The Chase

Freya lives with her mother, she has always known that her family are special but she never knew that there were people that would come after them when she was older because of this. When Sandy - her mother is murdered. Freya must learn to fight people, something her mother never taught her to do.

She must defeat these people on her own, starting with her mothers killer. Freya has never been the fastest runner so when she is chased by this man...even that's a challenge. And the only thing she knows about him, are these 3 things. 1. He wants what her family protects, 2. He has one blue eye and one dark brown and 3. He won't stop hunting her until she's dead.


1. The chase

The sound of the clock filled the room, tick tock tick tock. Each tick from it ached like the blood pumping behind her head, her pulse quickened as she remembered what had only happened an hour ago.

She was rushing through the street being chased by her predator; she turned the corner hoping he wouldn’t know which way she had gone. She kept running not looking back, she stopped in the middle of the park and budged her way under the slide to try and hide herself and opened up her backpack. There it was, what he wanted and she knew that she could never let him have it, even if it was her life that had to pay the price for it. It was just like her mother had told her and just like her grandmother had told her mother.

Just the thought of her mother made her sad; she had found her mother lying dead in a pool of her own blood not long ago. The place had been ransacked; obviously someone had been looking for something. She had found something flashing out of a cupboard and opened it up. There was nothing particular in the cupboard, just some apples and pears, a few house bills her mother had read the other day with a sigh. Some apples fell out and that’s when she saw it, there was a stack of cards behind them all, she had never seen then before. She reached in the cupboard cautiously and took them out. She pulled up a chair which had been flung on the floor and sat down at the kitchen table.  

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