The Chase

Freya lives with her mother, she has always known that her family are special but she never knew that there were people that would come after them when she was older because of this. When Sandy - her mother is murdered. Freya must learn to fight people, something her mother never taught her to do.

She must defeat these people on her own, starting with her mothers killer. Freya has never been the fastest runner so when she is chased by this man...even that's a challenge. And the only thing she knows about him, are these 3 things. 1. He wants what her family protects, 2. He has one blue eye and one dark brown and 3. He won't stop hunting her until she's dead.


2. The Cards

She flicked through the cards and picked out the ones that had a sort of ring around them, like a flash of light. She put the other cards a side and looked at the 4 cards which looked very strange. One was a dagger, it had a skull top and had something carved into the blade, yet she couldn’t tell what it said. The other was a shield, a very small circle which was brown and had spikes sticking out of it; she placed them in front of her and pulled out one of the two that were left. This one was what looked like a picture, like a family portrait. She studied the picture and gasped, her mother was staring right back at her from within the picture, she was different yet looked the same, she stood beside a man, he gazed at her with what looked like sharp, devil looking eyes. And the last card was a very fancy cup with her mother’s name – Sandy, then her own name – Freya and her grandmother’s name – Lilly.

She stared at the cards for a long time until she heard a loud bang that sounded like it was from the basement. She didn’t know why she did it but she grabbed all the cards in a hurry ran into her bedroom and pulled out a bag. She threw in some clothes and some other essentials, got some money out of her bedside table along with her credit card and placed the cards underneath everything, to protect them.

She was pulled back into the present when she heard her name being called out – “Freya, Freya. You can’t hide from me forever Freya, you are going to have to come out sometime. You know what I want Freya, you were always such a smart girl, if you give me that, I won’t hurt you!” he said which made a shiver go up her spine. Freya squeezed her eyes shut just hoping that she would wake up in her bedroom  like the other nightmares she had had, but no this was real, this was really happening. 

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