon as she stood up straight she heard a thud from behind her. She tensed up as another thud came again, she was about to turn around but before she could see what or who it was, she felt a pang on the back of her head. Pain shot through her and everything was starting to go blurry. She got up again staggering on shaking legs and looked around again. No-one was there. She walked for a little more, practically pulling herself up, she just reached the top of the hill when she collapsed, gasping for air. The last thing she was aware of before her vision went completely black, was that she was rolling quickly down the hill.

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